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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

I headcanon that the Narrator is a 45 year old Ash Ketchum happily retelling his childhood journey to his children.
Aww that’s sweet. Also Rodger Parsons is the best.

If that’s the case then who’s the mother... S... E...


Blizzaria is Cool, get it?
Okay, if you were in Ash Ketchum's shoe, what would you do with your Pokémon team? I would keep Pikachu the same but I would evolve my own Pokémon and maybe catch the Grimmsnarl line in Galar Region please?


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Here's a list that Ash should have catch some Pokémon in the past of the series in every year.
  1. Magnemite
  2. Rhyhorn
  3. Weedle
  4. Growlithe
  5. Abra
  6. Scyther
  7. Exeggutor
  8. Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee (After he won P1 Grand Prix as a prize)
  9. Aerodatcyl
  10. Eevee
  11. Tentacool
  12. Onix

  1. Sneasel (When he catches with a Fast Ball)
  2. Tyranitar
  3. Spinarak
  4. Unown G
  5. Dunsparce
  6. Magby
  7. Elekid

Hoenn/Kanto Battle Frontier
  1. Aron
  2. Carvanha
  3. Nincada
  4. Trapinch
  5. Solrock
  6. Lunatone
  7. Bagon
  8. Numel
  9. Absol
  10. Sableye
  11. Berloom
  1. Snover
  2. Spiritomb
  3. Piplup
  4. Shinx
  5. Hippopotas
  6. Skorupi

  1. Klink
  2. Sigilyph
  3. Zorua
  4. Solosis
  5. Tynamo
  6. Joltik
  7. Deino
  8. Cryogonal

  1. Honedge
  2. Vivillon (Elegant Pattern)
  3. Skrelp
  4. Bergmite
  5. Phantump (Shiny)

  1. Pikipek
  2. Grubbin
  3. Salandit
  4. Palossand
  5. Wimpod


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I am mixed. His current pokemon already get the short end of the stick. A new one wouldnt make it better
Eh I'm pretty indifferent as screentime issues were always an issue in the anime. At least one mon on his team has been getting or gotten the short end in every saga. This is essentially no different where the ones that got the short end are Gengar and now Lucario.


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Do you think Satoshi will catch another pokemon?
I hope it doesn't catch. Why give him more Pokémon when the ones he does get very little attention? In such a situation, it would probably be better if he used the reserves (especially since Journeys approves of returns).

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I disagree. I could easily see him leaving Cinderace at the lab to be like Ash’s Bulbasaur once he gets some of the newer Pokémon or a Pokémon he rotates in for harder catches. Everytime a Pokémon on the main cast is brought over from the previous series, it gets minimal focus and eventually fades into the background if it hasn’t been traded/released already. I don’t think it has to stay permanently if Goh continues to travel with Ash. Pikachu is the mascot of the entire franchise so obviously it was going to stay. Cinderace is just another flavor of the month starter.
Goh’s Golurk already serves that role in the lab, again Goh’s Cinderrace is more like Pikachu then Bulbasaur. It is Goh’s go to Pokémon, it is the only Pokémon out of all the Pokémon that he owns that he uses on the most consistent basis, in fact Cinderrace will be his only Pokémon that he uses in this upcoming arc. Every character that has been a previous companion that has a starter mon as their first Pokémon and partner such as May, Dawn, Serena, Lana didn’t replace their Pokémon or leave their Pokémon for another Gen starter of the same type and that’s why I can’t see Goh just leaving Cinderrace when it is first Pokémon and it will be the Pokémon that he uses if and when he catches Mew. Hopefully this series is longer then three years so they can show off even more Pokémon.