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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread


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I pray ash actually gets Dracovish, it was in my list for mons I wanted him to get from galar, would be so happy if he gets one. I'm not thinking too much about that Mewtwo zapdos and suicuine placement lol


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I’ll be kinda disheartened if they stop the previous gen captures for Ash for a while or totally. Well, poster is always slightly misleading, aside for the obvious. I doubt Go will get morpeko, since it’s TR current critter, in a way or other.


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Dracovish is such a beast in the games, so I'd be happy with Ash getting one if it happens. It's the best of the Sw & Sh fossil's, that's for sure.

And I'd be pretty surprised if Ash caught Marshtomp, but also kinda stoked. Marshtomp/ Swampert is epic.

I honestly don't want Ash to catch legendaries just yet.

Also, even though it was obviously going to happen, Lucario is confirmed to learn Aura Sphere


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Lot to unpack here

EDIT: seems we have pictures of the Darkest Day Arc too, https://www.famitsu.com/news/202009/20206199.html
Either they're showing Pokemon in upcoming episodes or they show what Pokemon will be in DD arc, if it's second then Go 100% will catch Zapdos(unless Zapdos appears to help like Lugia did time to time.Or Go "befriends" it and catches it( just for Pokedex) but releases it, but Zapdos would help them when necessary.


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It's nothing more than a gut feeling... but something tells me that Journeys is gonna jump the shark after the "Sword & Shield" arc.
Not sure if it'll be for better or for worse, but I'd expect a change in the series formula... just when I started to grow to like it.


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Alright so it’s expected with these 4 episodes a lot of events will happen.

Both Ash’s Riolu and Goh’s Raboot will evolve.
Crossing my fingers but I hope Ash will add at least one new team member but I’m ok if he gets more than one and have Pokémon be in rotation. Dracovish would be sick on Ash’s team but I also hope he gets Grookey and one other Galar mon.

My hope for the future after this arc is I would like to see Farfetch’d evolve for Ash. I would like to see more Pokémon not a lot more just another handful to train and develop.

I won’t mind seeing Goh do his normal captures by just throwing a pokeball but I do like seeing him develop his skills as a trainer.


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Eevee = Pink Ranger. Always goes to the girl.
Chloe seems like one of the Pokegirls who'll end up with only cutesy Pokemon like G Ponyta.

Wolves look off. Cinderace looks like it belongs in Digimon. Hope Ash isn't getting Dracovish.
Cant wait for Goh to try catching Mewtwo and Mewtwo brutally murder him with Psychic ala Gengar.