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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

ChampioN One

The one who asked!


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I don't know what meteor mash would look like that but they need a more simple move that is just used to show pokemon clashing which Lucario doesn't have like how dragonite has dragon claw.

Lucario moveset:

Meteor Smash
Aura Sphere
Bone Rush
Extreme Speed

So since Axew was allowed to Evolve because he's no longer apart of the main cast

What are the chances of seeing hypotheticals such as:

Ash's Decidueye
Ash's Serperior
May's Blastoise
May's Delcatty
Dawn's Empoleon
Dawn's Lopunny
Dawn's Typholosion
Serena's Delphox
Serena's Pangoro
Clemont's Chesnaught
Clemont's Diggersby
Lillie's Alolan Ninetales
Lana's Vaporeon

All Ash Pokémons except for Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Rowlet
I don't like Diggersby, hope it's stays as a Bunelby
The rest will be ok


With Pansear, Go finally caught his third Fire type, now he only need to catch these:

First pink mon
Third Ice type
First canine
Second Steel type
Second 4th gen mon
First equine
First bovine
First caprinae
First pachiderm
First ursidae(I hope it's a Teddiursa)
First Pika Clone
First mythical Pokémon - Shaymin
First Ultra Beast - Poipole
First pink mon - G-Slowpoke
Third Ice type - Snom
First canine - Rockruff
Second Steel type - A-Dugtrio
Second 4th gen mon - Bidoof
First equine - K-Ponyta
First bovine - Tauros
First caprinae - Mareep
First pachiderm - Rhyhorn
First ursidae - Kubfu
First Pika Clone - Mimikyu


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Just pointing this out but Rowlet could still technically evolve.
Could it? Yes.
Should it? Yes.
Will it? Probably not.
Not because of the everstone or marketability in general. Its hugely popular Ash mon. I think out of All of Ash's bse stage pokemon, barring bulbasaur, rowlett would probably be the most popular. And unlike say, oshawott, whose arc would have benifited from an evolution, i dont see any progression for rowlett even if it evolves.


Can´t believe ash use shorts even for a wedding

Shippers (and fujoishi) are going insane as we speak
Oh no.. Don't let Serena see Ash in the wedding suit.. Otherwise, she would go crazy and die from nosebleed.
Legend says she still rewatches the "Royal Ash" match thing.
Braixen, like Cinderace, is just a furry. Delphox is better.
If Serena came back, I'd find funny a subplot of Cinderace falling for either Braixen or Delphox lol

(but then it'd have been funnier if that happened during the Raboot phase)



I may dislike Go or rather the favortism towards him.

But i cannot deny that Go has the best, friend interactions with Ash. They do complement each other more than any other paring but that could be because its a duo team this gen vs a trio or more but they definitely have figured out the chemistry between Ash and Go better than past companions.
I do think it's mostly because there's no permanent third-wheel around. Koharu herself doesn't take up much screen-time since she isn't a regular member of the main cast, and even when she does appear she mostly interacts with Gou and doesn't distract from Gou's interactions with Satoshi.

I just wish that the writers had realized that third-wheels are unnecessary a long time ago.


It can't be a triangle if one part (Pikachu) is uninterested at the other (the hypothetical Lopunny)


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
Mark my words if Dawn's Buneary has evolved, Cinderace is gonna fall for her.

We'll get a love triangle between Pikachu, Lopunny, and Cinderace :p

It can't be a triangle if one part (Pikachu) is uninterested at the other (the hypothetical Lopunny)

And even then that's still not a love triangle. A true love triangle between opposite genders requires at least one bi or gay individual.

If (A) Cinderace wants (B) Lopunny but (B) Lopunny wants (C) Pikachu, that is not a love triangle. (C) Pikachu would need to want (A) Cinderace.

The term love triangle often gets misinterpreted imo.