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Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread


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Dracovish could also be Raihan’s Pokémon since he is a dragon type specialist and he could showcase it. There hasn’t been any merchandise for Dracovish since that is what a lot of people on here use to determine captures.
I think not tbh, every mon that has appeared so far on that poster has had focus on them. Everything with Ash and Go are for the DD arc, Zapdos in JN040, Marshtomp in JN042, Mew is obvious, Morpeko looks like it'll be there in JN047, Koharu/Chloe's Eevee very likely sometime post DD arc, Mewtwo in JN046, Suicune is still unknown, and then there's only Dracovish left. From what it looks, Dracovish looks set to get its own focus ep sometime post DD arc.


kickachu said:
based on some merchandise like the one with Dragonair before it evolved , riolu and gengar
But from what I remember, that merchandise only hinted at those Pokemon appearing in the anime, not specifically that Satoshi would get them. Blacky's merchandise being used as "evidence" of Satoshi possibly capturing one is especially amusing to me because Blacky and its entire evolutionary line seem to get new merchandise every other month anyway because of their popularity, so it seems like a non-factor.


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I’m gonna be honest, I’m gonna miss Raboot’s 2cool4u attitude. It was a nice straight man to Ash and Go’s happy go lucky shtick.
Good thing Drizzile's the perfect replacement lol (Grookey can then be the replacement for Sobble as the new cute one. If Gou gets it then it debuting so late makes sense as they're essentially using the starters to cycle through character roles, when one becomes a teen a new kid arrives and when that teen grows into an adult the kid becomes the new teen and is again replaced by a new kid)


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My guess is either Kubfu or Dracovish. I feel like it we will have to wait a bit longer for Grookey unfortunately
Oh god, i hope not. Kubfu is another fighting type. I won't mind Kubfu, if there are at least three other captures in betweeen Galarfetch'd and Kubfu. If not, i hope it stays far away from Ash's team.


They really are burning through all available Gmax options. I wonder if they plan to drop them after this arc in order to make way for the more dynamic regular battles? (though they could still revisit the concept/ bring up the IA max soup)

Looks like the only chance Goh catches something else this arc is in episode 45 post Eternatus. It's a shame they didn't take the chance to introduce more Galar pokemon, but we are too deep into the action now.