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Pocket Monsters (2023) Speculation Thread


Staff member
Pocket Monsters (2023) Speculation Thread

Welcome to the thread, where you can share your theories on the new Pocket Monsters anime.

Please mind the following:

  • Don't diss or mock others if their predictions differ from yours. If you think someone's speculation is unlikely to happen, too farfetched or flat-out impossible, you can debate with them, but please stay respectful at all times.
  • If you suspect that someone's trolling, please contact a mod via PM or the report function instead of replying to that person.
  • Please don't use huge and/or animated sprites for your team speculation posts.
  • PLEASE AVOID HUGE WALLS OF TEXT! If your post is very big, please consider using spoiler tags or taking out sprites if you're using any.

Please be considerate to fellow members. Thanks!


Pocket Monsters, or "Pokémon" for short:
The mysterious creatures that live on our planet.
You can see them all over the world; In the sky, in the sea, in forests, in cities... Everywhere.

Liko is a Paldean girl with a mysterious pendant,
and Roy is a Kantonean boy with a strange monster ball.

A new adventure set throughout the vast world of Pokémon
now begins for Liko and Roy!
What encounters and what destiny lies in wait for them?!

This is a story of "finding" something important by going on an adventure!


A girl from the Paldea region.
The "mysterious pendant" she got from her grandmother leads to her deciding to set off on an adventure.

Grass Cat Pokémon, Grass type.
Liko's partner. Very fickle and tends to do things its own way.
You can never quite tell what it's thinking.


Laid dormant in its pendant form for a long time, but turned back into its Pokémon form after reuniting with the Six Hero Pokémon.
It apparently used to travel with the Ancient Adventurer Lucius.


A boy from the Kanto region.
He set out on an adventure to get the Black Rayquaza that came out of the "ancient monster ball" and flew off.

Fire Croc Pokémon, Fire type.
Roy's partner. Happy-go-lucky and gluttonous.
Likes singing.


The "Battling Pokémon Professor" Liko and Roy meet. A professor who's also good at battling.
He formed the Rising Volt Tacklers and travels the world in a airship.

Mouse Pokémon, Electric type.
Friede's partner. The captain of the airship. Its nickname is "Cap".


A member of the Rising Volt Tacklers. The person in the off-limits room on the airship.
Her true identity is... the popular streamer Gurumin?!

Duckling Pokémon, Water type.
Appears in Gurumin's videos.
It likes to keep things tidy and hates getting its head dirty.


A member of the Rising Volt Tacklers.
The highly skilled mechanic in charge of maintenance on the airship.

Iron Leg Pokémon, Steel/Psychic type.
Orio's partner. Assists Orio with the maintenance on the ship.


A member of the Rising Volt Tacklers.
A kind cook. Gets extremely happy when people and Pokémon enjoy his food.

Puppy Pokémon, Rock type.
Murdock's partner. Has a good nose and never forgets a smell.


A member of the Rising Volt Tacklers.
In charge of medical treatment for the Pokémon on the airship. Very calm and collected, never changes her expression much.

Egg Pokémon, Normal type.
Molly's partner. Heals injured Pokémon. Very affectionate.


A member of the Rising Volt Tacklers.
An old man who's always fishing. The rest of the crew calls him "Grandpa".

Water Fish Pokémon, Water/Ground type.
Randou's partner. A dim-witted Pokémon that doesn't care if it bumps its head while swimming.


A boy that belongs to a mysterious organization called the Explorers.
Currently in pursuit of the Black Rayquaza he encountered during a mission to seize the pendant.

Fire Swordsman Pokémon, Fire/Ghost type.
Amethio's partner. Fights its enemies with one giant flaming sword on each arm.


A member of the Explorers and Amethio's subordinate.
Boorish but strong.

Drill Pokémon, Ground/Rock type.
Zir's partner. Best at battling using raw power.


A member of the Explorers and Amethio's subordinate.
Happens to like cute things as well.

Duck Pokémon, Water type.
Conia's partner. Looks very elegant when it swims.


An executive of the Explorers.
A strategist that will use any means necessary to accomplish his objectives.

Moonlight Pokémon, Dark type.
Spinel's partner. Extremely skilled at Pokémon battles and overpowered Liko, Roy and Dot.


An executive of the Explorers.
Very impulsive, and has a characteristic way of talking where she uses the prefix "oni".

Face Pokémon, Ice type.
Sango's partner. Freezes opponents with the cold air it exhales from its huge mouth.


An executive of the Explorers.
A man of large build and few words. Monotonously carries out his duties.

Rock Salt Pokémon, Rock type.
Onyx' partner. Torments its enemies with Salt Cure.


