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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread


Platinum is best

I'm fine only with more dragon type specialists.


I don't feel safe!
That’s one of my top three favorite MCU movies. sequel when
(wasn't the sequel already announced? Though with Boseman dead idk what they'll do)


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
I wish they would have used the WCS to introduce gym leaders Ash never faced himself. Too bad that they pretty much skipped the Great Class for some forced Riolu stuff.

Janine would have been a great opponent for Ash early on and then it would have introduced Koga in as an Elite Four member.

At Rank 36, he only has about 3 more matches to go to reach Master Class.

Gengar, Sirfetch'd, and Dracovish should take priority. Dragonite can shine more in the Master Class.

Gengar has to G-Max so it has to take place in Galar. Allister would make sense but Bea appears to be the current Stow on Side Gym Leader atm. None of the silhouettes really fit a Galar character imo. The girl appears to have a Jigglypuff, one of the guys looks like Tyson and the other has a Lt. Surge vibe.

I would be okay if Ash gets a notice that Bede wants to challenge him at the Ballonlea Gym. In Opal's first appearance, she was looking for trainers for "PINK!" so following fame logic, Bede would want to prove himself by beating Ash. Ash has Leon's attention, Ash beat Rose in a battle and helped shame him. Who is to say that Rise didn't already offer Bede something similar he asked Ash when he met him? Bede's Psychic and Fairy types would be great for the Ghost and Poison Gengar. They are pretty much on equal footing.

For Sirfetch'd, maybe Tyson would be a good opponent. PokéPuss in Boots vs a knight. Plus it would be a regular match with no gimmicks. If needed, Pikachu could use a Normal or Steel type Z-Ring in the middle of the match to bring down a tough match or something. The only problem would be where to battle? Where do regular Joes battle in the Ultra Class?

For Dracocish, he could face Lt. Surge and a potential Mega Ampharos. Dragonite beat Mega Lucario, maybe Dracovish could get a similar accomplishment.

Trainer Micah

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Noting i'll just wait to see what happens in the upcoming episode with Palkia and Dialga..
Reason no spoilers but eh surprise me.. alright?


Sinnoh Season
Recently all of the Trainers in the remakes have had their teams shown. Trainer #695 has an Empoleon, Lopunny, Typhlosion, Mamoswine, Bellossom, & Togekiss. 5 out of these 6 Pokémon have one of their evolutionary stages owned by Dawn. The odd one out here is Bellossom. I don’t think this is hinting at Dawn owning one (atm we don’t even know who this team belongs to) but it was something that caught my eye


Platinum is best
Being late is related to time, Gyarados looks like a dragon, and Ash is Goh's friend. Dragon + Time = Dialga, which means Goh is getting Dialga.
And shiny Goh came from another space, that mean he is getting Palkia.