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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread


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Didn't Gary like...decide to stop being a battler/trainer and wanted to be a researcher?

Why the heck would he participate in PWC? lol
To show Ash up because he can.
Oh and when Iris does return..... PLEASE, have her with a full team of Dragons and have Axew evolved for the love of sweet jesus.
Her Gible will probably at least be a Gabite, perhaps even Garchomp, but she'll definitely still have Emolga and Excadrill. Axew should also be free to evolve as it is no longer constrained by being a walking Pokemon.

Honestly, I will laugh if they just casually have her as Unova's Champion due to the plot of BW2.


Everything stays.
LORD HAVE MERCY I did not expect to see Iris come back!! I heard the news of her reappearance and I came straight back.
I've waited 7 years to see her again and now it's finally happening... I don't know what to do.


so since no spoilers were shown like last year what Pokemon you think ash might catch


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Am I the only one who more excited about ash catching a rookidee then anyone catching grookey, or is it just me being burned out on waiting so long for him to debut?
I'd prefer Rookidee for Ash over Grookey for Ash anyways.
I think every mythical pokémon appeared in the new OP. I guess we'll get some episodes featuring mythicals in the future. I hope ash catches Zeraora.
Closer examination under their feet reveal two letters of three. "Go..."


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It still amazes me that some people are so dramatic about their supposed "hatred" for Iris, when she was literally part of a cast which included Cilan, whom was arguably a worse character. I'm personally excited to see her again, since I really ended up liking her!

It'll be cool to see if she's part of the PWC and how her chase for Rayquaza has been going. Also, since animating it outside of its ball isn't an issue anymore, will Axew have evolved? Guess we'll just have to wait and see!


Too old for your rubbish..
I'd prefer Rookidee for Ash over Grookey for Ash anyways.

In an ideal world he'd get both, but admittedly I'm a bit over the idea of Ash getting a Corviknight at this point so would prefer him to get Grookey if it was one over the other. However, I'm almost positive it'll be another Pokemon for Goh, which is a shame. I feel like if Grookey was destined for Ash, then there would've been no point in holding it off for so long..


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Wow. Well Ash catching Dracovish is cool, I think I prefer Arctozolt but obviously that would mean another electric type. Water and Dragon so now he has a same typing, but I’m excited to see what it does and another trend broken!
Also not capture related but Iris and Gary returning too!! Been since sinnoh we’ve seen gary, maybe part of the world championships even tho Gary doesn’t battle, he is holding a pokeball, as is Iris