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Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread


Snivy and Daiyousei are best things happened to me
Because Team Rocket finally has their own Galar Pokemon... now when will Serena get her own Galar Pokemon like Hatterene for example Just in case Ash won't get that Pokemon.


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Snivy and Daiyousei are best things happened to me
I would love ash with a Hatterene, or even with Another galar pokémon, I know that the one that captures it is Goh, but please do not cost anything to do it and make your pokémon appear at least every 3 episodes
Okay, why do I think Ash is the one who gets Hatterene... I don't get it. my attitude needs to change, Ash with an Frosmoth would be better or worse.


These mons have been circling awhile. My guesses so far:

Pikachu- ash duh
absol- go duh
Espeon- Chloe and Eevee episode similar to the recent vaporeon one
Umbreon- same as espeon. Maybe through Gary though
Galarian birds- incoming CT arc, prob with project Mew
Eiscue- Ash or Go...honestly I think ash, but I wish it was go because I want ash with Piplup (and eventually Empoleon)
Dreepy- Ash or Go. Honestly could see it either way
Darkrai- Project Mew-related arc. Since they deal with the mythical Mew, maybe they will research other mythicals and legendaries, like how they had an interest in moltres