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Pokèmon that you prefer over their evolved forms?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Ignition, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Missingno.Fan

    Missingno.Fan Well-Known Member

    Tepig came to mind. When the starters for Gen V were first shown I was like “I’m so getting the pig!”. When the evolutions were leaked, I changed my mind.
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  2. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    Pikachu obviously. Many prefer it over Raichu by way of being the mascot.
  3. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    Mime Jr. is at least somewhat cute. Mr. Mime is just creepy.
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  4. TRNRLogan

    TRNRLogan Active Member


    Also Farfetch'd > the scrapped gen 2 evo.

    Honedge over Doublade but not Aegislash.

    Frogadier over Greninja due to the tongue ruining the design for me. If it was bubbles I'd love Greninja.
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  5. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    seadra (not that i use that pokemon), scyther, tranquil.

    for scrapped evos: Farfetch'd and Flygon (mega gladfully scrapped)
  6. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    Zigzagoon, Braixen, Cubchoo, Pumpkaboo, Piloswine, Rhydon, and Torchic are some of the most notable ones for me.
  7. TRNRLogan

    TRNRLogan Active Member

    Linoone and Combusken

    Also Blaziken if we count megas.
  8. mtqc

    mtqc MY BEANS!

    Scyther for sure, it's my favorite bug and I never evolve it.

    Abra is adorable; I'd never use just an Abra, but it'd definitely be my shoulder-mon if I had one!
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  9. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt Well-Known Member

    Shroomish is a great Grass-type with some handy status moves like Poison Powder and Leech Seed, and some pretty solid damaging moves like Headbutt and Mega Drain.

    Breloom is a mediocre Fighting-type that learns almost no decent moves until it's past level 30, so you need to keep going with the same strategies you used for Shroomish until then.
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  10. shivaa

    shivaa Member

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
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  11. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    It's hard to give an unbiased answer thanks to the good old Eviolite, but I prefer Chansey over Blissey
  12. WolfCypher

    WolfCypher Well-Known Member

    Rhydon over Rhyperior. Rhyperior RUINED THAT FAMILY

    Marill over Azumarill
    Graveler over Golem
    Tyrouge over Hitmontop
    Spoink waaaaaaaaaay over Grumpig
    Tangela over Tangrowth
    Adorable Craniados over Rampardos
    Gothita over Gothiretta and Gothitelle
    Litten and Torracat over Incineroar
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  13. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    Mime Jr.
    for sure
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  14. dannymusic

    dannymusic The Smiling Trombonist

    I guess Pikachu is technically a middle stage evolution, and I like Pikachu's design much more than Raichu's (especially the Alolan form)
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  15. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    I prefer snorunt over both of its evolved forms. It's just so much cuter, even if it's not as good in battle. It applies to the anime too, as I still wish to this day that they'd never evolved Ash's snorunt.
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  16. MockingJ

    MockingJ Banned

    I think Inkay's the bee's knees, but Malamar scares the hell out of me. Same kind of applies to Mismagius.
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  17. Dicklaycia

    Dicklaycia Objectively Better Than You

    Spritzee is probably the first thing that comes to my mind. It was a really cute little bird Pokémon, but evolved into Aromatisse. While I don't find Aromatisse unbearable in terms of design, compared to Spritzee, it just seems like a straight downgrade.
  18. TRNRLogan

    TRNRLogan Active Member

    Koffing is cute and happy while Weezing is ugly and depressed.
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  19. Italianbaptist

    Italianbaptist Informed Casual


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