An executive of the Explorers.
Always calm, but any particulars are still a mystery...

Meditate Pokémon, Psychic type.
Agate's partner. Uses psychic power to predict its foe's next move.


Attendant to the Explorers' top leader Gibeon.
A soft-spoken old gentleman.

Gripper Pokémon, Ghost type.
Hamber's partner. With the mouth on its belly, this powerful Pokémon swallows its target whole.


Liko's grandmother. An adventurer that has traveled all around the world.
She tells Liko and the others about Lucius and the Six Hero Pokémon.

Legendary Pokémon, Fire type.
Diana's partner. A majestic and highly agile Pokémon.


A Pokémon Trainer known as the "Ancient Adventurer" that actually did exist long ago.
It is said that he traveled together with Terapagos and the Six Hero Pokémon; Black Rayquaza, Oliva, Galar Fire, Laplace, Basagiri and Entei, and that they reached the paradise "Rakua", but...?!


A pendant Liko got from her grandmother.
It was actually the mysterious Pokémon Terapagos!


Monster balls said to have belonged to the Ancient Adventurer Lucius.
They contained the Six Hero Pokémon that traveled with him.

Series Staff:
Director: Saori Den
Creative Director: Daiki Tomiyasu
Action Director: Tetsuo Yajima
Series Construction: Dai Sato
Character Design: Rei Yamazaki
Sub-Character Design: Kyoko Ito
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Music: Conisch
Animation: OLM

Voice of Liko: Minori Suzuki
Voice of Nyahoja: Megumi Hayashibara
Voice of Roy: Yuka Terasaki
Voice of Hogator: Daiki Yamashita
Voice of Friede: Taku Yashiro
Voice of Orio: Ayane Sakura
Voice of Murdock: Kenta Miyake
Voice of Molly: Kei Shindo
Voice of Randou: Ikkyu Juku
Voice of Dot/Gurumin: Yoshino Aoyama
Voice of Kuwassu: Daisuke Namikawa
Voice of Amethio: Shun Horie
Voice of Zir: Kohsuke Tanabe
Voice of Conia: Arisa Shida
Voice of Captain Pikachu: Ikue Ohtani

(Sony Music Labels)
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Chinozo
Vocals: asmi feat. Chinozo

Opening 2:
(Sony Music Labels)
Lyrics/Composition: Botchi Boromaru and yama
Arrangement: Botchi Boromaru
Vocals: yama x Botchi Boromaru

(Sony Music Labels)
Lyrics: Fuma no KTR, Ryogo Matsumaru & Kaiyu Fujimoto (from RIDDLER Inc.) and the Pokémon Rap Yattemi-tai
Composition: WAZGOGG, Fuma no KTR and Joe Ogawa
Arrangement: Joe Ogawa
Vocals: Liko (voiced by Minori Suzuki) and Roy (voiced by Yuka Terasaki)
The members of the Rising Volt Tacklers will join in as guests to sing alongside Liko and Roy! Look forward to seeing who will sing with them each week!

Ending 2:
(Sony Music Labels)
Lyrics: Fuma no KTR, Ryogo Matsumaru & Kaiyu Fujimoto (from RIDDLER Inc.) and the Pokémon Rap Yattemi-tai
Composition: WAZGOGG, Fuma no KTR and Joe Ogawa
Arrangement: Joe Ogawa
Vocals: Liko (voiced by Minori Suzuki) and Roy (voiced by Yuka Terasaki)
The members of the Rising Volt Tacklers will join in as guests to sing alongside Liko and Roy! Look forward to seeing who will sing with them each week!

A comment from Minori Suzuki, the voice of Liko:
I first encountered Liko when I was given reference material for the audition, and I remember being filled with strong emotions the likes of which I had never felt before at that moment. I really wanted to go on an adventure with Liko, to take a step forward! I wanted to play this character so badly that it felt like our meeting here was meant to be. This is why I'm so very happy these people that created Pokémon with love and care entrusted this character to me.
Just like the Pokémon anime, I was born in 1997, so Pokémon has always been there as a natural part of my life. I hope this is how it will be for everyone around the world in the future as well. I will pour all my heart and soul into playing Liko. The Pokémon anime will continue to be the greatest thing ever, so please look forward to the new series!

