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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
The writers need to show some respect to TR, even SM did...


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I like how they've managed to somehow make this series worse than Best Wishes even though they gave Satoshi such a nice team lol
I think this is the best series so far thanks to its trollish craziness. Hilarious


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Who knew Grookey was a gachamon, what a twist. Not quite what I have in mind about Go catching a species that was used by TR in the gacha machine but effective nonethenless.


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Finally, the writers remembered that there was a person named Ash Ketchum.

A chapter focused on Ash Ketchum will come.

Ash-focused episodes are coming every 2-3 months anyway.

After March 19th, the episode that is worth watching may not come until June.


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Ash doesn't need a starter.

It's okay for Grookey to get Goh.

But if they go and give Kubfu to Goh then that would be a huge problem.

Ash needs the legendary poker. Not the starter pokemon.