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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

AsH KetcHHup

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We know IOA is coming soon and that's where I think Farfetch'd will evolve. I also think the CT would be a perfect setup for Go to catch a legendary where he himself weakens the opposing pokemon.


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They don’t have to follow the game structure, but it makes sense for them to have an arc for both areas, so that they can get those promotions over with and we don’t have to keep showing up in that area to cover one Pokémon each episode. Plus those games do have a story to them just like Sword and Shield’s main story in regards to DD. So it makes sense to do an arc, just so they don’t have to constantly go back and forth to those areas when they are ready to promote a certain Pokémon.
Calyrex has a story that can be covered in 2 episodes. The birds- they just fly off to different areas of Galar and there's not much story for them or the Regis.

ChampioN One

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I would't mind a new trailer after Grookeys debut. I mean everything has happend in the trailer by then. I am really excited what could happen next.
Just give me Gary and Iris' return epiodes, and Mr. Fish battling.