A comment from Yuka Terasaki, the voice of Roy:
I really treasure the three years I got to go on adventures with Satoshi and Pikachu when I played Corni in the "Pocket Monsters XY" TV series. It's precisely because of the passion for the show that I picked up from my seniors during those three years that I feel so much pressure and responsibility now that I've been given the role of one of the protagonists of this new series, so I'm going to approach the new series while embracing the love for the show that I saw and felt in my seniors back then.
I hope the children that will start watching the Pokémon anime from here on will think of Liko and Roy as their friends, and I promise to approach both the show and the role with everything I've got, doing my best to make it enjoyable for all so that existing fans will come to love Liko and Roy as well! Please join us as we start a new chapter of history.

A comment from Taku Yashiro, the voice of Friede:
I still remember dreaming about going on an adventure with Pokémon back when I was watching the Pocket Monsters anime in grade school, so I was trembling with joy and surprise when I first learned I was getting the chance to be in my beloved show, one that's got so much history and is so loved all around the world now.
I want to play the Friede character with whole-hearted devotion, not just so that children can experience such dreams, but so that adults that grew up together with the franchise can do so as well.

A comment from Shun Horie, the voice of Amethio:
I thought I might just be hallucinating... I was so worried that when I arrived at the studio they might just ask me what I was doing there... but now that we've actually started recording, it seems that I'm actually seriously going to be in the Pokémon anime! I'm so happy.
I hope I'll be able to give people courage through my acting the same way the Pokémon used to give me courage. The first video game I ever bought with my own money was Pocket Monsters Sapphire; Back then I just bulldozed through using nothing but attack moves, but now I'm able to battle using Growl and Screech most effectively.
That adult me is now playing Amethio, a character that seems to be charged with a weighty mission despite just being a teenager. Make sure to watch the show to see how he gets involved with Liko and the others.

A comment from asmi:
When I think back to when I was in elementary school, when I had the anime, the video games and the plushies, yearning after a world filled with Pokémon, I can't think of a more gratifying future than the one I now have. Day by day, the slight anxiety I got when it was decided I would sing the theme song is gradually turning into confidence. And now, I'm convinced the only person that can sing this song is the person I am now, the one that can continue on, anxiety and all! It's a great pleasure to accompany you as we begin this new Pokémon anime story.
I sang this song with all my might so that it could give you a supportive push whenever you get cold feet from here on. I want you all to believe in yourselves and enthusiastically set off on a journey, having a good sense of "Dokidoki" and "Tokimeki", words describing hearts pounding with excitement. May Dokimeki Diary forever resound in your ears!

A comment from Chinozo:
Hello. My name is Chinozo, and I'm the one who made the opening for the new Pokémon anime. Dokimeki Diary is a song that I filled, in my own way, with the utmost love for this series. I've loved Pokémon since I was little, and it still feels like a dream that they approached me about a theme song for it.
I really love each and every one of the Pokémon theme songs and can't put a number to how many lives they have saved. It's a true honor to get to work on a franchise I'm this emotionally attached to. Please enjoy the new Pokémon anime series!

A comment from Kotaro Koizumi, the voice of Liko's homeroom teacher:
I'm Kotaro Koizumi, and this time I'll be playing the role of the protagonist Liko's homeroom teacher in the Pocket Monsters anime.
When I was first approached about this role I was so honored I couldn't believe my ears, and I immediately accepted.
Of course the actual protagonists of the show are the children, but I hope you'll look forward to seeing what kind of role the teacher I play will have in the proceedings as well.

A comment from Eri Kitamura, the voice of Nemo:
It was both fun and educational for me to bounce ideas off the anime staff as we fine-tuned Nemo's characterization based on both my personal interpretation of her characterization from when I played the Pocket Monsters Scarlet/Violet video game and the characterization they wanted to do.
The Pokémon battle fanatic Nemo you know from the video game is super intense in the anime as well! Everything she did was so filled with energy I was dripping with sweat while playing her!! I've played several Pocket Monsters characters before, both anime and video game ones, and I'm extremely honored I once again get to play such a wonderful character! I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of expressions we'll get from Nemo in the anime myself, so please look forward to this episode!

A comment from Kazuya Nakai, the voice of Colza:
I was initially really worried about this role because Colza is a character that attracted so much attention from everyone that played the game, but when I first started playing him I had so much fun my worries were instantly blown away. Colza seems very gloomy and hard to please at first, but it's no surprise that the children that live nearby love him dearly. He's very picky, but also extremely open minded and tries to see the best in others. I just love his constantly swinging emotional state, he's such a good person. I myself am also really looking forward to seeing what Liko and Roy will get out of their encounter with him and what he'll get out of his encounter with them.

