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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread


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Quick Question, will people be mad if ash lose to Leon ?
Depends on how it ends. Ash VS Alain’s ending genuinely pissed me off because of how nonsensical it really was. Ash VS Cameron’s ending was nearly the same reaction. This could quite possibly the best battle ever or an absolute train wreck so I’ll save my judgement for then.


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Quick Question, will people be mad if ash lose to Leon ?
Personally I can’t bring myself to be mad at anything from the anime but it would be disappointing.


Prediction for Leon
1. Charizard
2. Eternaus
3. Dragapult
4. Rillaboom
5. Swampert- torrent
6. Seimistoad with poison touch

Trainer Micah

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From me i don't think i'd be mad if Ash lost against Leon i mean this would make it close to a where he didn't win against three regional champions.
Naming to which he could battle sometime in the future if it happened naming:

Lance - Diantha - Leon and whoever him you know if he doesn't win i'll be okay with it...


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I don't think it matters that much if Ash loses against Leon; considering Ash would still essentially be the second strongest trainer in the world at that point and is definitely going to end up as the trainer who came closest to beating Leon.

However, the issue would be how the story continues from there. It is unlike Ash's personality to just give up after the PWC. Plus, now since he's in the Master Class; he can actively challenge Leon multiple times for the title (Unless of course, he drops to rank 8 and ends up losing to the leader of the Hyper Class).

On top of that, Ash should be a world-renowned celebrity at this point. Someone who all trainers would be in awe of. I don't see how they can keep the current trajectory going by keeping Ash in Paldea and take him to greater heights.

Journey's should wrap up Ash's current journey and create a different path for him all together assuming he still takes the role as the main protagonist. To do that; it would make the most sense for him to defeat Leon.


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What if the Ash vs Leon ends in a Tie?

Actually, I'm wondering about writers giving us an open conclusion as we got in the episode of Satoshi being acclaimed as Alola Champion. And PWC would almost never be mentioned again.

Quick Question, will people be mad if ash lose to Leon ?

I don't mind so much. I'm almost sure Plotoshi will win, but if writers troll us, probably I'd just say "shōganai" and continue my life while watching the world burn.

Now, I'd be really mad if Satoshi and Team Rocket don't be replaced in SV.