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Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. esquilo09

    esquilo09 Well-Known Member

    You're a Brazilian! Just like me!
  2. Bortgreen

    Bortgreen UP NEXT: ???

    and me

    Or just not skip anything, they might break another trend
  3. Hyper Missingno

    Hyper Missingno Well-Known Member

    You mean catching every type of Pokemon?
  4. Henry's Journey

    Henry's Journey Well-Known Member

    Go should catch that Litwick so Gengar is reserved for Ash! :p I feel like the raid Golurk will go to one of the new characters maybe the Meditite girl. Thinking Darmanitan and Cofagrigus are too much for Go, it looks they're not giving him super strong mons so maybe he only catches Litwick and Sandile.
    Paul1985, esquilo09 and KenzeyEevee like this.
  5. Master Pikachu 11

    Master Pikachu 11 Well-Known Member

    Scyther is a strong Pokémon it only lost its battle in BF because of Go otherwise it can be a strong Pokémon. I still he is catching those Pokémon because they were focused on the scan. I think he will catch strong Pokémon, but Ash will get the Pokémon that are super popular
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2020
    wolf jani and esquilo09 like this.
  6. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    I do like that Go is using a Pokemon he caught in a prior episode instead of just catching a Braviary to pull him across the desert. That means some of his captures will do more than just hang out at the lab
  7. batisan

    batisan New Member

    Ash pegar o Gengar e o Machamp, lucario por causa saiu muito mercadorias deles . eu sou brasileiro tambem
  8. catch am all

    catch am all Active Member

    i would like to see ash catch Lucario & Gengar
    Paul1985 likes this.
  9. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    To be fair, even if Gou does capture Hitomoshi, it wouldn't necessarily mean that Gangar would be caught by Satoshi later. Out of all the Isshu Pokemon that will appear in the upcoming Isshu based episode, at least I can say that Hitomoshi is one of my favorites in general, but not by much.
  10. esquilo09

    esquilo09 Well-Known Member

    Considering Chandelure is very popular, which would explain why everybody wants Ash to catch Litwick.
    Leonhart likes this.
  11. Henry's Journey

    Henry's Journey Well-Known Member

    Ehh I don't see Scyther in the same category as other "strong" Pokemon, it's a 1st stage mon after all, Dewgong and the bug Pokemon are not a big deal as well imo (unless he mega evolves Beedrill and Pinsir and gigantmaxes Butterfree lol but I don't think so) they're not giving him stronger Pokemon like Dragonite could be. Sentret and Skwovet, respective regions rodents? Idk, maybe if Scorbunny, Taillow, Mantyke, Misdreavus and the others evolve.

    I just can't see him catching that giant Golurk altough it could happen everyone else weaken it and Go takes a chance to catch it. About Darmanitan and Cofagrigus we'll have to wait and see but my bet is on him not catching them.
  12. Mr. Reloaded

    Mr. Reloaded An enigma

    So like musketeer Meowth and Rowlet just never happened then?
  13. We speak English here, thank you
    Spider-Phoenix likes this.
  14. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I vaguely remember it ranking high in the first BW Pokemon popularity poll ages ago during the Gen V era, but I didn't think its popularity was still so high, otherwise Satoshi probably would've gotten one a long time ago.
  15. Master Pikachu 11

    Master Pikachu 11 Well-Known Member

    That’s ok and understandable, but if Go wants to take the next step in order to have a shot at Mew then he needs to catch some strong Pokémon. Also I want to make a correction to my last post and I think Ash will catch Pokémon that are very popular.
    Henry's Journey and Leonhart like this.
  16. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    As long as they stay the hell away from Sylveon, that is fine with me.
  17. Cptnmac1

    Cptnmac1 Well-Known Member

    If they do end up giving ash an eeveelution, I would prefer it being one that hasn't been owned by a main character before. Espeon is definitely the preferable choice but i also think vaporeon might be interesting
    Leonhart and esquilo09 like this.
  18. Master Pikachu 11

    Master Pikachu 11 Well-Known Member

    Well Espeon is up there in the top 100 popular Pokémon, so I think its definitely a possibility for Ash to get one.
  19. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    Go may end up getting all of the Eeveelutions for himself. If they give Eevee to Ash it might stay unevolved in order to Gigantamax
  20. Henry's Journey

    Henry's Journey Well-Known Member

    Exactly but I feel it's too early for him getting "ubers" maybe when he gets more experience in battles? look at what happened with Gengar, I'm sure some people will complain a lot if he starts easily catching things like Metagross, Salamence, Tyranitar, etc..

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