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Pocket Monsters (2019) Characters Speculation Thread


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
Since we know what Iris is back for, I actually hope that Gary isn't a part of the WCS. Weirdly enough, he might be perfect for Goh's actual development and not just chucking Poké Balls at everything with a pulse.

I hope that Gary puts some sense into Goh's head about how his goal to catch every Pokémon is impractical cause he used to mass capture as well.

Sonia already asked Goh if he wanted to be a Pokémon Professor. Maybe Gary can help steer him in that direction. Who knows, he could also help Chloe. The kids do love their fossil research and that is Gary's area of expertise.

I don't need any Ash vs Gary tension. It's really been there, done that. It was even done better in Sinnoh with Paul anyway. I won't say no to a friendly match, however. I'm sure Gary will interested in Ash's Abomination.


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
Cilan is underrated.

Definitely. After having Brock for so many years and Who? for the OI arc, it was so refreshing to see the male companion be so outgoing and not just used for exposition. Don't get me wrong, I loved Brock but he was always so underutilized that any episode where he did anything semi-interesting was a big deal. For example in the BF arc when he competed against May in a contest or in Sinnoh when he competed in the Hearthome Tag Battle Tournament or the dress up competition.

Cilan was ALWAYS willing to compete in stuff and gave it his all. I wish he would have gotten more Pokémon, but that was the start of the trend of giving companions 3 Pokémon max.

If he returns in Journeys, he should be an S-Class Connoisseur. Perhaps, he can help Chloe and Eevee decide what kind of evolution might fit her the most.