A comment from Kaede Hondo, the voice of Nanjamo:
I was jumping with joy when I first learned I was going to play Nanjamo! I've been playing the video games ever since Pocket Monsters Leaf Green, and I love the franchise so much I used to dream of turning into a Rayquaza when I was a kid. It makes me so happy to be able to be a part of the Pokémon world!
Nanjamo is a Gym Leader who's also a wonderful entertainer that makes sure everyone has a good time. I took great care to get across both her constant alertness and her professionalism while playing her.
Look forward to seeing how she'll get involved with Liko and the others!

A comment from Makoto Furukawa, the voice of Spinel:
This is my first Pocket Monsters role, but the dubbing sessions made me understand the "weight" of a series with as much history as this.
Spinel is an enemy opposing Liko and the other Rising Volt Tacklers, but the way he orders his Pokémon around from a distance makes him a type of Trainer we've rarely seen before, so me and the sound director agreed on how to play him during the dubbing sessions.
Spinel has appeared in 6 episodes so far and is characterized by how he carries out his plans step by step, I thought this conspicuous villain-like behavior was very interesting.
I'm very intrigued by the fact that his partner is a Blacky, a unique evolution of Eievui. I feel like there are parts to him that are still shrouded in mystery, so I myself am also looking forward to learning what kind of person Spinel really is and seeing how this will be depicted in the show.
I... definitely don't want to ask you to show Spinel your support (laughs), but I would really appreciate you keeping an eye on how Spinel will get involved with Liko and the other Rising Volt Tacklers in the future.

A comment from Hiroki Tochi, the voice of Kabu:
This is my first time appearing in the Pokémon anime ever since I played Achroma in Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Season 2: Episode N. This time I'm going to play Kabu, a character whose lines of advice for Liko and Roy I feel really make an impression on you. Kabu is so skilled as a Pokémon Trainer he's able to serve as a Gym Leader, and I felt like his words are based on his own past experiences. I found him a very appealing person, and I love the way he has a huge smile on his face when he praises someone.
I feel that one of the things that makes Pokémon so much fun is how you can feel Pokémon and Trainers grow through battle, and I think episode 20 really gets that charm across as it shows the challenges both Liko and Nyahoja with their lack of being on the same page, and Roy and Hogator with their presumably somewhat stronger bonds, will have to face. I hope you'll look forward to the episode itself as well as Kabu-san's debut.

A comment from Nanase Nishino, the voice of Eteboth:
I've loved the Pokémon video games ever since I was a child, so I was extremely happy to learn that I would be appearing in the Pocket Monsters anime TV show.
I was initially surprised that I had been cast as an Eteboth, since I wasn't expecting that I'd play an actual Pokémon, but I'm considering this a great honor.
I actually found it to be quite difficult since the way I had to approach my lines was so different from when I'm doing live action. It required a strong sense of imagination since I needed to get across my character's thoughts and current situation purely through making noises.
I got the hang of it little by little though, and it made me really happy when the sound director told me I was "getting close to being an Eteboth now"!
This entire thing was a really good experience for me, and one that really made me fall in love with Eteboth.
The episode won't be airing for a while though, but look forward to it!

A comment from yama:
When I was little, I was particularly fond of the Pokémon movies, which moved me to tears as I kept watching them over and over. This wasn't because I was a particularly emotional child, but because I found the deep bond between Pokémon and humans, along with the music in these movies, to be so moving. I still play video games even as an adult, and Pokémon ones bring up these therapeutic, warm and exciting memories for me. It's a genuine honor to be allowed to handle the theme song this time.
It will make me really happy if this song wil help ease its listeners' anxieties and insecurities and make them recall how cheerful and exciting their daily life can be, even if just a little. Botchi Boromaru-san and I poured our hearts and souls into this song, so I hope its message will reach as many people as possible.

A comment from Botchi Boromaru:
Pokémon has been there with me in some shape or form ever since I was little, not just as video games, but also as a card game, stickers included with sweets, and plushies. I was especially into the anime, taping it every week and watching the episodes over and over, and singing the opening and ending themes at karaoke competitions during grade school. I even used to draw manga starring Pikachu that I'd show to my friends.
But I never even dreamed that I'd one day get to sing a theme song for the Pokémon anime I loved so much! If I tried telling this to my past self that hadn't even started playing the guitar yet, it'd probably sound too ridiculous to believe. This is hands down the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, no exaggeration! yama-san and I took great care in creating this song as we remembered our past selves and thought about our present selves at the same time. Please enjoy!!!

