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Poké Punch-Out!! (Rated PG)


Back in Blue
Poké Punch-Out!! (Rated PG)

Salutations, Serebians, I am Hilijix. Whether you know me or not, this is my first try at a Fan Fic- a detailed reenactment of Punch-Out with Pokemon. It's sort of a crossover and sort-of not.

Not only is it a reenactment of Punch-Out, it also contains ideas, plots, scenes and characters not found anywhere in Punch-Out. It may seem simple near the beginning, but in the later chapters, there'll be a lot of new things to keep track of!

To clear some things out ahead of time, a few things in my story may not be completely logical in the games. An example would be that in this universe, when two Pokemon breed, their offspring could be either the mother or father's species. Another would be that genderless Pokemon have actual genders, and can breed.

Chapters will be updated on weekends. Just which weekend is a mystery. Anyhow, enjoy!


Part 1: Contender
Prologue: The CPFA
Chapter 1: Glass Furret
Chapter 2: The RU Locker Room
Chapter 3: Boom Electabuzz
Chapter 4: Dewott V.S. Chansey
Chapter 5: Roselia Quick
Chapter 6: The CPFA Gym
Chapter 7: Queen Chansey
Chapter 8: Beginning of the Bike
Chapter 9: The UU Locker Room
Chapter 10: Piston Dewott
Chapter 11: Dewott at Dawn
Chapter 12: Spy Toxicroak
Chapter 13: UU Champ Revealed?
Chapter 14: Big Emboar
Chapter 15: The Great's Past
Chapter 16: Great Kadabra
Chapter 17: Mismagius
Chapter 18: The Don
Chapter 19: Don Ludicolo
Chapter 20: Break Before the Big Boys
Chapter 21: The OU Locker Room and Headmasters
Chapter 22: Dare Weavile
Chapter 23: Cold and Unfavorable Events
Chapter 24: Thirst Gyarados
Chapter 25: Flashback Frenzy
Chapter 26: A Lil' Evolution
Chapter 27: Bald Rampardos
Chapter 28: Doc's Day
Chapter 29: Techno Metagross
Chapter 30: Mind Over Meta
Chapter 31: ExtremeSpeed Lugia the Flare Blitz
Chapter 32: Super Macho Machamp
Chapter 33: Montage
Chapter 34: Master Tyranitar
Chapter 35: Fanservice
Chapter 36: End of Tyranny

Part 2: Title Defense:
Chapter 37: P.A.H.C.
Chapter 38: Glass Furret's Rocky Revenge
Chapter 39: Fur the Win
Chapter 40: Electivire's Enchanting Revenge
Chapter 41: Roserade's Coney Island Disco Palace Revenge
Chapter 42: Blissey's Metallic Revenge
Chapter 43: Eternal Dreamland
Chapter 44: Samurott's Japanese Revenge
Chapter 45: A Mew Dream
1 Year Anniversary Chapter: ENTRAINMENT
Chapter 46: Big Emboar's Spinning Revenge
Chapter 47: Great Alakazam's War Cloning Revenge
Chapter 48: Doc Throh's Punch Out
Chapter 49: Don Ludicolo's Revenge
Chapter 50: The Metamon Mishap Part 1

Character index (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Prologue: The CPFA

Ten years ago…

“Wow! What a hit from Ghoul Gengar!” An announcer exclaimed right after a Gengar just sent a Shadow Ball right at a Throh! The red Pokémon was still standing though.

“But wait, Doc Throh is not giving up!” The Throh brought up its arms, creating what appeared to be stones moving around its body. Then, he shot it right at the Gengar! The stones pushed the ghost right to the floor. “Outstanding! Doc Throh unleashed a powerful Stone Edge at his opponent! Will Ghoul Gengar be able to get up from this one?”

A Pikachu in a black-and white suit stepped onto the arena. “One… two… three… four… five… six… seven… eight… nine… ten! Knock out!” The Pikachu declared.

“Yes! Yes!” A young Tyrogue and his father Hitmontop was watching an episode of the CPFA, the Competitive Pokémon Fighting Association, on TV. Their favorite fighter, Doc Throh, just beat Ghoul Gengar, defending his title as CPFA OU Champion once again.

“That was an amazing fight, wasn’t it, Tyrogue?” The Hitmontop had a deep voice as he spoke to his son.

“It was, Dad, it was!” The eager Tyrogue replied. “Dad, I want to fight in the CPFA when I grow up!”

“Really? Well, when you grow up, go for it, son!” The family lived in a rather petit house in the suburbs. From the hallway, a Gothitelle walked in.

“Honey… you shouldn’t give our son ideas yet… he’s only 7…”

“You’re never too young to have a dream, hon!”

“But I really don’t think fighting is the right for our son…” The mother Gothitelle turned away. “I personally thought he would be better as a lawyer…”

“A lawyer? Really? All they get to do is shout objection and fail to make miracles happen. Fighting is exciting!”

“Yes but…..” The Astral Body Pokémon sighed. “Sure, whatever you wish honey.”

“I’m gonna be a fighter! I’m gonna be a fighter!” The young Tyroge was running around the room in circles, imagining to fight monstrous Pokémon.

Present day…

“Sorry kid, I’m not training you.” An old Heatmor was speaking to a Hitmonchan on a street. “Ah’ve got three grandchildren to take care of, sonny.”

“Really? But back in the day you were quite a threat in the UU Circuit!” The 17 year-old Hitmonchan was looking for a training instructor. He wanted to find someone that could help him get to the top of the CPFA.

“Sorry, all of that’s behind me. Why don’t you try askin’ Miracle Mienshao?”

“I asked her already. She declined the offer.”

“Well how about Fist Ferrothorn?”

“Same response.”

“I’m certain Killer Kabutops has some time on his hands…”

“Didn’t he die due to sickness two months ago?”

“Oh yeah… Hope he rests in piece. Sorry sonny, those are all the ones I know.”

Hitmonchan sighed. “That’s the two-hundredth person who rejected me…” The Heatmor jumped back, and his eyes widened.

“Whoa nelly! You’re saying you’ve asked two-hundred people and no one’s accepted?”

“Yeah.” Hitmonchan then had a sly grin. “Was that enough persuasion for you to become my instructor?”

“Nope.” The Heatmor turned around and sauntered away. Hitmonchan sighed as his stomach growled. He decided to go to a restaurant to eat up and forget about his 200th decline… for now. What he didn’t know was that someone was following him…


“Welcome to Sudoplantation.” A Chimecho waiter greeted Hitmonchan as he entered the restaurant. “How big is your party today?”

“Just me.”

“Right this way.” The floating Pokémon directed Hitmonchan to a seat in a corner. The waiter then handed him a menu. “Another Pokémon will be back in a few minutes to take your order. Have a nice day!” The Chimecho levitated away as Hitmonchan sat in his seat, looking at the menu.

Sudoplantation was always a busy place, and was definitely no exception today, this May 16th. It was hard to choose a meal with all of the noises and cries of other Pokémon also in the restaurant. Suddenly, a figure in a cloak stepped up to his table.

“Excuse me, but are you looking for an instructor for the CPFA?”

“Yes…” Suddenly Hitmonchan scooted farther away from the figure. “Wait, were you eavesdropping? Who are you? Am I in trouble?” The figure shook his head. “You know, I feel like I’ve heard you before…”

The figure chuckled. “Why wouldn’t you have?” The figure took off his hood to reveal himself. Hitmonchan’s jaw just fell in awe.

“You’re… you’re…”

“Doc Throh.”

