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Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread


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If you’re seriously expecting ash to capture a Pokémon on the mega island, prepare yourself to be (deservingly) disappointed
He’s gone mad.


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I agree, Bea rivalry should just end already, What Galar Gym Leader would you like to see besides Bea?
Preferably I'd like to see Piers. With as much as this show likes to avoid G-Max as possible. It's astonishing that they haven't used the only Galar Character who doesn't care about G-Max

Allister would be nice too, if only so Gengar can get some development.

But heck, at this point I'll take any Galar Gym Leader who hasn't shown up yet.


What 3 of Ash's Pokemon might be using?
Pikachu, Dragonite, Gengar, Lucario, Sirfetch'd, Dracovish or new Pokémon from Mega Island?
Boy, change the dealer better.


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I agree, Bea rivalry should just end already, What Galar Gym Leader would you like to see besides Bea?
Piers, definitely. He could even end Ash's winning streak and serve as his next roadblock while the other Galar leaders serve as Hyper Class opponents or non-PWC opponents.


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LOSE -> DRAW -> WIN. It's a natural progression that makes sense. This isn't like Alain where it was LOSE -> LOSE -> LOSE.
Which is why Ash’s Kalos League loss is stupid
How come we didnt see such good characters like Marnie and Bede. They have a splendid design and personality
Their characters are directly tied to the Gym Challenge of Galar so it wouldn’t make sense to add them in unless you make a radical change in their roles in characters. I suppose it’s not too late for Beet to appear as Poplar’s successor of her gym but Satoshi is almost closing in on Master Class at this point. Maybe Mary could be apart of Master 8 and debut with her brother but Morpeko already stands as Kojirou’s sole Pokémon and we’ve seen Aura Wheel and Hangry Mode.


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I agree, Bea rivalry should just end already, What Galar Gym Leader would you like to see besides Bea?
Honestly I’ll take any since they’re all good characters but I’d really like to see Nessa, Kabu, Gordie, Piers & Avery (if we’re including the DLC rivals).

Speaking of which, I remember in the recent Alcremie episode, Leon revealed that Opal constantly holds tournaments, some of which are battle focused. Leon is the one to host the Galarian Star Tournament in game so maybe he & Opal collaborate and this is how we get the majority of the Galar characters? Leon pretty much replaces Rose’s role in Galar in the post game & Rose is missing atm so he’d probably be the next best thing.


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Johto: Jasmine, Whitney, Clair
Hoenn: Phoebe, Winona, Glacia
Sinnoh: Fantina, Maylene, Cynthia
Unova: Elesa, Juniper, Caithlin
Kalos: Viola, Grace, Diantha
Alola: Lana's mom, Lusamine, Nina
Galar: Bea, Sonia, Melony

bea is like 16 i don’t think she qualifies as a mom
unless you were being metaphorical