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PMD2 US Release Date

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Cain Nightroad

Finally! It'll probably be worth the wait, from the looks of it. Just one day before the 2nd anniversary of D/P's United States release. Pokemon loves the month of April, that's for sure. I can't wait! (This reminds me of the long-awaited D/P US release...)


We did have a release date, but it was just an estimate.

However, seeing how I've never heard of these people, I can't say how reliable these guys are. I'd take them with a grain of salt, personally. >_>


Well-Known Member
Does anyone know the release date in the UK?

Dark Arceus

Worst. Name. Ever.
After the US. :)

Seriously, I tmay be the time between Diamond and Pearl in the US and the UK, so say 2 or 3 months after.


Well-Known Member
I hope the release date is legit. I really want to play this game.


Emperor Coordinator
One day after the anniversary of Diamond and Pearl's release? It sounds reasonable. It was almost that long in Japan. If this is true, then we should start seeing commercials soon. Pokemon.com needs to update with some type of advertisement, as usual. If it doesn't within a few days, I don't believe it.


Well-Known Member
sounds possible but still id like to know their sources


The release date of PMD2 is only one day after the next book of my favorite series come out. :)
I guess I'll go buy it all on the 23rd unless there are delays. I'm looking forward to it.


New Member
i hope it is the true release date even though everywhere else is Q2 2008.
:) i don't know
but if it is the real one then god i can't wait
i have played the jap version and recruited darkrai and nearly all the legendaries
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