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Pocket Monsters (2019): Original Soundtrack

Ryu Taylor

Unwavering beliefs. Richter Taylor is my name now.
The CD's finally out (the first one of its variety to have been released in the past ten years). It can be bought on Amazon Japan, CDJapan, and iTunes Japan, and can be heard on Spotify.


I've been debating whether or not to get this soundtrack since I usually buy the anime's soundtrack CDs, but this time around I don't like most of the compositions, so I might just hold off on it. What I'd really like to see is a soundtrack CD with all the anime's music from BW to SM.

Ryu Taylor

Unwavering beliefs. Richter Taylor is my name now.
Lots of things changed when Yuki Hayashi became the composer: the JP version finally started being good, I stopped overwhelmingly preferring the dub music over the JP music, and now for the first time I've bought a Japanese Pokemon CD.

If he gets to compose for the new movie, I'll be getting its soundtrack, too.