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Poison Fang VS Sludge Bomb


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Would you rather put Poison Fang or Sludge Bomb on a Crobat? Poison Fang has 50 base attack and 100 accuracy and a 30% chance that the opponent will become inflicted with toxic poison while Sludge Bomb's base attack is 90 and has 100 accuracy and a 30% chance of just normal poison. Which of these attacks would be better to be put on a Crobat? Thanks in advance.


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I say Sludge Bomb, but if it's gonna be more annoying Crobat, then Poison Fang.

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I'd suggest Sludge Bomb for a Crobat for these reasons:

1. It has more power
2. Toxic poison isn't needed since it'll be killed faster with Sludge Bomb
3. Sludge Bomb looks cooler!

Sludge Bomb is generally a better move IMO, but you choose whichever you want.


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If you're looking ahead to D/P moves, Sludge Bomb goes special, so Poison Fang in that regards would be better (But then the question for Cross Poison comes in)
Sludge Bomb. STABbed makes it go over 100 pwr and it has 100 acc.

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Sludge bomb is cooler.


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Sludge Bomb > Poison Fang always.


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Sludge bomb's way better than Poison fang in the 3rd gen.
Poison fang has a lower poison rate.