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Poké High

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by FieryLucario, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. FieryLucario

    FieryLucario Just a Person

    Poké High

    Ok so I decided to start a fan fic, sorry if anyone has already done this idea or kind of thing I didn't mean to copy your story.

    Rated PG for some cursing

    Chapter One

    “Bye Emma! I’ll miss you!” Riley shouted as Emma drove away.

    “Riley, I’ve always loved you!” Emma yelled back at him. She had always wanted the Riolu to be her boyfriend.

    Riley started running with the moving van. Emma rolled down the window as Riley approached. “I have always loved you too.” he said. He stopped running as Emma rounded the turn out of their neighborhood.

    Emma rolled up the window, and then turned to her mom, “Mom, why do we have to move?” Her mother was a beautiful Espeon with the silkiest and prettiest fur.

    “You know dad lost his job a few months ago. Even getting a job as a stone miner is hard in these times.” she said. “Who knows, maybe he will even find a Fire Stone for you use. Then you will be a big and strong Flareon.” she began to lick Emma’s brown fur.

    “But I was going to be prom queen next year, everyone said that they would vote for me.” Emma protested.

    “I know, maybe you will be prom queen at your new high school.” her mother said kindly.

    “I doubt it.” the unhappy Eevee muttered.

    They both fell asleep soon after the conversation ended, and only a few hours later the moving van stopped.

    The door opened and Emma and her mother woke up.

    “We’re at your stop miss.” the big Machamp said as he escorted the two ladies out of the back of the truck. He was one of the movers from the company they had hired.

    “Look Emma, it’s our new home.” her mom said. They looked at a small one-story house with a black roof and red brick walls.

    “Great,” Emma said with fake enthusiasm, “I want the old house back already.” she groaned under her breath.

    They walked in the door of their new home; it was very large and spacious with many windows creating natural light. The two jumped out of the way as two Machamp walked through the door with their couch.

    “Oh, that goes in the living room over there…” said Emma’s mom leading the Machamp through the house.

    Emma plopped down on the floor. “No way, young lady. You are going out this instant and meeting some of the kids your age in this neighborhood.” her mom said shooing her out of the house.

    “Mother, I am not a kid!” Emma protested.

    “Well, you will always be my kid. Now go.” her mom said giving her one final push before closing the door behind her.

    “Ugh, fine!” Emma yelled at the door. She ran to the end of the driveway. She hopped there was an ice cream place in this town. She jumped in the back of the moving van and ran over to the box labeled Emma’s Stuff DO NOT TOUCH! She opened the box and began sorting through her things.

    “Ah, here it is.” she said, pulling her purse out of the box. She then emptied the bags contents; there was a pack of bubble gum, a fold up comb, and twenty Poké. “That should be enough to buy some ice cream.” she said to herself.

    She jumped out of the back of the moving van and began to walk down the road. Once she was out of her neighborhood she walked down a long dirt road, a car drove by and made dust fly up in her face.

    “Hey, I just took a shower yesterday!” Emma said making her fur stand up on end. The Lucario driving glared at her and the Clefable in the passenger seat laughed at the now dirty Eevee. Emma hissed at them as they drove out of sight.

    “I just want my old town with my old friends. They would have let me in the car, I would have gotten free ice cream from Pelipper’s,” Emma began to cry, “And Riley, oh I miss him so much. I wish he would have told me months ago that he loved me.”

    She continued on down the dirt road trying to dry her tears. She was crying so much that she could have sworn she had just learned to use Water Gun. She got out to what seemed like main street. There was a beauty parlor, a sandwich shop, a Jynx Clothing Shop (Emma’s all time favorite store) and the ice cream shop Emma had been looking for.

    “Perfect.” Emma said walking across the street. She went inside the tiny little shop; there were many Pokémon inside the parlor.

    A Primeape and a Poliwrath were having an arm wrestling match in the corner booth, there were many other fighting type onlookers, a Gardevoir and other female Pokémon were at the counter, they were staring at Emma in a weird way, and in a booth all alone was a Vulpix about Emma’s age.

    Emma walked over to the Vulpix, “Hi.” Emma said walking up to her.

    “Please don’t hurt me!” the Vulpix shouted as she went into the fetal position under the table.

    “I wasn’t going to hurt you.” Emma said, “Hi, I’m Emma, I’m new to this town. What is your name?”

    “I I I’m V V Valory.” the Vulpix stammered.

    “Nice to meet you Valory. Can I sit here?” Emma asked putting one of her paws on the seat.

    “Um, sure, I guess.” Valory said.

    Emma hopped up on the seat, and the two started talking to each other. They found out that they lived only a few houses away from each other, they both were going to go to the same high school, Poké High, and both of their dads were going to work in the same mine.

    “Uh oh.” Valory suddenly said.

    “What?” Emma asked.

    “Gracie the Gardevoir.” Valory responded. She waved her head to the Gardevoir Emma had seen when she had walked in the store.

    “Who is she?” Emma asked.

    “She is the head cheerleader at school, she has practically been promised prom queen, and she has been head of the year book committee for five years in a row now.” Valory explained, “I just cannot stand her.”

    “Hello Valory.” Gracie said walking over to their booth, “Ya know that’s my seat. Right girls?” she asked her friends, a Medicham, a Bellossom, and a Delcatty. They all snickered and nodded.

    “Does it have your name on it?” Valory retorted.

    “Actually yes, it does have my name on it.” Gracie said making Valory levitate to reveal the word Gracie written on the seat.

    “What do ya know, it does have your Arceus awful name on it.” Valory growled.

    “Don’t you dare make fun of my name, especially with your grandma name. I mean seriously, Valory, it just screams ‘make fun of me’.” Gracie teased. She and her friends laughed along with the rest of the parlor.

    Valory began to cry, when Gracie noticed Emma, “Who is your new friend?” she asked in a sarcastic tone. She turned to Emma, “I have lived in this town all my life, and know every Pokémon who lives here, and I have never seen your face before.”

    “Why do you think I would tell you?” Emma asked.

    “Because I’m your friend darling.” Gracie said with fake kindness.

    “*****, I would never tell you.” Emma said letting loose a Swift attack, it hit Gracie right in the face.

    “Yeah, you go Emma!” said Valory as she picked herself up off the floor. Emma sighed, she didn’t want to give Gracie the satisfaction of knowing her name.

    “You’ll pay for that, Emma!” Gracie spat, “We are leaving girls. I’ll see you two around.”

    The group walked out of the parlor as Emma said, “Great, I’ve lived here for less than a day and I already have an enemy.”

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