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PMD2 Rate My Team / Moveset Help [Again, READ FIRST]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by cman2445, May 3, 2008.

  1. Lempika

    Lempika Team Raku

    Cross Eyes Seeds and a LOT of gravelrocks.
  2. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    Just opinions on your statements. I am not putting you down or anything, just giving advice.

    And please, someone rate my team... XD
  3. calze6

    calze6 Reclaiming da ladder

    I'm not offended. However, if a kecleon comes... or rather, a bunch of them...
  4. Lempika

    Lempika Team Raku

    Ok I have returned, with my Upgraded team!

    Team Depeche
    Dispatch and Conquer

    Umbreon (Mikuru)

    Shadow ball
    Quick Attack
    Baton Pass

    I'm looking for a Monster House move for Umbreon, any ideas?

    Chimchar (Lempika)

    Slack Off (Thinking about what to replace it)

    Turtwig (Bolas)

    Razor Leaf
    Leaf Storm
    Giga Drain

    Well as you can see by my signature, I want Garchomp in my team. So does anyone know where I can recruit Gible?
  5. Tx85

    Tx85 Member

    You can recruit it in Landslide Cave, which is unlocked through optional missions in post board. Or else, you can use Wondermail, if you want
  6. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    And that, is my rate. Feel free to ask questions, as I will be happy to answer them all.

    And I am sorry for any spelling mistakes... XP

    Oh, and if I offended you, I am very sorry. I didn't mean to do it in any way.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
  7. Lempika

    Lempika Team Raku

    I'm not offended at all, this is incredibly helpful.

    I'm using quick attack for indivisual fights, because, with umbreon, he currently does around 150 dmg with quick attack, and since it can attack 2 squares ahead, I can finish them off quickly. But I do really understand what you mean.

    Baton Pass is something I have been planning to change as soon as possible, I just forgot to mention it like I did with slack off for Chimchar.

    Where can I learn darkpulse? It isn't a TM is it? Or does Umbreon learn it?

    And another thing I would like some thoughts on is, should I have Lucario on my team?
    I'm trying to do the whole, 'Play with your fav pokemon, not what you think is powerful' thing, so I really want Lucario. But the thing is, I don't know if I should have Lucario instead of Chimchar, or Lucario for garchomp. I cannot choose because they are equally awesome, so I decided that the best stats will stay, since favouritism won't help here. Right now I'm leaning towards Lucario for Chinchar, as you can tell from my signature.

    And I would like some more insight on the moveset for lucario, too please.
  8. calze6

    calze6 Reclaiming da ladder

    Dark pulse is a TM. For high stat pokes, use legendaries. Also, I don't think wondermail lowers staats. I think it increases them. anyway, you can just use gummis and drugs to raise stats.
  9. darkguizaum

    darkguizaum Reborn From guizaum

    Ummmm rate meh team


    Piplup lvl 26

    Water Pulse
    Fury attack

    Pikachu lvl 22

    Tail Whip
    Thunder wave

    Gliscor lvl 17 (Can't train,i'm in the expedition ATM)

    Fire Fang
    Ice Fang
    Thunder Fang
    Poison Jab
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2009
  10. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    How did you get a Gliscor that early?!?! Is it even possible!? I guess if you use wondermail it can be...

    Anywho, Let's start with Pippy. Pippy doen't get many options, but one of my favorites is Grass Knot. It is a great move for him. In addition, Blizzard or ice beam can be used. Blizzard especially is great for its range. Fury attack or peck could be replaced.

    Ugh... Pikachu... I never have liked the little rodent. Either way, I have to rate him. T-Bolt is a great move, but consider discharge when he levels up. Brick Break, focus punch, grass knot, and Dig are awesome moves for coverage, and Charge Beam is good for range.

    Gliscor, now, may SEEM really good, but in actuality, he isn't good at all, for a few reasons. 1. No Stab. 2. No range. 3. Poison Fang only hits grasses, the same way fire/ice fang does. 4. You have electric attacks on Pikachu, and may have ice attacks on Pippy. Let's switch it up a bit, okay? EQ can combo amazingly with your other two fighters, if you have Empoleon's ultimate species item, and Electric's ultimate type item, both of which allow them to dodge ground attacks, and even heal from them. X-Scizzor or U-turn are great coverage, and U-Turn has range. More coverage includes but is not limited to: Dark Pulse, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace *Not recommended, the PP is horrid*, Brick Break, and Night Slash. Finally, Sludge bomb gets a mention purely for it being Gliscors only distance move in a line.

    I hope I helped!
  11. darkguizaum

    darkguizaum Reborn From guizaum

    Niiiiiice,it's wondermail time!!!!!!!!!

