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Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. PsychoLogical

    PsychoLogical Well-Known Member

    Yea you’re correct. Dragonite, Gengar, Riolu are just captures in rotation like ofc in BW and in the original series where it was Kingler, Muk, Tauros and so on. Reserves are just captures that are on standby being left at Oak’s to start over until Ash decides to use them again, whenever that is since he’s never used any of his reserves until he used his Mr.Mime (and yes it is actually his, not his mom’s) in JN007, everyone else hasn’t been used since DP except ofc Charizard where they brought him back permanently in BW.
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  2. Mythical-Moonlight

    Mythical-Moonlight Well-Known Member

    Mimey is apparently gonna show up in the next episode.

    I wanna to see what they do with him there

    Reserve or not they're using him a lot more than usual. It's interesting to see
  3. dman_dustin

    dman_dustin Well-Known Member

    I just don't think Mr. Mime's status matters at all, considering that I don't think anyone knows exactly what to classify Mr. Mime as.

    I mean we could take the Korrina episode as a good indicator, that they really only want to mostly focus on Ash's new team members, Dragonite, Gengar, Riolu.

    Mr. Mime could just be used whenever they feel the need to use it.

    That being said, if Mr. Mime isn't going to have any MAJOR focus (barring Galarian Mr. Mime storylines), I do kind of wish they'd focus on giving Ash either a psychic or fairy Pokemon and have that get more focus, if Mr. Mime is only going to have a barely focus with exceptions being the Sakuragi Park Panic episode for training purposes.
  4. Umbilical Noose

    Umbilical Noose Bonzo Nut

    I think the rotation thing with Ash is not much different to Go. They just keep their starters around and rest stay at Sakuragi's place. I am fine with Pokemon like Mr. Mime, Dragonite, Gengar and Riolu being in rotation but the Galar starters need to be on the main team.
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  5. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    If the animé merchandise is to believed, then Mr.Mime is not really on his team. Since they only showed Pikachu, Dragonite, Gengar and Riolu as team members in the most recent scans/magazines.
  6. ShinyCharyZard

    ShinyCharyZard Honesty=Infractions

    I think the most obvious sign that Mimey isn't part of the main team comes from the Korrina episode where it was absent, whilst the rest of the team was there. Sure, it had no part in the plot unlike the other three, however Ash already had Riolu there before knowing of Korrina's presence, so you have to believe that he would've had Mimey there too if it was a true team member..
  7. nickdt

    nickdt Well-Known Member

    This argument doesn't hold since Dragonite was absent in the Visquez episode (It didn't even appear in the background) and Gengar, Dragonite and Mimey were all absent in the latest Sinnoh episode (He only took Riolu and Pikachu with him). So if the argument is that Mimey isn't part of the main team because it was absent in the Korrina episode, the same applies for Dragonite and Gengar for being absent in important episodes as well (Dragonite in Visquez, Dragonite and Gengar in Sinnoh).
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  8. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    Do they really? Considering that Sarunori still hasn't debuted and Messon is barely going to be caught about 30 episodes into the series, it doesn't seem like the Galar Starters are the writer's priority at the moment. So I think that for the first time ever the Starters as a set receiving little screen-time throughout the entire series is likely.
  9. PsychoLogical

    PsychoLogical Well-Known Member

    Why the writers decided to debut the other two Galar starters so late, I'll never know. Grookey looks likely to debut at minimum at ep 38 which will likely be a record that'll never be beaten for latest time a starter debuts. One thing's for sure tho, assuming Grookey will also be on Ash's team along with Sobble (which the latter is confirmed anyways), they'll likely do what they did to Scorbunny and evolve them in a very short amount of time and do the same for their final evo forms which to be very honest, I'm glad they're doing that.
  10. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    I'm certain the reason it t so long for Sobble and Grookey to appear was that the writers didn't want them to overshadow Scorbunny. Now that its evolved and well established they can bring in the other two
  11. nickdt

    nickdt Well-Known Member

    Thats kinda the problem though, since it means Sobble and Grookey need to stay unevolved, else they will overshadow Raboot/Cinderace, since it does nothing.
    Sword master zacian likes this.
  12. Mythical-Moonlight

    Mythical-Moonlight Well-Known Member

    If that's true then that's just awful.

    Fenniken and Chespin were around without having to overshadow Froakie.

    Heck Popplio and Rowlet didn't overshadow Litten much either.

    That's such a shoddy excuse and it just reeks of insecurity.

    How little faith do the writers have in Scorbunny if they need to shaft the other two Starters just so it can shine?
  13. Poor Grookey....
  14. Mythical-Moonlight

    Mythical-Moonlight Well-Known Member

    Nah at least one of them is going to evolve.

    Ash always gets at least one evolved Starter.

    Plus it would seem like hack writing if Gou who barely battles gets a fully evolved Starter while the Alola Champ who is actually battling in PWC does not
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  15. Sword master zacian

    Sword master zacian Well-Known Member

    Its kinda annoying cuz raboot/cinderace is just hanging around with goh doing apparently nothing although it wants to battle and watches all battles carefully like ash vs visquez and ash vs korrina
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  16. PsychoLogical

    PsychoLogical Well-Known Member

    One of them will definitely evolve. Just note that the Sobble line's actually the most popular of the Galar line so I can guarantee that Inteleon will be Ash's in the future. Then again everything that Ash catches in this series will very likely be caught fully evolved or fully evolve all the way since he's no longer challenging gyms and is challenging the PWC to face Leon, so technically he needs all the power he gets.
  17. Sword master zacian

    Sword master zacian Well-Known Member

    I wonder they are planning to do something with raboot in terms of battling cuz everytime ash battles raboot is watching carefully which gives the feeling it wants to battle more than just hanging around with goh and helping him catching pokemon
    But I don't see goh showing interest in battles anytime sooner
  18. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Same thing, day in;day out ಠ_ಠ

    I think people seem to forget Mr.Mime isn't a battler at heart... yeah its capable when needed, but the minute it beat Hariyama, it immediately gave up. No way Ash was gamble that in the Tournament level setting he was participating in, especially against Korrina lol.
    That all being said, I'm hesitant to really call it a team member myself because I think the only reason Ash used Mimey in battle was the writing staff refuses to have Ash use any of his past reserves and they needed him to have something in case of a 2 v 2 match. Once Ash got Dragonite, Mimey was allowed to retire from the battle scene lol
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  19. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    If Rabbifoot really wants to battle more often then it needs to show that to Gou instead of simply standing around giving cold stares. But considering that Rabbifoot got a development episode not too long ago that led to nothing, I doubt he'll be developed as a battler in the future.
  20. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    Depending on how Go catches Farfetch'd this Sunday Raboot may get it's wish to be involved in more battling.

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