“Oh my gosh… But I thought you disappeared after your loss against Sigilyph Cree!”

“I never disappeared. I just moved away.” The Throh sat in the seat across from him. “Now let’s get to why I’m here. I overheard your conversation with my old buddy Heatmor there. Seriously, 200 declines? I don’t even think there are that many old fighters in the CPFA!”

“I asked some non CPFA Pokémon as well. I asked stunt choreographers, martial artists, relatives, old guys on the street, and the like.” Hitmonchan’s eyes widened. “Wait. Do you want to…”

“Yep. I’ve been sitting in an apartment alone for several years now eating chocolate bars.” Throh brought one out from his pocket. “Want one? It’s got nuts in it.”

“No thanks.”

“Oh, so you want one without nuts? I’ve got plenty of- well that’s besides the point. What I’m saying is I’ve been bored for a long time now, and I gotta do something important in my life by now. So… let me train you, Hitmonchan.”

“Awesome! Let’s go train right now!” The two Fighting types jumped up and left, right before a Simisear went up to them.

“Welcome to Sudoplantation, what would you like to… Huh?” He saw the two running out the door. “Oh. Never mind then.”

While running, Doc Throh called out to Hitmonchan. “By the way Hitmonchan, do you have a bike?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“Ah, no reason.”
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Back in Blue
Chapter 1: Glass Furret

“Welcome to the CPFA Receptionist Desk how may I- oh my!” The receptionist Pokémon was amazed to see Doc Throh.

“Hey Clefable, how’s it going?”

“Great! I thought you disappeared! Do you… want to join the CPFA again?”

“Not exactly, I’d like to enroll my apprentice here into the CPFA.”

“Sure! What is his fighting name going to be?” Throh turned to Hitmonchan. “Uh… Little dude… You never told me an awesome name to give you…”

“Uh…” Hitmonchan turned away to think for a moment, until an idea hit him. “Wait… Little! Yeah! Little Hitmonchan!”

“Lil’ Hitmonchan?” Throh is a bit confused, but Cleafble’s carefree nature kicks in as she enters Hitmonchan slowly into a special computer (they only have three fingers).

“Lil’ Hitmonchan! There! You are entered as Lil’ Hitmonchan! In fact, I can schedule you with a match immediately. Would you like to do so?”

“Really?! Heck yeah!” Hitmonchan completely took the conversation from Throh. The Cleafble slowly typed into her computer, which took about three minutes for her to get a response.

“You will be facing Glass Furret at 6:30 tonight. His record is 3 wins, 99 losses.”

“Oh wow. Well it’s to be expected since it’s the first opponent, right Doc?”

“Yup. The first ones are always easy. It’s usually the fourth or third one that gives you trouble.” Throh took a bite out of his chocolate bar. “So now what?”

“I’ll direct you to your locker room for the future.” The Clefable put up a sign that had “Out for now. Please wait.” written on it, and started walking, with the two Fighting types following. She then spoke along the way.

“Just some things you should know about the CPFA, Hitmonchan… You have to at least be in any of the CPFA buildings once a day for training or matches, unless directed so otherwise. You’ll start in the RU Circuit, and if you beat everyone there you’ll go up to the UU Circuit, and if you can best that you’ll be up in the OU Circuit. All of the stadiums are in different locations, all pretty close from here, though; about a 20 minute walk. Did you get all that?”

“Uh… yeah.” After the talk, the three stopped, and Clefable gestured to a door. “That is your locker room with all the other RU Fighters. And by the way, you’ll definitely need these…” The pink Pokémon gave Hitmonchan and Throh two items to each. One was a card, and the other was some odd red device.” This is your Fighter ID Card and your Battle Logger. The ID Card is needed to enter the locker room, meal-room and other events. It also needed to tell you apart, of course. You can get your pictures taken and added onto the card later. The Battle Logger is like a global electronic device that knows everything about the CPFA, and is updated regularly, even when not turned on!”

Hitmonchan grinned in delight. “Oh yeah! I had one of these when I was a kid!”

“Yes, except this is the Fighter Version, which is a lot more advanced than the ones for sale.”

“Wow, it’s totally different from when I had one.” Throh closely examined the Battle Logger. “It barely has that many buttons like it used to. Where are they?”

“It’s more touch based to meet with the current and latest technology.” Clefable then looked away. “It also has a planner, has mini-games, scans fighters, is hip with the latest Pokémon fashion, works as an mp3 player, has a notebook to doodle in, checks the stock market, rumors say it can be hacked to play movies…”

Throh reassures her. “Focus, Clefable, focus.”

“Oh yeah, oh yeah! Why don’t you turn it on!” HItmonchan presses the center button as the electronic device starts to speak.

“Welcome to the Battle Logger. After nearly a decade of continuous development, I hope I am worth the wait.”

“This is awesome!”

“That’s weird, I was sure that voice was higher in my time…”

“Well I think that’s enough for now, bye-bye, and good luck for your first match, Lil’ Hitmonchan!” The Clefable went back to her desk, leaving Hitmonchan and Throh alone.

“Should we go meet the other fighters, Throh?”

“Mmm, maybe later. I need to go back to the thrift store and get some more chocolate.” Hitmonchan sighed as they left the building.


“This is it, Doc… I’m finally ready to start my career in the CPFA.”

“Go for it, Hitmonchan!” The red Pokémon pushed his fighter forward. Hitmonchan entered the ring… but the opponent wasn’t there. He looked in every direction, and saw the quiet crowd and the referee, a Raichu. “Uh… where’s my opponent.”

“Oh, he should be here soon.” The Raichu said, with a bit of boredom is his voice. “He’s just a bit worried with getting his 100th loss.” Suddenly, his opponent- a Furret, leapt onto the ring! A small amount of the crowd cheered as he entered.

“Hello! Welcome to the CPFA!” The Furret looked very happy as he introduced his opponent. “I am Glass Furret. And you are?”

“Uh… I’m Little Hitmonchan.” Hitmonchan then remembered to use his Battle Logger. He brought it out, and pressed a button on his touch screen, and pointed it toward Furret. The electronic device then spoke.

“Glass Furret. #3 in the Rarely Used Circuit. Record is 3 wins, 99 losses, 3 KOs. Height is 5’1’, weight is 70 lbs, and age is 25. Random fact: Glass Furret once won a coffee drinking competition.”

“Woah…” Hitmonchan was amazed someone such lightweight would be fighting in such an association. But he knew what he had to do, and Furret was his first step to the top. “Um, ready to fight?”


Hitmonchan started in a battling stance, ready to dodge and counter any attack thrown at him… Except Furret did nothing. Confused, he just hit him with his Ice Punches and Bullet Punches, and Furret did not respond; just bringing up his guard. Eventually though, Furret stepped back.

“Eh? Hey, come on!” Glass Furret used Taunt on the challenger, and then Baton Passed back to him. Hitmonchan smacked him with an Ice Punch right as he got back in front of him, and somehow, that attack was his weak spot!

“Ooh, augh…” Furret was sent all the way back to the edge of the ring, getting hit in the stomach, and fell. The Raichu then stepped in.

“One… two… three… four… five…” The Furret then hopped back up, flailing his stubby arms while hopping back.

“Oh, you’re so going to fear the Glass Furret now!”

“I don’t really think so…” The fight continued. Furret then started with a Façade attack, which Hitmonchan dodged easily, to Glass Furret’s surprise. The fighting type started attacking with a flurry of Fire and Thunderpunches. The last one knocked him to the side, and Hitmonchan hit him as he came back, and suddenly got a boost in energy.