A comment from Ryogo Matsumaru:
When I was writing the lyrics for the first version of this song, I wanted to make a song that the listeners would love for years to come and want to hum to themselves no matter how old they were, so it made me really happy that I got to make another version of it too!
Just like the previous lyrics, these new ones are really fun and will make you want to try rapping along just by hearing them. While the first version was airing on TV the "Pokémon to Doko Iku?" show received a lot of videos of Pokénds singing the song, so I'd be delighted to see lots of Pokénds sing this new one too. I'm looking forward to it already!
The anime has finally started a new chapter too! Liko's pendant, the mystery of the Black Rayquaza, the Six Hero Pokémon... there are so many intriguing mysteries in this show that I can't help but go "Nice, it's Pokémon anime day today!" every Friday!
More than anything, seeing Liko and Roy, two characters that had so much to learn at first, gradually grow and mature thanks to their Pokémon really tugs at my heart and encourages me! "Kore kara donna Pokémon ni aeru no ka na, boken ga tanoshimi"!!

A comment from Minori Suzuki, the voice of Liko:
It's been half a year since the new series started, and I feel like I'm in the middle of a rich adventure both as Liko and as myself. Liko used to keep her thoughts and emotions to herself, but her encounter with Nyahoja led to her gradually starting to become able to express them with words.
In this second chapter, she sets off on a new adventure alongside Roy, Hogator and all the Rising Volt Tacklers in order to grant Terapagos' wishes. I want you to continue to follow the show and see what new Pokémon they'll encounter; I believe we'll be able to showcase even more of the fascinating world of Pocket Monsters, so I hope you'll look forward to it.

A comment from Yuka Terasaki, the voice of Roy:
I think the reason Roy set off on his adventure was specifically because of his fateful encounter with Hogator, an encounter that felt like getting struck by lightning. Please look forward to the battles in Chapter 2 as well, where you'll get to see how this duo that act more like siblings than like Trainer and Partner Pokémon will grow from here!
There are still lots of aspects of the show that are shrouded in mystery, like the legend of the Ancient Adventurer Lucius, as well as the whereabouts of the Black Rayquaza, one of the Six Hero Pokémon. There are tons of amazing twists and turns waiting for you, so I hope you'll watch the show and feel like you're on an adventure with Liko and Roy yourself.

A comment from Nanase Nishino, the voice of Eteboth:
Hello, everyone. This is Nanase Nishino! I am going to play the voice of Eteboth in the Pocket Monsters anime! This is the first time I've been asked to play a Pokémon voice, so I initially reacted with shock and was wondering if I'd be able to do it... However, as I was doing the voice, I gradually... the sound director also told me that I was gradually "getting close to being an Eteboth". I ended up getting really attached to Eteboth, and actually have this plushie here that they gave me displayed at home. So with that said, the Pokémon anime episodes the Eteboth I play will appear in are "The Song in the Mist", airing December 1st, and "Laplace's Thoughts For Its Companions", airing December 8th. The Pocket Monsters TV show airs every Friday at 6:55pm. Also, the TV serial "Pocket ni boken wo tsumekonde", where I play the protagonist, airs every Thursday at 24:30. Make sure to watch them both!

























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Call me Robert guys
I'm so excited to see what Liko's first capture is going to be, I hope they ditch that tradition of the girls taking ages to catch it lol.


Staff member
btw they snuck in one final big reveal right as the episode ended:

Voice of Nyahoja: Megumi Hayashibara
Voice of Hogator: Daiki Yamashita
Voice of Kuwassu: Daisuke Namikawa

Lots of news articles about this out there now.


Shillmon Defender
was there any indication in the first two episodes that this series shares the same continuity as its predecessor?

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
btw they snuck in one final big reveal right as the episode ended:

Lots of news articles about this out there now.

I only recognize the first VA, Jessie's

who are the other 2?

I kind of want Liko to get Amourouge since the bad guy has Ceruledge.

Also, I want someone to get Iron Valiant.


Young Battle Trainer
I don't think that any Paradox Pokemon will actually be caught full time. I believe that they will be treated just like the Ultra Beasts and will be immediately released once they are caught.


We are so back Zygardebros
I think it's obvious but Liko better get an Armarouge to rival Amethiso's Cerluedge
I could see it going either way where an eventual Meowscarada rivals Cerluedge since they're both simultaneously weak and strong against each other. Armarogue would make for a more traditional underdog story with Flash Fire and the Ghost weaknesses. Hope it's like Paul's Electivire where it had a rivalry with Pikachu and Infernape. Would take Armarogue if I had to choose because it's my favorite Gen 9 Pokémon.


I think it's obvious but Liko better get an Armarouge to rival Amethiso's Cerluedge
Probably the most likely thing to happen, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if she gets a third evolution of Charcadet, that will be introduced with one of the DLCs, just like how Ash got Dusk Form Lycanroc during SM.