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Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread


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Well, it so happens not. There will be much stronger opponents in Hyper Class, so Piplup will be unnecessary for him. I think it is not for nothing that all of his traps in Journeys (so far) can no longer evolve, or only have one evolutionary form.
Piplup will be a Koharu Pokémon rather
Where in the world did a Pokemon being small and cute stop it from being a formidable opponent in the anime?
Also somebody on his team needs to eat up screen time now that most of them have evolved and become irrelevant


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I'm just waiting for the next Alolan trip. Can't believe that region has only gotten one episode so far
We were literally just there...
It's far worse for Unova, BW feels like an eternity ago and so far it's just been Golurk, an episode that was 'set' there but it just felt like another Vermilion City episode as the only Unova thing about it was the TRio using Sawk and Throh. Iris is the third one...

Hoenn's had a fair few now.
Kanto's had FAR too much
Sinnoh may not have a lot either but it's obviously going to get a push when the remake and Legends come out, Unova doesn't really have anything and probably won't for another decade(Unova Legends pls!). Unova deserves better than it's gotten so far and this could be the perfect chance to rectify their mistake and give us a proper Ash/Zekrom interaction in the anime, and let the non-Meloetta mythicals get some screentime
Not to mention Unova's a popular gen, most of the hate is just gen wunners going 'Ice cream and trash bags as Pokemon?! LUL!' while ignoring Grimer/Voltorb/Magnemite :rolleyes:
And Kalos might get more focus too if Ash gets Mega Evolution, I'm still convinced he is.

Alola should have the least amount cause we were just there, it doesn't need focus apart from wrapping up the Lillie stuff. Everything apart from the komodo and Marshadow got covered


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Thinking Ash isn’t getting anything else from here is incredibly unrealistic anyways. You srsly think we’re going to last the rest of the series with nothing and having a fully evolved team at this time? Give me a break, even HxH getting cancelled is more likely. And unlike other captures, Dracovish had no vibe being a final capture. Ash owning more captures is actually highly realistic and likely happening much to some’s chagrin and even if all some of you will do is lamely rant on and on about this or that regarding that. It’s just the harsh reality of it.

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Still think Ash is in for one or two more captures before calling it quits. There is still plenty of time

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Based on this merch:

Flabebe its evolving

Also we could have Eiscue, and Galarian birds episodes soon,

We alredy got the fossils and Leon vs Raihan

Vaporeon its in the next episode,

Haxorus and Umbreon for Iris and Gary,

Falinks its in the opening
I’m not expecting the Galarian birds to show up until October to match with the CT release date. I think we will get an IOA arc sometime in the summer and since every October the anime usually has some sort of arc since most of SM’s important story arcs and DD occurred during October. I believe that the trend will continue and we could get CT during that month as well.
I don't, Ash is done, I literally can't understand if Ash was going to catch anything why he hasn't by now. He should've had something on standby for after Farfetch'd evolving but he doesn't.
I disagree, the writers love when they are able to have un-evolve Pokémon on the cast as it gives them something to work with especially after watching Farfetch’d’s arc. With this series most likely going another two more years, I can’t see them not giving Ash anything else as they could have easily dragged out his captures like they did in XY and SM, instead of giving him a full team by episode 50.
Which Pokemon do you expect Ash to catch soon


Someone mentioned in the Suicune episode that Goh tends to catch Pokémon where you find them in game (based on Drowzee). 64 is probably at Lavaridge and they may be fighting TR Glalie, so K-Ponyta or Numel might be captured as the routes fire types. Then of course Absol which isn't found there but are roaming by lore and is in the episode.

No merch for any besides the calendar so maybe nothing.

Goh predictions:

W-Floete (maybe all 5)
I just realized that almost everything in the OP has been accounted for except Iris, Gary, and that mysterious Falinks

When do you think we'll see Falinks?
And Infernape.


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I don't think Ash is done already. He should catch at least one more gen 8 Pokémon and/or Galarian variant. Not only that, I think it would be nice to let him catch his second shiny too. What shiny Pokémon would be a good candidate according to you guys?
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I don't think Ash is done already. He should catch at least one more gen 8 Pokémon and/or Galarian variant. Not only that, I think it would be nice to let him catch his second shiny too. What shiny Pokémon would be a good candidate according to you guys?
Not sure, although if they wanted to they could kill birds with one stone and have Ash go to the Nature Preserve and encounter and catch the Shiny Haxorus that lives there.

Outside of that it’s hard to really predict what Ash’s second shiny could be if he winds up ever getting a second one.

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Aside from Kubfu I think Ash has a decent shot at one of the Toxricity forms. Maybe Absol if Ash is shown bonding with it in this week's preview