“Huh… I seem stronger…” The thought raced through Hitmonchan’s mind. Wondering what is would be, Hitmonchan then unleashed his power… into a Sky Uppercut!

“Aah! Ack!” The uppercut knocked the Furret up a bit. The audience then stood up simultaneously, liking what they saw. Throh grinned and even the referee got a bit more interested. The battle continued with Hitmonchan dodging some of Furret’s Scratches, and fighting back with some of his Elemental Punches and Bullet Punch. In about a minute, the Glass Furret was down again. Hitmonchan then listened carefully, and actually heard some uplifting music in the background as he was down.

“One…two…three…four…five…six…” Furret tried to get up on his stubby arms, but fell again. “Seven… eight…” Hitmonchan’s eyes widened as hope filled him. “Nine!” All the hope fell as Glass Furret got back up. Hitmonchan then countered one of Glass Furret’s scratches with an Ice Punch. At that moment, Hitmonchan used his Sky Uppercut to finish the job!

Furret was sent several feet into the air, with him floating for a few seconds before he slammed against the cold floor of the ring.


“TKO! Little Hitmonchan is the winner!” The whole crowd screeched in glory as Hitmonchan jumped up and did a victory dance.

“Hah hah! Woo hoo!” Hitmonchan punched thin air multiple times in joy. “Yeah-hah!” He then went back to Doc Throh.

“Hoo-wee, son! You rocked that guy! Good work!” Throh gave Hitmonchan what appeared to be some money. “Here’s your prize money for today: 500 Pokédollars!”

“Um… Thanks.”

“It isn’t much, but hey, it’s your first match. Thankfully you get money whether you win or lose, unless that’s been changed.”

“Thanks. I think he’s a bit more worth it, though…” Hitmonchan looked a bit down while looking at his money. “Ok Doc, let’s go back to the apartment!”
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Weird Person
When I first looked at the title I thought this would be just a laugh, but it's pretty good. I only noticed one error.

“Wow, it’s totally different from when I had one.” Throh closely examined the Battle Logger. “It barely has that man buttons like it used to. Where are they?”

I believe you meant many.

Other than that it's a good concept. I say keep writing and see what comes out!


Back in Blue
Thank you for the review! I've fixed the spelling mistake.

I'm surprised there aren't many Punch-Out fans on the forum... Hopefully this fic will introduce some more to the series! With that aside...

Chapter 2: The RU Locker Room

After his fight with Glass Furret, Hitmonchan and Throh were outside the RU Locker Room. “I’m really nervous, Doc…”

“Just get in there! I told you I can’t go with you because I gotta get home and watch my favorite show!”

“But, Doc… What if they don’t like…”

“Just get in there!” Throh used his Strength to push Hitmonchan into the door of the RU Circuit Locker Room. All the other Pokémon there just stared at him.

“Uh… hi. I’m the newest fighter in the CPFA… I’m uh… Little Hitmonchan.” Most of the other Pokémon just went back to what they were doing. However, Furret came up to him.

“Oh hey there! Mind if I introduce you to everyone?”

“Uh… sure.”

“No problem. I was also very shy when I entered the CPFA. But the Pokémon here, at least those in the lower circuits, are actually quite nice once you spend some time with them.” Glass Furret pointed to one blue Pokémon in the corner, who was reading a book. “That guy’s Piston Dewott, the champion of this circuit.”

“Really? Cool!”

“…Well, he’s actually been to a lot higher circuits before, even into the OU Circuit once, but his fighting pattern is generally odd. Sometimes he’s hard to fight, other times he’s easy.” Furret then points to a yellow Pokémon who was listening to their conversation. “That guy is known as Boom Electabuzz, #2 in the circuit.”

Hitmonchan put his gloves together. “That means I fight him next.”

“He’s a bit of a scatterbrained braggart, but he means well. I’ve fought him a lot.” Furret then gestures to a Pokémon eating a candy bar, and it was not Doc Throh. “She’s not actually from this circuit, but is visiting- that’s Queen Chansey, from the UU Circuit.”

“Uh-huh… There aren’t many females in the CPFA, are there?”

“Only two right now. There used to be a lot more, but they just couldn’t take the heat after beating me. She honestly acts very nice… but if you face her in battle, you’ll never be able to beat her down.” Hitmonchan got a nervous look on your face, at least until Furret added “At least if you’re me.” Hitmonchan had a sigh of relief. “She’s actually going to face Dewott later- that’s why she’s here. Last but not least…”

Furret started turning his head, and eventually his entire body. “Huh. Where is she?”


“The other female and #1 of the circuit. She’s usually always…”


“Waaa!” Furret shrieked as both turned around, revealing #1 in the circuit, a Grass/Poison type, who was yelling because she was listening to some loud music on her Battle Logger.

“I’m Roselia Quick! You’re the newcomer, right?!”

“Uh… yes, I am.”

“Well after you, I was the last Pokémon to join the CPFA! Just so you know!”

“What music are you listening to?” Roselia unplugged her earphones out of her ears. “Oh, it’s just some techno a friend of mine recently recommended. Want to hear it?”

“…No thank you.”

“Oh.” Roselia put her earphones back on. “Well if you ever need someone to talk too, I’m all ears!” She danced away as Furret awkwardly started to speak again.

“Yeah… that’s Roselia Quick… She started her career about a month ago and got into the UU Circuit just once. Roselia- as her name implies- won a racing competition in her town and thought it could be used for battling purposes. And it honestly does work for her.”

“I…can…see that.”

“She’s a bit of over positive about everything it seems, even when having nearly 20 losses…” Furret’s then frowned. “Though it’s not as bad as having 100 now.”

“Oh yeah… Sorry about that.”

“No no, it’s ok! I can still win rarely to Electabuzz… Plus I’ve still got my motivation.” Furret went over to his locker, with Hitmonchan following, opened it, and pulled out a small picture of him and a Lopunny in a photobooth.

“Your sister?”

“My girlfriend.” Hitmonchan’s eyes opened after he heard that, he honestly didn’t believe it at first.

“Really? Don’t you think she’s a bit out of your league?”

“Well… It’s a long story, but no matter how many times I lose, I’ll still fight as long as I have a girl by my side.”

Hitmonchan looked interested. “You have got to tell me more sometime.”


kitty sneeze!!
Great fic but I did se what I thought was one mistake in chapter one.

“Thanks. I think he’s a bit more worth it, though…” Hitmonchan looked a bid down while looking at his money. “Ok Doc, let’s go back to the apartment!”

did you mean bit?

did not see any mistakes in chapter 2.
Keep up the great fic.


Catcher of Ubers
Clever crossover idea. Hitmonchan does kind of resemble the guy in Punch Out! and I liked how you poked fun at the game making the first opponent so ridiculously easy. Also like Doc Throh a lot (Throh is currently one of the powerhouses on my Pokemon White team lol). Keep up the good work.


Back in Blue
Thank you for the reviews! I've fixed the simple spelling mistake. For one thing I wasn't really poking the game-the first guy is always easy. Admittedly, I made this guy seem easier than Glass Furret... Anyways, next chapter:

Chapter 3: Boom Electabuzz

Little Hitmonchan entered the ring, with crowds of fans cheering. He thought they would cheer for anyone though, so he ignored them. Unlike Furret, Electabuzz was right on schedule. Before the fight, the fighter brought out his Battle Logger and scanned him.

