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Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread


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Didn't see that coming for a mile away, since Ash's G-Farfetch'd knows two Dark type moves that are not Bite and Crunch, this increases the chances for Ash to catch a pure Dark type.

Possible pure Dark types for Ash:

Umbreon(It can be his Eevee fully evolved)

Sword master zacian

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I thought if ash has to battle in world championships he needs more g-max capable pokemon but it seem he won't be getting any aside from pikachu and goh will be getting all and g-max them when he doesn't even need it


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But if that happens say goodbye to Allister's chances of showing up.

Ash having Riolu/Lucario didn't prevent Korrina to show up. They can easily make Allisters Gengar a shiny (Or a regular one, since Ash's is an alternate color already anyways).


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He is right. Starters are the faces of their generation. The Galar starters have the most merchandise of any Galar Pokemon.
That doesn't make them Shillmon tho.

A Starter can be a shillmon (Greninja) but not every Starter is a shillmon.

The Chespin, Popplio, and Totodile lines for example are hardly my definition of Shillmons


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He is right. Starters are the faces of their generation. The Galar starters have the most merchandise of any Galar Pokemon.
I pretty much agree with you there although I do think there is a possibility that Ash could potentially get the grass monkey. Though the only I wish is that boot could have been the one that teach go the meaning of becoming a better trainer instead of having to share it with a secondary counterpart.

Revolver Furious Dragon

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I hope he doesnt get a starter at all. The absorb too many focus anyway. Old starters are a different matter
I agree. He shouldnt get any starter since he has enough of those types.

Instead he should focus on catching typings he doesn't have much of and bringing back existing Pokémon to train up


I don't like the fact that Satoshi caught a Galarian Kamonegi, but I don't want to rant about it for a dozen pages since it won't do any good now. The thought of Gou getting Messon isn't exactly appealing to me, but if it happens then I would expect that Satoshi might get Sarunori at least.


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If sobb is essentially to get go to become more sensitive towards other people's feelings and learn how to empathize with this Pokemon better then constructively speaking that does work.
Out of the three starter lines this generation it has the most sporadic Persona changes.
So with that said I'm not sure what having Grook would do for him.
It starts off as a mischievous Pokemon then evolved into a wild ape only to mellow out when it finally becomes boom