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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

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Not that I care much for this discussion one way or the other but isn't there a massive difference between a Pokemon and a battle mechanic? I would think the Pokemon would be prioritized over a trinket based power up from a world tour narrative.

That being said unless they bring in megas in 9th generation and actually give 9th generation mega and Ash still exists (same with gens after 9), this series is Ash's only chance to use a mega.

However I'm going to hate Ash getting a mega Lucario, look I'm not asking for an Ash-Greninja situation but I really fail to see why they couldn't give Lucario a 2nd mega evolution to showcase under Ash for uniqueness, as well as something new for 4th gen remakes but here we are, where the Pokemon company ultimately decided to cheapen the concept of remakes by just recreating the games with updated graphics and differences to the metagame due to fairy types and whatever else post 4th gen made to the games.

Sure they could have surprises up their sleeves but I'm expecting sheer disappointment, that the remakes feel unnecessary unless playing with fairy types and updated graphics is so necessary. Like I'd rather just play platinum than play the remakes. But its the fans fault for desiring remakes so badly. I feel more excitment for kids who never played the originals than I do with people who have and were expecting proper rdmakes rather than simple updated game.

The point is I'm bored of 6th generation Mega Lucario, and I'd rather they give Ash something not done to death. I already don't like Lucario's movepool of coursd they'll take the copout approach with Mega Lucario.

But "some" people hate "new things" and would rather Ash get the same boring stuff as everyone else because having some uniqueness to stand out is apparently overated. Like Ash-Greninja, some people would rather Ash just have your run of the mill everyday Greninja, because having the same thing over and over and over is somehiw "not" boring.

Pikachu already has the gigantamax form.

If you mean Ash using Gengar as his primary gigantamax Pokemon, I'd say no. At best Gengar would only use the form once and that's only if Ash chooses to "dynamax" Gengar because Pikachu isn't battling and the narrative sayx Ash uses the concept to battle his opponent.

But against Leon? No.
I see the Lucario thing more as a nod to what happened in Pokemon X and Y were they stated it was the first man to ever ME.
I do agree that Mega Lucario has seen its fair share of spotlight but the same can really be said about most of Ashes current team outside of the generation 8 ones.
I think it's certainly possible we're going to be seeing new forms in BDSP and legends


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Do you think Korrina will even reappear, seeing how everyone from the old cast is currently only for 1ep?


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Wedding? OMG, its happening. Samuel Oak and Delia Ketchum are getting married, aren't they.

Unless Jessie and James invited them to their wedding.
WOW that's a pairing made in heaven. Don't forget the wedding priest :



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You didn’t like the Iris battle?

I only found it ok and not amazing.
  • I didn’t like how vish was put there as an instant reduce 2 pokemon button, by taking out and being taken out super quickly
  • I didn’t like that haxorus was just standing still for the entire fight
  • The choreography was also pretty bad since it was all just very straightforward move clashes. It’s like watching a pokemon colosseum battle


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This looks like it was tailor made for fujos. Eww...

Lol, two males in the general vicinity of each other are enough for fujos.

That said i also saw people spin this pic in the other way, as a result of ash holding a bouquet with a big blue ribbon on it.

Whatever the case, shippers gonna ship.

......but seriously though, someone get that boy out of shorts.

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Lol, two males in the general vicinity of each other are enough for fujos.

That said i also saw people spin this pic in the other way, as a result of ash holding a bouquet with a big blue ribbon on it.

Whatever the case, shippers gonna ship.

......but seriously though, someone get that boy out of shorts.
He doesnt fit those shorts ugh. He doesnt like formal clothes, so the compromised lol
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The moment Greninja evolved, the new form emerged. So the new form did not emerge afterwards.

So I don't think Lucario will be the new form. If it is to evolve, Lucario will be Mega evolution.

And Korinna could help Ash use mega evolution.

I think Ash will use new forms in the next series. But I think Lucario will take mega rather than form.

Oh, but in my opinion, Charizard would be a better candidate for a mega.
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