“Boom Electabuzz. #2 in the Rarely Used Circuit. Record is 11 wins, 34 losses, 10 KOs. Height is 5’3’, weight is 80 lbs, and age is 38. Random fact: Boom Electabuzz was once a fighting instructor.”

“Wow…” Little Hitmonchan contemplated why someone at so high of an age would be so light. He didn’t want to ask though, because Electabuzz looked like he would take a question as an insult. “Uh, hey Electabuzz.”

“Ah… hi.” Electabuzz seemed to be panting. Hitmonchan thought he might’ve been a bit tired and fought a match beforehand, but that thought went short before Electabuzz reassured himself. “Err… Attention! I am the Electric Explosive Machine! My name is… Boom- Electabuzz! Kaboom! And you shall be defeated!”

The crowd cheered Electabuzz’s title in glory. Electabuzz had a grin nearly as big as his ego as he raised his arms high.


Electabuzz started to twitch as electricity went into his head… and then he shot it at Hitmonchan.

“What’s with that twitching?”

“A bit of a mental illness side effect from long ago… Why would you need to know?!”

“Just asking…” Electabuzz did a Thundershock attack once again, except Hitmonchan dodged and countered with some Fire and ThunderPunches. Then, the fighting type used a well-timed Bullet Punch to counter a Thundershock, and an impulse of power flowed inside of him. Electabuzz then crouched to the side.

“Low Kick!” Electabuzz’s leg got red and he sent it to Hitmonchan’s feet. However, he dodged and countered with his Fire and Thunderpunches, and then he wanted to use his Sky Uppercut like last time, however he accidentally started his Sky Uppercut on the floor of the ring, and when he stroke it seemed that his punch was a dark brown… and instantly knocked Electabuzz down.

“Augh…” Electabuzz shook his head, trying to shake off the hit, except couldn’t take it and fell straight down. Raichu then started counting up.

“One…two…three…four…five…” Electabuzz struggled to get himself back up. “Come on, come on!”

“Argh… must keep fighting!” Electabuzz started smacking his own head, actually making his head more bruised. Hitmonchan thought he was trying to improve his thought process, but he was not a psychologist. Hitmonchan countered another Thundershock, and then Electabuzz did something a bit unexpected… summoning a statue and hid behind it.

“Where are you!” Hitmonchan could mildly hear Electabuzz shaking behind it. Slowly, he crept his head from behind it. “Ma- mommy?”

Hitmonchan Thunderpunched his head and charged his right boxing glove for a Sky Uppercut!

“Oh, help me! Augh!” Electabuzz then muttered a small “Must keep fighting.” Hitmonchan saw that his opponent was very low on health, and hit him with one more Bullet Punch to knock him down. Electabuzz fell once again as Raichu came in and started his counting.

“One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight…nine!” Hitmonchan was pumping his fists with glee as he was hoping to hear the referee yell a ten… And then Electabuzz got back up.

“Must keep fighting!” Electabuzz was definitely messed up in his face, but was still ready to fight. Hitmonchan countered a few more of the electric types attacks, and unleashed a super-powerful Sky Uppercut and then…

“Augh!” The Electric Pokémon took the finishing blow in the face, and Hitmonchan could just imagine the bones of Electabuzz exploding in his mind, right before he turned around, stood up straight, muttered one last grunt, and fell on his back.

“TKO! Little Hitmonchan is the winner!”

“Hah hah! Woo hoo!” Hitmonchan punched thin air multiple times in joy. “Yeah-hah!”

Throh was as amazed as last time. “Untouched, baby! Untouched! Did that sucka even land a punch? The next fight might not be so easy…”

“How do you know? You’re not a Psychic type.” Doc Throh thought for a moment.

“You’re right! Here’s your prize money that the announcer gave me: 700 Pokédollars!”

“I can see the money is slowly increasing after each fighter! You still get money even if you lose, right?”

“Unless that rule changed, I think so! I’m pretty sure you get less, though.”
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Catcher of Ubers
For one thing I wasn't really poking the game-the first guy is always easy.

I see. When I said "poking fun" I didn't mean that in a bad way. I just meant I liked how you made the first opponent really easy just like in the game.

“Must keep fighting!” Electabuzz was definitely messed up in his face, but was still ready to fight.

Even though he lost, I gotta give that dude his props.

“You’re right! Here’s your prize money that the announcer gave me: 700 Pokédollars!”

Enough for 3 potions! lol

Nice chapter. I didn't see any spelling or grammar mistakes and I enjoyed Electabuzz's unwillingness to give up. Little Hitmonchan is turning into a beast with those elemental punches! Nice work.


Back in Blue
Thanks for the review ESPN! Hitmonchan's elemental punches and Bullet Punches are his standard jabs and body blows. His Fire and Thunder Punches are jabs (to the head) and his Ice and Bullet Punches are body blows (to the stomach), just in case you wanted to know. Sky Uppercut and Dig are his special moves.

Just a bit of a note on how the chapters will go- I'll show a fight every other chapter, and in between we'll get a bit of character development for the other fighters, and see what Hitmonchan does in their spare time. We may even see other fights, like the ones below.

Chapter 4: Dewott V.S. Chansey

As Hitmonchan and Throh were stepping towards the RU Locker Room, the apprentice asked a question he meant to ask earlier.

“Hey Doc? I’ve been getting this weird feeling in my punches lately… At certain times I punch, I feel a boost of energy… Is that normal?”

The old fighter started chuckling. “Ho ho! My training effects are getting into yet! That power is what I call… a Star. And once you get one, two, or three you can effectively use a dazzling Sky Uppercut, or a strong Dig at various power levels. However if you get hit or use one of those moves, you lose your charge.”

“Really? How did you know that?”

Doc started chuckling some more. “I invented it! The training I gave you taught you how get said power by gaining the excitement of the audience and the anger of the opponent. At least, that’s what I think.” Hitmonchan and Throh entered the Locker Room and only encountered Furret, who looked like he was about to leave.

“Hey Furret. Where is everybody?”

“They left early to see the fight between Dewott and Chansey.”

“They’re going to fight today? I thought you said that yesterday.”

“When I said later, I meant today. The battle will be in the UU Stadium, which isn’t too far from here.”

“Wait, this isn’t the only stadium where the fights are?” Throh cut into the conversation.

“Yep, there are three Circuits, RU, UU, and OU, which are all in their own Stadiums. The higher leveled circuits are a lot more high tech and cool, while the lower ones, like this one, are pretty trashy.”

“Oh. I remember when I fought, the only changes in circuits was the differently colored ring and differently colored wall.” Throh then changed the subject. “Why don’t we go see the fight? It may help you learn more of their patterns.”

“Ok! Let’s go!”


Hitmonchan, Throh, and Furret entered the UU Stadium which was drastically different than the RU one. It was in a completely blue and clean color scheme, while the RU Stadium was pretty brown and torn up. The three took a seat right next to Electabuzz and Roselia, who was about to watch the fight as well.

“Ah, Queen Chansey. We meet again.” Dewott bowed in respect to the pink Pokemon, who looked angry at him.

“You still didn’t learn the first time that I’m invincible, huh?”

“No one is completely invincible, everyone loses once in a while.” Dewott’s voice was very calm and distant.

“Yeah, well… Uh… Never mind that! Let’s start the fight already!”


The match began with Dewott bowing, with Chansey using that opportunity to Double-Edge the disciplined Pokémon rather far back. Despite being a powerful move, coming from a Chansey, it didn’t do much damage. She then appeared to be charging up for another Double-Edge, but Dewott used this opening to Razor Shell her, knocking the egg out of her pouch.

