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Poetry Commotion! (331)

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I just wanted to make a couple of statements. To reply to smilestar, Flannery's grandfather owned a Typhlosion way before he went on his journey. To reply to Commander Blizzard, remember Laramie's Ponyta? She said when you befriend a fire pokemon, like Ponyta(in this case Slugma), it won't burn you.
I like her fire pokemon .
That torkoal is sow cute .


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I didn't like this too much. Just some filler anticipation for the gym battle :/


hm those torkoals are so strange if you ask me, they look like first class smokers to me, anyway it was a decent episode i enjoyed watching this one.


I loved to see Flannery's pokemon. especially Torkoal.

And i loved to see Typhlosion, it was really powerfull...



Rofl, the beginning with Flannery's coat on fire was funny. She really has personality unlike the other sticks for gym leaders we have.

Her team was ok. Torkoal as her strongest mirrors the games. I really like how her grandfather was looking out for her even though he was supposed to have left on a journey. It was sweet.

Good episode was a few funny moments like having Ash and Co. help with the gym field. 8/10

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Good episode I say. Mostly because of Flannery but it's one of those episodes where there is no Gym battle that I actually like (Gardenia's another and Clair). It was kind of funny how she made some of those mistakes.

Edit: Flannery was voiced by the same person who voiced Sabrina? Wow never knew that (Same with Liza/Shauna, note all three of those (Not Sabrina) wears similar clothing)..

The person who said Flannery's hair was like Sideshow bob lol I don't think it looks like him, (Actually I knew a girl once who's hair used to be similar to Flannery years ago, if she had it tied in four different ways it would have looked like it).

Also nice to see Typlosion as well.
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I really liked Flannery, her personality was great.

Her grandfather was pretty funny too, and the fact that he had a Typhlosion was cool.

Good episode.


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This episode was ok... It was very funny. Flannery definitely had an embarrassing moment when everyone entered the Gym and it was full of holes from the last battle. It was great to see a Typhlosion again. Too bad there's never a Typhlosion for a gym battle... It was great to see a Torkoal for the 1st time, owned by Flannery, very powerful. Buns instead of Lava Cookies? Now that's a very odd translation... Flannery's Grandfather was very funny until he was revealed.



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I loved this episode. It was really really cool to see Typhlosion again. Seeing Torkoal again was really awsome. Flannerys personality is great. Her Grandfather was very funny too and he owned the Typhlosion which makes him even cooler.


A pretty okay introduction episode which was made so due to Team Rocket's supposed rivalry with Flannery's grandfather. Max was pretty annoying in this episode but that's nothing new.


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I love the Flannery and her grandfather in disguise. Think deep and you would almost say the former Fire-type Gym Leader took over the small gag of Blaine when he was disguising himself all the time. I actually thought the voice fitted perfectly with the energetic and clumsy Gym Leader and they did a nice job of both introducing her, and her Pokémon.


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This was a funny episode IMO. I liked how Flannery was on fire when Ash & friends met her, didn't have her battlefield cleaned up, and didn't know where the badges were kept. She seemed so clueless and you could tell that she really did only just become the Gym Leader. Her grandfather was interesting too, loved how he came back to the Gym in disguise. Also, I loved Team Rocket's reaction to seeing him spying on what was going on at the Gym and their faces when he took off his disguise.
I love this episode! I think Flannery is really cute, it's nice how she's clumsy and even needs Ash's help to fix things up. I think the clumsiness is cute, it gives her a cute flaw. And seeing Flannery's grandfather was interesting too, I loved the disguises. But speaking about disguises, it's really strange how characters in Pokemon rarely recognize someone in a disguise, despite it being pretty obvious... But I do have to admit that Flannery's grandpa's disguises aren't as obvious as the ones Team Rocket has, for example. 8/10.


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"Poetry Commotion!"

I loved seeing my favorite Hoenn Gym Leader Flannery in this episode, she is really cute, sweet and Hot too! Not to mention, her hairstyle is cool.
I liked how she was on Fire when Ash and the others met her, LOL it's funny when Brock's Mudkip extinguished her.

Seeing her grandfather Mr. Moore in disguise reminded me of Blaine, who also likes to disguise himself most of the time. It makes me wonder if he had met Blaine before?

The battle between Jessie/James and Moore/Flannery was awesome, it was awesome when Flannery's Slugma evolved into Magcargo during the battle. I liked how both Typhloson and Magcargo put up a good fight against Team Rocket and won! As usual, Pikachu sent Team Rocket flying with a Thunderbolt.

I liked Ash and Flannery's interactions at the end, both of them were really fired up for their upcoming Gym battle.

Overall, it was a nice introduction episode of Flannery and her Pokémon. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was the Background music, 4kids shouldn't have replaced the nice Japanese music with their stock music.
I really enjoyed the personality that Flannery had. It's a nice change of pace from the more serious personalities most gym leaders seem to have. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be her personality in the actual games, because I've never got that far before.