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Poké Punch-Out!! (Rated PG)


Back in Blue
Thanks for the review! Hopefully the chapter after this one will be funny, for a new Original Character is going to be announced then, as well as the one two chapters after that one. Ah well. Piston Dewott/Piston Honda/o doesn't have much to be worked upon to make him funny...

Chapter 10: Piston Dewott

Hitmonchan entered his new stadium, which he was in when he saw the fight between Dewott and Chansey. This time though, he was the one who would be fighting. Dewott was already at the ring, waiting for him. He bowed in respect once Hitmonchan arrived.

“Greetings, I am Dewott.” The Discipline Pokémon then went into his battling stance.

“Uh… I knew that already.” Hitmonchan took out his Battle Logger and scanned him.

“Piston Dewott. #4 of the Under Used Circuit. Record is 36 wins, 8 losses, 35 KOs. Height is 5’9’, weight is 65 lbs, and age is 22. Random fact: Piston Dewott has a twin brother.”

“Don’t underestimate me, Hitmonchan. Unlike the previous fighters I am very serious about my fighting!” The crowd yelled behind his side, showing that he was quite a popular contender.


Piston Dewott began the fight with a few swift Water Pulse attacks, which Hitmonchan dodged and countered accordingly. “I missed?!” Then, he bowed in respect to his opponent once more. Hitmonchan did what Chansey did and attacked him at this time for a Star.

“Sky Uppercut!”

“Oh man… It hurts!” Dewott was knocked aside, but recovered, and charged up a Razor Shell attack. Hitmonchan dodged, but not the right way and got his as a result. Dewott then continued with two more Water Pulses, which Hitmonchan dodged and countered. The Disclipline Pokémon then kneeled to one side to prepare for another attack.

“Hiy-yah!” Dewott unleashed a strong Revenge attack, however missed due to how big his tell was. “Hmm?” Hitmonchan hit him a few more times and knocked him down for the first time. Dewott ran around to the middle of the ring and muttered some words before falling. “Fwah! The sea… the sea…”

“One…two…three…four…five…” Dewott pushed himself back onto the ring and continued the fight with another Revenge attack, then did a special move.

Dewott hopped back, and jumped a few more times before speaking. “Fury Cutter!” Hitmonchan remembered this attack, but didn’t necessarily know how to dodge it. He tried dodging once, but it didn’t help as he kept getting hit by the bladed scalchop. After getting hit four times, Dewott landed a knockdown on Hitmonchan with a quick Revenge attack. “Fwah hah hah ha!”

“One…two…three…four…” Hitmonchan grabbed the ropes of the ring, and used them to pull himself back up. “Fight!”

Dewott bowed as he got back up, which Hitmonchan used as a Star opportunity. He then punched right before a Water Pulse attack was used for another Star, and executed a Level 2 Sky Uppercut. However…

“Round over!”


“My brother once told me something. If your head and your heart are at peace, even the heavy fire stays cool.

“Even though you’ve been knocked down once, that still doesn’t mean you’re outta the game! Special moves like that have an opening right as they’re about to hit you! Hitmonchan, counter-punch that Fury Cutter of his!”

“Makes sense. Hey, can I have some of your chocolate again?”

“Sure! Now send that smart sucka right back to his dojo!” Throh handed his apprentice a piece of his chocolate.


Before the next round, Dewott was doing some practice attacks. “One! Two…three… One! Two…three…” A Wobbuffet placed some screen windows around him as he was doing so. The odd Pokémon assumingly was his coach, at least in Hitmonchan’s eyes.

“Fight!” Dewott opened with another bow to his opponent, which Hitmonchan rudely used as an opportunity to attack for a star. After that, one Sky Uppercut knocked Dewott down once again.


Dewott slowly got back up again, and under his breath, complained “Argh… One more round!” He then used a Revenge attack, which easily backfired. Dewott then jumped back for his Fury Cutter attack.

“Fury Cutter!” Right as he was about to make contact, the Fighting type Bullet Punched him in the stomach, instantly knocking him down. “Fwah! The match… is mine…”


“Urgh… Not done yet!” Dewott was a bit scatterbrained as he got back up, and attempted to use his special Fury Cutter attack AGAIN, despite it failing the last time. It proved uneffective, as Hitmonchan countered it, knocking him to the edge of the ring.