“Oops!” While Chansey was reaching down to grab the egg, Dewott hopped a few paces back, and hopped again.

“Fury Cutter!” The Discipline Pokémon leapt back while holding its scalchops, and swinging them at Chansey multiple times, before she and the egg fell back. On the stands, Hitmonchan was amazed at Dewott’s battle technique.

“Wow! Dewott’s moves are very sharp and swift! I bet he’ll be tough when I fight him.”

“Hey! What’re ya doing?” Hitmonchan turned to see what the noise was about as it was Electabuzz reaching over to a Huntail’s water bottle and drank ¼ of it. “You’re gonna have to pay for that! Now gimme a dollar!”

“Sorry! I forgot to bring a drink for taking my pill.”

“You take pills?”

“Yep. It’s for that mental illness side effect… Oh wait I never told you that! Well when I was younger, I always wandered into my local power plant and started wrestling with the Voltorb and Electrode there.”

Hitmonchan was confused. “They don’t have any arms…”

“Eventually, they all got fed up on me and Exploded! Boom! That blast put me in the hospital for a while, and messed up my brain a bit as well. That’s how I got my title name as well- Boom Electabuzz!”

“Oh.” The two turned back to the fight and saw Chansey about to grab Dewott, however he ducked to dodge it, and used his Revenge attack on Chansey, making her egg fall out once again. Dewott bounced back again, hopping a few more times…

“Fury Cutter!” Dewott smashed his scalchops at the Pokémon, until one of the hits knocked Chansey very far back… Until she fell to the edge of the ring. The Raichu in black and white came in and started counting.

“One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight…nine……ten! Knock-out! Piston Dewott is the winner!” The crowd clapped and cheered as Dewott showed off his attacks before flexing his muscles, and then letting out a victorious laugh.

“Congrats to Dewott! But… Chansey fell pretty quickly… She couldn’t even get up once.”

“It’s probably due to her HP.” Throh whispered. “If she could get up, then she’d pretty much win by Decision every time.” As the crowd left the stadium, Hitmonchan was just about to leave until…

“Hey Hitmonchan!” Said Pokémon turned to see Roselia. “Ready for our match tomorrow?”

“You bet!”


Back in Blue
Seems to be quiet... Time for another Chapter! A note for anyone wanting to know if Roselia Quick should be Disco Roselia, there was a boxer in the first Punch-Out named Kid Quick, who was possibly reincarnated to Disco Kid. Since Quick came first, that's why Roselia isn't into Disco yet. However, time will tell...

Chapter 5: Roselia Quick

As Hitmonchan was heading towards the ring, he could hear music from afar. Once he was at the ring, he could tell that it was just Roselia. She had a boom box with loud techno music playing as she was dancing and waiting. The crowd must’ve enjoyed the music as well.

“Woo, baby! This is some good music! Hey Hitmonchan, where you been?”

“Uh, you’re just early…”

“Never hurts to be early, Hitmonchan!” Roselia goes to the boom box and turns it off. “Now baby, are you ready for this?”

“Not sure… I don’t really think punching a girl would be a good message to send to the audience.” Hitmonchan then got another thought in his head. “At least she isn’t a boy…”

Roselia turned her head in all directions. “Which one? There’s many audiences here. That one, that one, and even that one from that giant screen.”

“You know what, just forget it.” Hitmonchan whipped out his Battle Logger and scanned Roselia.

“Roselia Quick. #1 in the Rarely Used Circuit. Record is 7 wins, 20 losses, 5 KOs. Height is 5’, weight is 64 lbs, and age is 22.”

“How do you have less wins than Electabuzz yet are higher-ranked than him?”

“I was in the UU Circuit for a bit, until I was beaten down harshly by all the other fighters and got kicked back to here. But after I get you out of the way, you’ll be my eighth victory!”


The fight began with Roselia striking a pose while smiling. Hitmonchan used that opportunity to hit her with a Fire Punch to get a star, which he remembered Throh telling him about. Roselia quickly went to the left and shot some Bullet Seeds at the fighter, making him lose his star. She then crouched to another side about to attack again.

“Here it comes…”

“Why are you signaling your attack? That’s what you’re not supposed to-” Before he could finish speaking, Hitmonchan got hit with a Poison Sting attack. Roselia repeated the attack with the same signal, except this time our Fighting type ducked and countered with some Fire and Thunder Punches. Roselia tried another Bullet Seed except Hitmonchan dodged and countered. Then she did another Taunt, which resulted in another Star for Hitmonchan.

“Sky Uppercut!” The uppercut sent Roselia about a foot into the air.

“Eek! Augh! That hurt!” After countering a few more Poison Sting attacks, Hitmonchan managed to knock her down. “Ow!” She span around several times before she hit the floor.


“Augh…” Roselia got up extremely quickly, faster than both Furret and Electabuzz did. Hitmonchan could blatantly tell that Quick really described Roselia. “Yeah, I’m not going down that easily!”

The battle continued with Roselia smiling at Hitmonchan again, giving him the cue to punch her mouth, giving him a star. He then used a Dig attack, which did a bit more damage than his Sky Uppercut did.

“Okay pal, you asked for it!” Roselia leaned back, preparing for a special move. “Mega Drain!” The rose pushed forward and clasped her roses onto Hitmonchan, and starting to drain some of his energy! The health drained went back into Roselia, healing her damage.

“Ugh…..” The fighting type’s mind was still a bit woozy from the hit he just took, and took a few Bullet Seed hits for him to get his mind back in the game. He dodged some more of Roselia’s attacks and countered with his Ice and Bullet Punches. After dodging and countering for a bit, Roselia fell once again.

“Hoo hoo…” Roselia took the last hit in the stomach, sending her far back before falling. The Raichu in black and white came in to count.


“Ugh… yeah…” Roselia persistently got back up once more, and quickly went for a few more Poison Stings. Hitmonchan dodged and countered, and when he thought was getting close to TKOing her…

“Round over!” The Raichu announced. The two Pokémon went to their respective sides of the ring.


“Step it up, Hitmonchan! Where’s your hustle?! I know you can do better than that!” Roselia yelled across the ring, not due to how far it was, but due to her listening to music again.

Doc Throh decided to give Hitmonchan some words of advice. “Ppth! This is how the female fighters have been fighting these days! Back in my time they were in the higher circuits! That aside, why don’t you send Roselia Quick to the dentist? Bust those chops of hers, Hitmonchan, bust em!”

“Uh, I don’t think she really has teeth…”

“Oh yeah. Hey, want a chocolate bar? I always ate these between rounds. It really heals you up.”

“Meh, sure.” Hitmonchan was given one of Throh’s chocolate bars. He opened up the wrapper, and slowly took a bite. “Pretty tasty, actually. No wonder you eat these.”


Roselia was combing herself with a hand mirror and admiring herself. “Uh huh! Who’s the greenest Grass type in the CPFA? I am, that’s- Oh, we’re going to fight now.”

The battle continued with her Taunting Hitmonchan to punch her, and as she recovered, he punched her again, giving him two Stars. The Fighting type dodged a few more of the Grass/Poison types attacks, and after a few more counters, knocked her down once more.


Roselia started to raise her head. “Ugh…” Her head fell against the floor, however.


“Ugh… yeah!” Hitmonchan immediately started to execute his Level 2 Sky Uppercut, and Roselia was just about to use a Poison Sting attack. “Here it comes…”

The Sky Uppercut hit the Poison Sting right before she was even near him, and was so powerful it started to send Roselia flying around the ring! She hit all four corners of the area, before she toppled onto the floor.

