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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread


Where is the oshowatt merchandise can I get a link


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Man, if Go really does get all 3 fully evolved starters... that's just salt to why Ash didn't get the original 3 *sign
Here's hoping Ash comes across a Prinplup that he can evolve into an Empoleon. Maybe in the blue maniac episode? That way he'll finally have a full set. Wishful thinking, I know.
What happen to the multiple Piplup that hatched in Sakuragi's lab? I can't believe Goh did not get one...

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If we get a backstory of how they got their Urshifu, It could inspire Ash and hopefully we can get a Kubfu arc for Ash.

here's something else to consider assuming Ash and Goh both got one, recall that Ash dexed the Single strike form, if Goh dex's this one that might be an indicator of what form they take if they do get them.

regardless of IF they get them or not, Tsurugi and Asahi having them doesn't stop Ash and Goh from getting them if the writers so choose.
Man, if Go really does get all 3 fully evolved starters... that's just salt to why Ash didn't get the original 3 *sign

and unfortunately I can't see Bulbasaur or Squirtle going at this point unless they are forced too against their will, the latter more so since it has it's squad buddies, and it would stick out like a sore thumb if it evolved and they did not.

as far as other starters go for Ash, outside of his fully evolved reserves...

I suppose if Ash got a Piplup somehow and it evolved into Empoleon that would give him the whole Sinnoh starter set.

but it also wouldn't surprise me if Quilava, Oshawott and Rowlet came back and evolved due to the fact they are the starters of legends.

heck some theorize they could've potentially had different final forms, but who knows.

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While it doesnt necessarily rule out Ash getting one or the other form I've pretty much lost interest in him getting one. I'm putting my hopes into Hisuian Growlithe now, lol
I only wanted him to get one because I actually liked its designs but because I thought that it wouldn’t be a legendary Pokémon that would make him overpowered and I really want him to get a legendary, so I will gladly take Latias if it has a chance to join his team instead.
I actually like Hisuian Growlithe as well, but I want to see Arcanine’s form.


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I'm 100% sure that Koharu's Eevee is going to evolve into a new Eeveelution.
It's best to just accept that it won't
I'll be happy if I'm wrong but after SM's saga and the release of SWSH, I'm just done caring about Eevee and just done wishing for that Dragon Eeveelution I always wanted as a kid, it's never gonna happen...

Ash getting a Kubfu that doesn’t want to evolve but is just as strong as it’s evolutions is the kind of writing I yearn for in the Pokémon anime
Not this series lol
I'd love for Ash to have a fully evolved team again, not counting what he has in reserve.

Urshifu can still happen, if Paul didn't stop Ash from getting Gliscor and Torterra then a couple of chumps with lesser roles sure ain't stopping Urshifu from joining the cast


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You people are crazy.
Ash isn't getting Piplup. Give it up.
Just like how some people said that he wasn’t getting a Dragonite in episode 10 or that they would never give him a Riolu/Lucario and yet here we are.

Look it’s fine if you personally don’t think Ash will get a Piplup , however the reality and fact of the matter is none of us here know which Pokémon Ash will or will not catch.

So while it’s possible that Ash might not get a Piplup, it’s also possible that he might get one.

And no, it’s not crazy for people to suggest that Ash might get a Piplup especially when it’s already been established that Ash can catch get past gen Pokémon in this series, as well as Piplup being one of the starters that’s promotes BDSP, and on top of that Ash can’t doesn’t have any starters on his current team outside of Pikachu.