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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread


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Vacuum Wave will most likely upgrade into Aura Sphere.
I just watched the episode and im starting to think he will keep Vacuum Wave. If you saw how he used it you can see its vital and cant be replaced by Aura Sphere. It was used as a mid range attack to help set up tackle (You know Meteor Mash is comming). Aura Sphere is a nuke not a set up move like Vacuum Wave that it is using as a set up to close the gap.

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Why Tyranitar and Zoroark? You just all hope he catches that pokemon without any evidence


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Now we wait for Sobble & Grookey


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He most likely would need to catch both variants to complete the dex. I don't know how regional variants work since I haven't played the recent games.

Not really, only case would be something like Yamask and Galarian Yamask. Galar Yamask can't turn into Cofagrius, much like regular Yamask can't turn into the Galar evolution which is it's own Pokemon and not a Galarian Cofagrius.

I think that Galarian Rapidash is far too girly to go to Ash.

Man I can't wait for Bede and Marnie... a guy with feminine Pokemon and a girl with masculine Pokemon. Destroying the stereotypes the anime's based around since XY

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Why Tyranitar and Zoroark? You just all hope he catches that pokemon without any evidence

Tyranitar to an extent also has some reasonable backing, given the Larvitar situation in late jouto.

if Ash was going to get one though It would make the most sense to reunite with that Larvitar (which may be evolved by now) and get it.


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The only 2 that I want now are Tyranitar and Flygon than that's all I want from past generations. Then Gen 8 things even though from what it seems Sobble is next.

I'm very content so far. It's been a very intriguing series.


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I know some people are tired of Kanto pandering, but I'd like for the final class of the PWC a battle where Ash has to use his OG Kanto team minus Pidgeot and Butterfree.

Kingler or Muk or Tauros


Poor Pikachu being target of jealous newbies. And never retaliating . Riolu has personalily flaws. :p

It kind of annoyed me that Ash didn't have Riolu to apologize for Pikachu.

The baby was really rude yet Ash just gave it a pass.

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Next up is sobble i expect ash to catch it within 30 episode and for grookey maybe in next galar visit better if they give in this one tour the both starters


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Riolu chose Ash because it was looking for those aura waves it felt as an egg, so when it saw ash it thought it couldn’t be him I’m going to get stronger on my own. Then felt ash’s aura, makes me wonder how his and ash’s relationship will be. When ash and riolu battle

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Exactly, if/when Ash ever sees Lapras, Butterfree, or Pidgeot again, I do believe he could just recall them. Ash would never get rid of their poke balls, he cares too much to do that.
However, in Unova there was an opening that had all of Ash’s Pokémon at Oak’s lab including Squirtle and Primeape, but there was no Butterfree, Lapras, and Pidgeot, which tells me that they were released because if they weren’t and they are still owned by Ash then they would also appear at the lab. Nagandel only came back because the writers didn’t want him to capture another Pokémon to take its place and it came to help return the favor for saving its home. So Ash does things differently then most trainers would do so and until a Pokémon come back to Ash that was left in the wild that has no human care taker then that Pokémon in my book is considered release and I highly doubt we will see Lapras or Butterfree again.


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I don't think that Bede and Marnie can compete in the PWC unless they essentially become in name only characters, with everything about them being cut because their backgrounds, personalities, and motivations are tied heavily to the Galar Gym Challenge. This is not a problem with Hop, because they can translate over his motivations to defeat his brother.

Bede can have the same background. I don't see why it can't stay the same, Rose will probably turn out to be the guy running the PWC like Goodshow ran the Leagues
And Marnie can want to win the PWC with her brother still wanting her to take over as gym leader

I wonder if Rose, Oleanna, Sordward, Shielbert and Team Yell will appear in this series... Also Prof. Willow from GO...

The idiots with the dumb hairdos are probably going to get the same treatment Emma, Zinnia, and Anabel got. Nothing

As for Willow, no thanks. The new Rocket members would be cool though