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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

ChampioN One

Pew Pew Pew!
A really small one showing SOME upcoming episodes. The Plusle and Minun one, some episode with water types where Dracovish, Dewgong, and a Vaporeon were going down a slide, a Glalie attacking, and an Absol attacking. Oh and drizzile
Yep, I've watched it now.


Pokemon Master
Sobble will become Drizzle. It means that the Pokemon's turn will go back to Ash.

Presumably Ash will catch new pokemon in late April or early May.

Ash has no pokemon left to evolve, anyway. Farfetch becomes Sirfetch.


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We got a small Upcoming Episodes preview, but that really pissed me off, since it really only highlighted Go's Drizzile.

But Dracovish is alive.....apparently.

And that's it, NOTHING else focused on Ash. Not the next PWC. not even a hint at a next capture literally nothing, because of course the Go show has to go on being about Go.

The episode that airs on my Birthday is going to be a miserable garbage episode. Happy Birthday to me. :rolleyes:


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I know it’s most likely because the preview was just showing the next 2-3 episodes, 2 of which we already know, but i’m still kinda surprised gary and iris are still completely MIA. You’d think they’d start teasing at least one of them by now.

Well Gary is months away apparently because they just recently just did the VA (well maybe a month ago by now, not sure) for the Gary episode.

Iris......would likely come first but I don't think we know exactly when.


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One thing from the special preview that really excites me is that Absol. I wonder if it's going to be just a POTD or it would actually be joining the Main cast.

Of course, Go needs another Hoenn Pokemon on his vast collection of Pokemon.

Let's hope it actually takes place in Hoenn. (Because I'll be pissed if it's in Vermillion City for some stupid dumb reason).


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But there's no confirmation that both the scenes are from same episodes.
It's just a guess anyway.

I mentioned earlier that Ash can buy one pokemon from each generation.

One of the best Pokemon gen 3 is Absol

I thought Ash would catch a pokmeon in early May. It can be absol.

However Goh can throw a poketop at him, too, and it is a possibility.

But Absol is a good pokemon .I don't think it will be waste for Goh