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Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread


"Tis an honor to be recognized."
Did you find a spoiler saying it would?
Inteleon merchandise - not Drizzile merchandise - being put up alongside Grookey merchandise. That isn't subtle.


It is good though James caught morpeko hmmm next episode is going to be interesting I think at the end goh will capture alolan nine tails tsurugi guy will catch regice and we will get to see ash dragonite, gengar it will be awesome and asahi is also there in this episode Gary will be in the flashback


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Lucario gets striaght focus for 20+ episodes. People are all about Other mons not getting focus. Now that others are getting focus, people are complaning about lack of lucario. It will get its tjme to shine dont worry.

I do get it though a bit more spread out and balanced development would be good.


>The story of "Satoshi" who aims to be the strongest in pokemon battle
WoW. what happened to pokemon master?
They finally admitted that they don’t even know what that means XD
How has it been confirmed?
Not totally confirmed but very likely. The guy who said James would catch Morpeko also said Kubfu and Toxtricity would be caught by both of the boys