“Knockout! Little Hitmonchan is the winner!”

Roselia muttered an “Ouch…” while Hitmonchan celebrated his win.

“Hah hah! Woo hoo!” Hitmonchan punched thin air multiple times in joy. “Yeah-hah!”

“Woo wee, kid! That fight was so one-sided! I think at one point, I was going to eat my chocolate bar sideways! Ha ha hah! Anyways, here’s the prize money for this battle!” Throh laughed as he handed his apprentice 950 Pokédollars.
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Catcher of Ubers
I like the chapter system you have where it's one chapter is a fight and the next is more character development and meeting the other characters. I was surprised at how easily Dewott beat Chansey! I also thought the fight between Roselia and Hitmonchan was very good. Of course, without chocolate, nothing is possible! But seriously, it is cool to see Hitmonchan learn new moves and discover more about his fighting abilities. I also like how the chapters are short, sweet, and to the point instead of long and drawn out. Nice job!


Back in Blue
Thanks for the reviews, guys! Once we get into the later fights, we'll hopefully get to see more of Doc Throh's hilarious remarks, adding to the humor. And yes, the RU, UU, and OU Circuit do stand for Rarely Used, Under Used, and Over Used Tiers in competitive play. I'm not good at it though and the Pokemon aren't usually that close in tiers as of writing. And no, there is no Uber tier in this fic.

Anyhow, this chapter is very informative- many new tidbits of info is in, foreshadowing many future events. Enjoy!

Chapter 6: The CPFA Gym

At Throh’s apartment, where the two Fighting types now reside, Hitmonchan wanted to expand their knowledge of the CPFA.“We’re going to their gym today, doc. I want to see what their gym is like.”

Throh sighed and spoke sarcastically. “Great. Just great. I see a bunch of sweaty Pokémon
and I miss the next episode of Entrainment.”

“They have TV there. And it’s all free.” Throh suddenly jumped.

“Better grab some more chocolate bars!” The red Pokémon hustled through his drawers for more candy.


After a good walk, Hitmonchan and Throh were at the CPFA Gym. There was only one gym in the Association, not three separate ones for each circuit. This could mean new encounters for Hitmonchan… both good and bad. To enter the gym, said Pokémon swiped his ID Card in to the scanner to automatically open the doors. Inside, there was shiny workout equipment everywhere.

“Wow… Look at all this…”

“I see it’s completely different from a decade ago… Now where’s the television?”

Hitmonchan gestured to a small TV on the ceiling. “Up there. In that corner. Now go find the remote!” Throh rushed around looking for the remote control. Hitmonchan looked around for a bit, and noticed Roselia about to go on an elliptical machine.

“Hey Roselia!” Right when she was about to start the machine, Roselia turned around.

“Oh hey Hitmonchan! This your first time here?”

“Yep. Is anyone else here?”

“Dewott left a while ago. Me, Furret, and Kadabra are here right now.” Hitmonchan tilted his head.

“Kadabra? I haven’t heard of him yet.”

“Kadabra’s pretty high in the UU Circuit, from what I’ve heard. I’ve tried to start conversations to get some personality out of him, but he’s a bit shy. That or he doesn’t like talking to those in the lower circuits… Anyhow, why don’t you get on?”

“Might as well.” Hitmonchan stepped onto the elliptical machine next to Roselia. There was a mini-television built into it, but the screen would only turn on if you inserted your own earphones. “So, Roselia… I’ve heard you entered competitive fighting because of a racing competition?”

“I was the fastest in my town- all the other Pokémon were complete Slowpokes. Well, one of them was anyway.”

“Have you tried participating in other race competitions?”

“Yeah, and I was doing moderately decent, though I started to not be feeling it anymore. Then, one of my girlfriends, Spinda, asked if she wanted to go with her and some other of my friends to see a CPFA match. I accepted, and saw the fight between a Ludicolo and Rampardos… and it hit me- My speed skills would go so well with competitive fighting! Not to mention the Pokémon on the posters looked soooo cute!”

Roselia started to sigh and daydream for a bit, until Hitmonchan said “Um, the conversation? Where’d it go?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, sorry! Went into my own little world there. Anyhow, I signed into the CPFA, and here I am now! I beat nearly everyone I had matches with until I met that darned Fighting type… No offense.”

“None taken. But what Fighting type are you talking about?”

“Oh, you’ll know who I’m talking about. It’s the big divider between the lower-ranked fighters and super-tough fighters. I’ll never be able to get past him…” BEEP! BEEP! The elliptical machine turned showed the results of Roselia’s workout on its digital screen. “Well, that’s my second half an hour run for today. I’ll be heading home now. See ya, Hitmonchan! Good luck on your title match!”

“Later, Roselia!” As Roselia went to exit the gym, Hitmonchan wanted to see how Furret was doing, so he scouted for a bit until he found him doing some shadow boxing. “What’s up, Furret?”

“Oh, nothing much. Though, I am going to leave soon…”

“Really? Why?” Before Furret could answer, the two heard another voice from the entrance.

“Hey baby!” Hitmonchan was thinking it was Roselia, but she just left. It turns out it wasn’t her, but was a Lopunny instead! “Ready to go?”

“In just a bit hon, I’d like to introduce you to the CPFA’s newest fighter, Little Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan, Lopunny works at a massage spa.”

“That’s nice.” Hitmonchan turned his attention to Lopunny. “Furret mentioned you once. For curiosity purposes, just how did you two hook up?”

“Well…” Lopunny started. “I think it was in late high school, and I’ve dated every other Pokémon except Furret, tee hee!”

Furret continued. “So we went out to a CPFA match, since they were becoming quite popular. Lopunny said the night was awesome and thought maybe I should try competitive fighting, as I did take Karate from when I was younger. Of course, I ended up failing miserably, but…”

“I just knew he had dedication, and kept encouraging him to keep fighting! Anyone with so many losses compared to wins would’ve quit by now… but my cupcake hasn’t! We’ve been together for at least six years now, and all due to his dedication.”

“Aw… That’s a nice love story. Though honestly, I’ve never watched one, so what should I know?” All three of them laughed for a moment, until Lopunny continued the conversation.

“Well, it’s Thursday, and that’s when I pick Furret up from the gym to go eat out. So, see you later!”

“See ya, Hitmonchan!”

“Bye, you two!” Said Hitmonchan as he waved to the couple, Throh was walking back to him, horribly disappointed and angered. “What’s wrong, Throh? Did the TV not have your show?”

“No! They had the show, but… that episode was so aggravating! Combusken was not supposed to hook up with Ampharos, he’d be much better with Flareon! Also, Crawdaunt didn’t appear at all He’s the best character! Plus they didn’t even show the preview for the next episode…”

“Oh. Well, come on doc, let’s go home.” As Hitmonchan and Throh was leaving the door, the red Pokémon started to sniffle.

“Sob… Entrainment is ruined forever…”
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kitty sneeze!!
Great chapter good job on giving Doc more lines and yes entertainment is ruined forever muhahahahahh!!! The only thing that I saw was this
-----“Bye, you two!” As Hitmonchan waved to the couple,
To me this does not really make sense I would have phrased it "Bye you two said Hitmonchan as he waved to the couple." I do not know if that was preference or a unintentional mistake but hey! That's just me!!
Overall 9/10 could make the chaps a little longer.


Back in Blue
Thanks for the review! My mind was a bit sketchy on that part, couldn't really think of a way to implement it well. Oh, and the Battle Logger has been updated overnight, and now is more recognizable now. Anyhow, enjoy!

