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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread


Kohary seems pretty weird.
Initially she was shown as "boss attitude girl" who doesnt give af to pokemon world and then the moment she got handed the evee.....boom.....i am an innocent girl so dont hurt me
I think I liked her more when she just had Wanpachi with her. Eievui is so innocent and cute that it seems like it affected Koharu's character and softened her up, which isn't a bad thing per se, but it took away some of her aloofness from before, which I sort of liked because it made her different from most recurring female characters.


As other users have stated that the abandonment plot line has already been used this time with Ash's Gengar.

That's why I'm thinking it's more of a Bulbasaur situation. Bulbasaur was the leader of a hidden village that showcased its character development right away.

With Grookey it's possible that it just wants to Drum and is focused on wanting to become Rillaboom the drummer in the band. He wants to be a leader in a band. As well as dealing with a trainer just like Bulbasaur did.

(I hope this analogy makes sense).
Why does it matter even if the writers do recycle the abandoned Pokemon gimmick? They're recycled that subplot so often that it should be considered a recurring cliche at this point, so it wouldn't surprise me even if Satoshi were to get Sarunori and have two Pokemon with similar backstories at the same time.

That said, I don't actually care anymore about who gets Sarunori, if anyone does get it at all.
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Well if nothing else, Grookey and Gengar potentially bonding over having former garbage Trainers sounds like it could be amusing.

It would give Gengar something to do at least and maybe he could play the same Big Brother role Cinderace plays for Sobble.

Oh wait! That's Right! That would actually have to require the Writers giving Ash's Pokémon even a quiver of interaction with each other! :rolleyes:


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Didn't the writers say that it was going to play a major role in the Journeys storyline?
STORYLINE?!? Does it even exist at this point?

Eh honestly i dont mind tha abandonement plot. I mean the last time something like charmander and chimchar was pulled off, most of the current audience for pokemon are not aware of it ( i am talking about the kids). And to be fair gengar's abandonement is quite different. Like it wasnt abandoned because it was weak or something.

Also, just looking at grookey gives me an impression that its a very happy so i would be suprised if it has a very mean trainer. I


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Honestly my gut tells me this person isn't a Paul or Damian. It might be a Kukui situation were the human is just taking care of it instead of owning it
Was thinking along the lines of Bulbasaur and Turtwig: both of them were peace keepers for the areas they previously lived in and that lived with someone but weren’t officially their Pokémon. Grookey seems to be like the type who is helpful but gets caught up in its natural curiosity.


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You can't be serious?

It's a Current Gen Starter

If Sobble and Cinderace are on the main cast then Idk why you think Grookey wouldn't be?
Because it's already owned by a trainer, meaning that it won't be unless they either add said trainer to the main cast or they repeat the same tired old starter with an abusive trainer plotline for the fifth time.