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Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread


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It still activated in Ash vs. Guzman, which was 1 on 1 if I recall

Even if it was 2 vs. 2 Primarina didn't even damage Goliospod enough to even cause Emergency Exit to activate. We could get something similar with Ash and his
Ash vs Guzma was a 2v2.


PokeBuster said:
The Lucario and Cinderace duo is making me sick. I don't remember any notable moment where Riolu and Raboot bonded or even interacted. But now they both evolve simultaneously and become the dynamic duo who can't be seperated.
To be completely honest, I don't like it either. If we had to have a dynamic duo in the cast, I'd rather see more of Pikachu and Barrierd hanging out together since they actually had that bonding episode not too long ago and have known each other since OS.


Decidueye23 said:
Actually i was more excited for the farfetchd and riolu duo that was hinted but never got.
That would've been nice since it would've been a way for Kamonegi to get more screen-time and possibly receive the motivation to evolve in the future. I remember thinking that he and Riolu were going to evolve together before the Black Night finale was revealed since we kept seeing Lucario and Negigaknight merchandise together.


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So what might be the trade this saga?
Well some fans are still hoping that Sobble and G. Farfetched will be traded at some point. Though I doubt that's happening.
Well if Ash and Goh do eventually trade Pokémon it’s mostly likely would be a case of him trading his Scyther to Ash and it probably evolving into Scizor in the process.

That is unless Goh catches another mon that gets heavily hinted and set up to be traded.

As for the Pokémon that Ash would trade to Goh it would be likely something that he hasn’t caught yet.

As for the whole idea that some people suggest that Goh would trade Sobble to Ash and Ash would trade Galarian Farfetch’d to Goh, there is literally nothing that hints at that nor would it make any sense.


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Useless Info: Uri Geller has now officially given permission for Kadabra to be used in trading cards again, meaning that old lawsuit which prevented Kadabra from being printed out as cards (and I guess also from being used in the anime due to likely wanting to avoid the controversy) is now over. So now TPC can now basically freely do whatever with Kadabra now. Perhaps we could finally see Kadabra again being used in the anime since the controversy regarding it no longer exists now.


I don't think Natsume would use Yungerer if she appears in this series, anyway. It's not the species that I'd expect her to use in a serious battle since she obviously would've gotten stronger since the last time we saw her, and her Yungerer has probably evolved by now. So I don't think that anything has really changed when it comes to Natsume's odds of returning.