Chapter 7: Queen Chansey

“Hey Hitmonchan!” Throh called as Hitmonchan was going to the ring.

“What is it doc? Did you not bring enough chocolate again?” Hitmonchan sighed.

“Hmm, I should probably check… But anyways, next is the CPFA Rarely Used Circuit Title Bout!”

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Anyways, who am I going to fight? Piston Dewott, right?”

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” The two fighting types continued to the ring, and the crowd was just booming of excitement. There, Hitmonchan saw his opponent was… Queen Chansey. She then threw her crown into the air, and it landed perfectly on her head. Chansey then turned around to see her opponent.

“Hmm? Ha hah, I remember seeing you! You’re Little Hitmonchan, right?”

“Yes, I am. Shouldn’t you be in the UU Circuit?”

“I went down a circuit after my loss- now Dewott’s in the UU Circuit and I’m the RU Champion for now. That means I get to show off this shiny belt!” Chansey picked up a dark grey belt that had the CPFA logo on it and had “Rarely Used Champion” engraved on it. “Granted, I would’ve appreciated it if the belt was a bit bigger…” Hitmonchan whipped out his Battle Logger and scanned Chansey.

Queen Chansey. Champion of the Rarely Used Circuit. Record is 27 wins, 17 losses, 17 KOs. Height is 6’, weight is 190 lbs, and age is 37. Random fact: Queen Chansey appeared in an unpopular television show called Captain N, as a villain. However, she had to be painted over completely for unknown reasons.

“That…is weird. Anyhow, I’m going to beat you and get out of the RU Circuit!”

Chansey had a large, hearty laugh. “That’s what you think, but my HP is as much as all the fighters you’ve fought already combined! Think you’re up for the challenge?”


Queen Chansey started the fight with a Double-Edge attack, which was her opening her mouth and slammed her head into the fighter. Then she shot an Ice Beam from her mouth to Hitmonchan, who dodged and countered by Fire Punching her head, making the egg from her pouch fall out. However, she blocked the incoming punch as she picked the egg back up.

“Huh? You didn’t get stunned there.” Hitmonchan dodged another Ice Beam and tried countering again, but she blocked the incoming jab again. Chansey executed another Double-Edge, and the fighter dodged, and once again, couldn’t get in more than one jab. Hitmonchan tried to remember what he saw when Dewott fought her…

She then appeared to be charging up for another Double-Edge, but Dewott used this opening to Razor Shell her, knocking the egg out of her pouch.

“Oops!” While Chansey was reaching down to grab the egg, Dewott hopped a few paces back, and hopped again.

“Fury Cutter!” The Discipline Pokémon leapt back while holding its scalchops, and swinging them at Chansey multiple times in the stomach, before she and the egg fell back.

“Wait, that’s it!” An imaginary lightbulb came into Hitmonchan’s mind while he was thinking. “I don’t attack the head right afterwards, but the pouch!” Chansey was about to use another Double-Edge, and Hitmonchan Fire Punched her mouth, shocking her, making her drop her egg. Then Hitmonchan started Ice Punching and Bullet Punching the egg pouch!

“Urgh! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” After about nine hits, Chansey and the egg she was trying to pick up was knocked back to the edge of the ring. “Glomp! Ok, I’m fine now! But try and take this!” Queen Chansey screeched as she got back in front of Hitmonchan, but then went back again.

“Seismic Toss!” The pink Pokémon was about to grasp Hitmonchan, and though he tried to dodge, the attack covered both available dodging sides, and the fighter was thrown to the edge of the ring, suffering major damage.

“Ugh… That hurt…” Hitmonchan had just a bit more energy to keep going, but not much. He dodged an Ice Beam, and countered the with a jab and many body blows. At one point though, Chansey stopped to rearrange the egg in her pouch. Hitmonchan used that opportunity to Bullet Punch it, giving him a Star.

“Sky Uppercut!”

“Ack! Squee!” The uppercut surprisingly lifted Chansey’s entire body into the air. However, she recovered, and blasted Hitmonchan with an Ice Beam, and then used another Seismic Toss attack. Hitmonchan tried dodging the other way, but he couldn’t escape, and was knocked down for the first time!

“One…two…three…four…” Hitmonchan grabbed the ropes of the ring, and used them to pull himself back up. “Fight!”

Chansey did another Seismic Toss attack, however Hitmonchan ducked the attack, leaving said attacker dumbfounded. “What?” Hitmomchan hit her mouth, making the egg pop out, and unleashed a combo at her stomach. After countering a few more Double-Edge attacks, the Referee Raichu stopped the fight.

“Round over!” The two paused in mid-fight, and went to their corners.


“Tee hee hee! I have my weakness, but I’m never going to tell you! Hee hee hee!” Chansey giggled, despite him already knowing her weakness.

“Yo, Hitmonchan! If you can dethrone this Queen, the RU Circuit is yours! Serve her enough Sky Uppercuts to make her never wanna eat again! The big guys are always weak in the head, so make her shut her wide mouth!” Hitmonchan blinked at his coach’s remark.

“Are you trying to give me hints or crack puns?”

“Both! Now get on out there and feed her a knuckle sandwich! Ha ha ha!”


“Hee hee hee! Oh Hitmonchan, you look mighty tired. Why don’t we go out to eat sometime after our fight?”

“Uh… I’ll think about it.” The match continued with her readjusting her egg, but Hitmonchan Ice Punched her for a star. Then she moved in to do a Seismic Toss, and the fighter used a Dig attack at the right moment…

“Ow!” The attack slammed her pretty far, even knocking her crown off. However, she was not done yet, and propelled herself back onto the ring. Chansey then attempted one more Seismic Toss, and Hitmonchan was lucky enough to Thunder Punch her at the right moment to knock her egg off, and countered with an Ice Punch and a flurry of Fire and Thunder Punches until…

Hitmonchan Bullet Punched Chansey hard enough, that she started to walk backwards… Not moonwalk per say, but move out of pain. “Ugh… no… just woah…” Chansey was dangling at the edge of the ring, right about to fall on a front-row seated Pokémon…

“Oh no…” The Gorebyss braced for impact, and Chansey fell right out of the ring! “Aaaaaaahhh!”

“Knock out! The winner is Little Hitmonchan! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Rarely Used Circuit Champion!” The crowd screamed in delight as the Raichu handed Hitmonchan the RU Circuit Belt.

“Hah hah hah!” The Fighting type held the belt for all to see as Throh rushed in and lifted him up.

“Woo, wee, Hitmonchan!”


After the fight, Throh and Hitmonchan were pretty excited. “You’re off to a good start, son! The belt’s all yours! You’re a Rarely Used Circuit Champion now! And that means we really start getting good money this time! Here’s our pay: 1700 Pokédollars!”

“Wow! That’s almost twice as much as last time!”

“Title matches always result in tons of money. I bet there’s some way to abuse that system somehow, but I haven’t devoted my time to it yet.”
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Back in Blue
Hello, readers! This chapter's a bit short, but it's mainly because of the inside-joke of the training sequence and how it all began. I can amend this with another chapter later to support it. Enjoy!

Chapter 8: Beginning of the Bike

Hitmonchan was admiring his newly earned Rarely Used Circuit Belt at his apartment, and then Doc Throh came in.

“Hey, great work Hitmonchan! Now let’s take down the next circuit! But first… I’ll need to take my chocolate bar… and eat it!” Throh grabbed a chocolate bar, and chomped into it dramatically.

