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POKÉMON for trade!

POKÉMON for trade!

My list is big I know but take time for look it.

I have:

every unown letter + "!" and "?"

Gulpin , Staryu , Bagon , cranidos (2x)
Tauros , Buizel , Marshtomp , lileep (2x)
Gible , Grumpig , Teddiursa , Shellder
Hoppip , Crawdaunt , Phione , oddish
Volbeat , Illumise , Ledian
aron , Spoink , Electrike , Barboach
Cacnea , Wynaut , Shroomish , Pinsir
Omanyte , Sandslash , Gasly , Chatot
Spheal , Taillow , Rotom , Mareep
Combee , Riolu , poochyena , houndour
beldum , poliwag , whismur , Lavitar(2x)
Ledyba , koffing , spinarak , Corsola
wailmer , ralt (2x) , Clampert(2x) , burmy (x3)
Rayquaza ( it have a nickname Dragonfly sorry) only for otther legendary , no suicune-raikou.
I don't have shiny.

I want :

Gorebyss , rhyperior , Electrivire , Shaymin
magmotar , Mewtwo , Deoxys , Ho-oh
raikou , suicune
any event pokémon , any shiny pokémons

I don't care if they are hacked or cloned.

You can post other offer too...
You can take more than one for one pokémon because mine aren't very rare.
Don't forget to post your friendcode too.
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does any one have a manaphy i have shaymin,arceus,palkia,dialga,giratina,heatran,all 3 final evolutions of starters and more! FRIEND CODE- 2320 3304 0493 (aaron is my name


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if you dont have manaphy i need darkrai, and phione

willing to trade deoxys, jirachi, latios, latias, groudon, kyogre, raquaza

also will take shinys

friend code 2320 3304 0493 (aaron)

Chaos Element: X

♪♫ 勝利は私の物です‼
I've got this hacked Mewtwo I want to give away... But what in all are the legendaries you're willing to give?