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Pokèmon Mysterious Dungeon General and Help.

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Pokèmon Mysterious Dungeon General and Help.

Blank to all they are a new customer ^^'' But I have'nt at all opened this topic in order to introduce to me. :p My uncle has buy for me from Japan pokèmon Mysterious Dungeon. Sure it is in Japanese, incomprensibile pure! But they are made me ahead in the game. Perhaps the game is enough pretty, ruins it some graphical effects of the pokèmon. Type Tyrannitar, Sceptile, Blastoise, Bulbasaur, Venusaur etc. I find also extremely difficult. In how much, if all the plans are not exceeded without to die, it must be recommenced from head. I in play I have arrived from the Regi. After 4 days of hard fights I have struck them, and exceeds all and the 99 plans to you. But hour, I know what not to make! ç... ç I have obtained the scatoletta that it is obtained fusing all the Regi treasures, then I have see a Mew in the maze, that I have struck, (O.ò) spoken with Alakazam etc. But nothing! Moreover after that I have struck Kyogre nobody has said to me to save one Smeargle! After it turns and rigira of voices I have only obtained that I had to go from the Regi. I hope that you can help me.
PS:Mi I excuse if my English is not good, but are Italian. I will recover. :p PPS:Mi I still excuse if percaso following topic is useless, but beyond to what it spoke about its square not of it I have found one adapted to my argument.
PPS:Serebii watches that the pokèmon they can be made to evolvere after to have battered Rayquanza, and not Kyogre. :p
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Well... I didn't read all cuz its a big text but I red your PS and... you're a dork.... On the first lines of the text you use the verbs well, but not on the PS... So are you being funny? Or stupid?

Captain Noobhead

Kradd, please leave him alone. He's obviously using a net translator or something of the sort. (In case you didn't catch it, on one of the lines he mentioned that he is Italian)

And Archie, pleased to meet you, and welcome to Serebii. Unfortunately this thread should be in the introductions forum, but nonetheless, we hope you enjoy your stay here.


~*!Mystical Chaos!*~
same, if you want dude I will gladly help you in your help to others.
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