    EDIT:What's Piplup's last item called?(I mean the one which heals hp from ground moves
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2009
  12. Illusione-Tempus

    Illusione-Tempus Well-Known Member

    RMT Thread? I just realized this O.O


    ;395; Empoleon:
    Hydro Pump
    Wide Slash
    Shadow Claw (used to be Hydro Cannon, but I was trying to recruit Kecleon :p)

    ;257; Blaziken:
    Double Kick
    Mirror Move
    Blast Burn (someone help me with this)

    ;398; Staraptor:
    Aerial Ace
    Steel Wing
    Brave Bird (I think =/)

    ;026; Raichu (this guy really needs help):
    Shock Wave
    Iron Tail

    EDIT: @darkguizaum, it's called a Marine Crown
  13. calze6

    calze6 Reclaiming da ladder

    3 electric attacks for raichu? Erm maybe get rid of him altogether. How does wide slash help empoleon and shadow claw to counter kecleon? Perhaps stop double typing. Give empoleon fury attack or something.
  14. Illusione-Tempus

    Illusione-Tempus Well-Known Member

    Reason why I teach Blizzard is to get rid of monster houses easily, Hydro Pump in case if something annoying is in my line of sight
    Hey, if you didn't notice, Wide Slash attacks any kind of pokemon, even if it's in the wall (wow O.O) without dealing any Super/Not Very Effective damage, especially to kill Shedinja, are the reason why I taught it.
    Kecleon... well since Shadow Claw's a ghost type, I thought to use it as a combo to kill it. I mean like keep on using Shadow Claw (first turn, little effect, Kecleon changed type, then with an attack with a ghost type move, it became super effective and so on and so forth)

    Yeah, I was planning to change its attacks... I WON'T ABANDON SPARKY! *kick* I ask about its moves, not to exchange it with some other pokemon.

    Fury attack = EPIC fail in its base attack, easy to miss. My Empoleon's lv 100 already, I have no big problems, unless if it's at Sky Stairways or any hard dungeons like Zero Isle. I don't think Fury Attack is necessary for it... (and her IQ's max already, no problem with PP)
  15. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    Don't listen to the guy above. He gave bad advice *No offense dude... I call them as I see them...*. Hopefully, here is some good advice!

    Really, Empoleon looks pretty good. Anything else you would change on him is purely preference. For instance, I would grab Water pulse for Hydro Pump, purely for the PP and accuracy, but if you wanna keep it, by all means do.

    Blaziken's set there looks fine to me, except for Blast Burn. Thankfully, Blaziken has a fantastic moveset to work with, and for me to list even a few of the great replacements for moves would be a long list. I will leave it to you to search for something, though maybe something to hit flyers would be good... Stone Edge maybe?

    And now we get to the serious advice. Aerial Ace is a horrid move, imo, with bad Acc, power, and range. Swap it for Close combat, allowing to to murder ices and rocks. This also allows you to ditch Steel Wing for something like U-Turn for range and STAB. Agility, I don't like. However, that is preference, and you can do what you wish with it, keep it or leave it.

    Raichu needs a little work, but he is fixable. Shock Wave is horrible for the same reasons as Aerial ace. Try Charge Beam, for range, PP, and free power-ups! For Thunder and Iron tail, how about swapping them for Dig and Grass knot? Both types would are non existent now and be helpful on your team!

    That's advice from the BARON OF FATE! Hopefully it will hep you, and won't suck too badly. Tune in next time, same PMD2 channel, same PMD2 place!
  16. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Comments and corrections in bold.
  17. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    haiguys. I want some help on my team please. And I wouldn't mind a 4th member too...I'm just using Mew for now.
    ;154; Megainum#
    Body Slam
    Razor Leaf
    Solar Beam

    ;260; Swampert
    Water Gun
    Hydro Pump

    ;006; Charizard
    Steel Wing
    Heat Wave

    ;151; Mew (Filler pokemon)
    Acient Power
    Shock Wave

    They need help:x
  18. Xelixi

    Xelixi New Member

    I´m not really sure about the moveset so here he is.

    Aura sphere
    Dragon pulse
    Dark pulse
    Extremespeed (more of a filler)

    Still looking for more pokemon, but can't find one yet. Thanks for help
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2009
  19. hailflameblast

    hailflameblast I'm coming...

    Ok, Go team blah blah blah(No idea for a good team name)
    Azelf@X-Ray Specs
    Energy Ball


    Infernape@Scope Lens
    Flame Wheel
    Brick Break

    Ominous WInd
    (no idea)
  20. calze6

    calze6 Reclaiming da ladder

    It is advisable to have team leader with a room move (maybe make empoleon leader).

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