For training, the fighting type started with extreme jump roping. “Quick feet man, quick feet!” Throh kept chanting. Then, they went on to weight lifting. “Work em’ man, work em!” The third exercise was punching a punching bag. “Left, right! Left, right! That’s it, baby!”

After those three exercises, Doc requested Hitmonchan to bring his bike. He thought that they would go cycling for exercise, which he thought would be pretty cool. When he arrived with his bike though, Throh did not have a bike with him.

“Ok doc, what am I going to do with my bike?”

“First of all, put this on.” Throh handed his apprentice a white suit that could cover his entire body. Hitmonchan was a bit hesitant to why, but did so anyway. “It’s to, uh… help for if there’s rain.” Hitmonchan looked up to the sky, and saw there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

“…I don’t think there’ll be rain. Anyways, now what.” Throh stood back, got a running start, and jumped straight onto Hitmonchan’s bike, and started peddling as fast as he could.

“Woo hoo! Yeah, baby!” Throh peddled down the street, making Hitmonchan flabbergasted at what he saw.

“Doc! Where are you going? Come back here! That bike is worth 1,000,000 Pokédollars in some regions!” The Fighting type had no choice but to chase Throh in a white suit.

At another part of the city, a lone group of Smeargle were painting a tanning salon pink. As they were about to put on the finishing touches, Throh cycled by at top speeds. The Smeargle leaned over on their ladders to see what that was, but… they started to lose balance, and threw the pink paint bucket into the air. Hitmonchan looked up and saw the pink paint about to fall onto him…


“Aw, great! Now I have to run in this… People will think the wrong idea…” Hitmonchan continued to chase Throh on the road, while from afar, a Scraggy and Scrafty were watching.

“Daddy, why’s that pink person chasing a fat guy who has a bicycle?”

“I don’t know son, but it’s pretty funny actually. Good thing I have my video camera with me!” The Scrafty took out a handheld camera and started recording Hitmonchan and Throh. Neither of the two noticed though.

“Doc! Come on! Give me back my bike!”

“Never! I haven’t ridden a bike in so long! Wooo yeah!”

“But I don’t want to wear this pink suit anymore! It’s so embarrassing!”

“Pink suit?” Throh looked back and started laughing. “How’d that happen? Might as well stop now though, my legs are getting tired…” As the two came to a complete stop, the Scrafty stopped the recording.

“Didja get it dad? Didja? Didja?”

“Yep, and this is going straight onto the internet. But what should we call it?” The two Fighting/Dark types thought for a moment until an idea struck the Scarggy.

“Fat guy stole my bike?”

“GENIUS!” The father and son ran inside their apartment to upload it online.
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kitty sneeze!!
Sorry forgot to mention
“Doc! Where are you going? Come back here! That bike is worth 1,000,000 Pokédollars in some regions!” The Fighting type had no choice but to chase Throh in a white suit.
LOL but what region are they in????

At another part of the city, a lone group of Smeargle were painting a tanning salon pink. As they were about to put on the finishing touches, Throh cycled by at top speeds. The Smeargle leaned over on their ladders to see what that was, but… they started to lose balance, and threw the pink paint bucket into the air. Hitmonchan looked up and saw the pink paint about to fall onto Hitmonchan
Just saying I would have put it "hitmonchan looked up and saw the pink paint about to fall on to HIM

“Fat guy stole my bike?”


hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is just GENIUS!
oh and if the next chapter comes up in the next say...5 days I may not be able to RRR on it.


Back in Blue
Lol, anyone who's played Punch-Out for the NES or Wii knows the infamous bike scene, so I just had to give a reason for why he's running in a pink suit now. I was originally going to add that Huntail into the scene somehow, except I couldn't think of a good way to.

Anyhow, this is something that Punch-Out players won't know... This circuit and the next one will feature one Original fighter each! I can't really call it an OT because humans don't exist in this fic... The CPFA is located in Sinnoh.

I'm going to try and upload a chapter every other day, but last chapter is an exception; I personally thought that chapter was a bit short, but couldn't find a good way to extend it. I'll make up for it though by attaching this chapter on as well:

Chapter 9: The UU Locker Room

Hitmonchan and Throh had to go the Receptionist Clefable to update their I.D. Card, allowing them to enter the UU Circuit Locker Room. They could still visit the RU Locker Room at any time, however. Clefable put the card through a special machine, and the card came right back out, albeit in a different color.

“Your I.D. Card has been updated. Now it’s got a shiny new navy blue coding around it! Isn’t is totally dazzling?”

“Yeah. I’d rather take this than that dark brown card.”

“Now, Hitmonchan, why don’t you go mingle with your new Under Used friends? The Locker Room is in the opposite side from where the RU Locker Room was. Now get their attention with your fabulous Sky Uppercut! Show off those sizzling smack downs you’ve given!”

Hitmonchan and Throh blinked for a moment, before they said “Yeah, sure. Bye Clefable!” As the two were a formidable distance away, Hitmonchan asked his coach a question.

“Was she always like this?”

“Pretty much. For one thing I’m surprised she’s still working. She started working a few months before I retired. At least she isn’t that Maractus, that receptionist had very little personality.” Hitmonchan and Throh entered the UU Locker Room, and could already feel a different aura in this room than the RU one. The room was a lot brighter, looked very clean-cut, and even smelled better.

“Hello? I’m Little Hitmonchan, newest member of the UU Circuit.” However, unlike those in the RU Circuit, no one even looked at him. Hitmonchan searched for someone, and saw Piston Dewott. “Hey, Dewott!”

The Pokémon looked up, and raised his hand. “Greetings, Hitmonchan. I recall noticing you in my match against Chansey.”

“Yeah, you were pretty good! Though since you’re my next opponent, we’ll see who’s better.”

“Ah, we’ll see. Anyhow, I’ve been in the Under Used circuit plenty of times, so I know all these guys.” Dewott pointed to a rather large and fiery Pokémon. “He calls himself Big Emboar. Emboar is #2 in the circuit, and is one of the older aged fighters in the league.”

“How old?”

“50. He hasn’t even been in the CPFA for a year though, but is actually very difficult to knockdown. From him on, the fighters are a lot more frustrating to beat.”

“Wow.” A Kadabra caught Hitmonchan’s eye. “Who is that Kadabra? Roselia mentioned him at one point.”

“That mystical man is known as Great Kadabra. Not The Great Kadabra, his father. He doesn’t like to speak often to others, but when he does, he has a lot to say.” Dewott closed his eyes and listened carefully. “Toxicroak, show yourself!” The blue Pokémon turned around quickly, with Hitmonchan slowly following. However, the Fighting type didn’t see anything. At that moment, a Toxicroak fell from above. Both Hitmonchan and Throh jumped back in surprise.

“Thanks for blowing my cover, Dewott…” The Poison type sarcastically muttered.

“This sly one is Spy Toxicroak. He is an ex-secret agent from several years ago. Due to the training it took him to become a spy, he is quite a strong competitor.

“You better believe it… I’m battling Emboar next, though I doubt I’ll be able to get past him due to his powerful attacks.” Toxicroak then leapt onto the ceiling to continue spying from above.

Throh then asked a question. “I see… So who is the champion of this circuit?”

“The champion… is not here right now, and only comes here occasionally. Honestly though, the champion’s power is sort of random. At one point the champ was high in the OU Circuit, and another was in the complete bottom of this one.”

“Just like you, right?”

“Aye. I do admit however that the champ is stronger than me… Anyhow, Hitmonchan, prepare for a tough fight when you challenge me!”

“We’ll see Dewott, we’ll see.”