“Ugh! I’ve failed… Ugh!” The ring’s ropes struggled to repel him back up, but it didn’t.”

“TKO! Little Hitmonchan is the winner!”

As the live camera focused in on Hitmonchan, he grinned and let out a small, but victorious laugh to the camera.

“Ha, ha, ha. All those old fighters have once told me that “Competitive play is fighting, backed by technique.” … I think you’ve proved that, son! Great fight, great fight!” Doc Throh then handed his apprentice 1350 Pokédollars. “Now that we’re in the larger circuits, the money basis will keep going up!”
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Don't use my avi -_-
Awesome! I've been a fan "under the radar" and have been thinking about making my own fanfic.

If anything, giving more character development in non-fight chaps or a twist in fight chaps. I have an idea of where it will be (if there WILL be one^_^")


Catcher of Ubers
Sorry I haven't posted in a while I just caught up with all of your chapters though. The jokes are just getting funnier and funnier as the story goes on. This scene:

Throh sighed and spoke sarcastically. “Great. Just great. I see a bunch of sweaty Pokémon
and I miss the next episode of Entrainment.”

“They have TV there. And it’s all free.” Throh suddenly jumped.

“Better grab some more chocolate bars!” The red Pokémon hustled through his drawers for more candy.

as well as the bike chasing scene just had me rolling. I also like Lopunny's reason for dating Furret lol!

As for the fight scenes, those were also very good and action-packed. I also like the introduction of Kadabra, he seems like he'll be a cool character.

My only critique is that the chapters can be a bit too short. Well done, though. Keep it up!


Back in Blue
Thanks for the reviews, guys! Yes, I do realize my chapters are short, and I'll try to extend them. This chapter is very short, sadly. Was at a loss of ideas for this chapter- the chapter was originally named Deeper Dew. Yeah, that's how bad it was. The fights are going to be longer after a bit as well. Kadabra's going to be a notable Pokémon later on, just put that in the back of your mind for now.

A question to you all: How many of you actually have played Punch-Out? Just wanted to know.

Chapter 11: Dewott at Dawn

As Hitmonchan and Doc Throh were heading to the Locker Room for the day, Throh wanted to tell his apprentice something. “Hey, Hitmonchan!”


“Since you’ve gotten to the UU Circuit… I think it’s time to teach you the deeper secrets of Competitive Fighting that every fighter should know.”

“Really? Cool!” Hitmonchan then stopped walking. “But if every fighter should know them, wouldn’t you have told me them already?”

“Uh… Well it’s been so long that I’ve sorta forgot. Ha hah hah! Anyhow, I’ve gotten in touch with one of my friends from back then, and she’s going to be traveling around here in a bit. So I told her about you, and how you’re still starting out. She then said, in her own words, that she “would be quite passionate to instruct the fundamentally important techniques of quality modification, providing a more manageable environment for your skirmishes.” … Yeah.”

“….. What?”

“Yep, she’s a genius all right. You know you’re a genius when no one could comprehend a single sentence you’ve spoken, ha ha hah! Anyhow, she should arrive next week, so there’s something to look forward to.”

“…Good to know.” Hitmonchan and Throh entered the UU Locker Room, and saw the same Pokémon they saw the last time they entered. However, the two did notice Dewott typing something on a small portable laptop of his. Curious, Hitmonchan asked him what it was there for.

“Hey, Dewott. Cool computer.”

“Thanks. I got it several years ago.”

“Oh, I see… So what are you using it for?”

“I’m sending in my winnings from the fight back to the General Unovian Hospital.”


“A hospital in my hometown. I make a deposit of my fight money in often to support it,” Dewott then turned away. “… for I have family members who are being treated there.”

Both Hitmonchan and Throh felt bad towards Dewott. “Oh… I’m so sorry…” Throh spoke first.

“Makes me feel a bit bad for winning back there…”

Dewott then smiled. “It’s no problem. We all have a reason to keep fighting, and losing is natural. While others may fight for fame, they will also expect more out of you, giving you less time for the things important. Just a thought not many fighters around here realize these days.”

“…I see.” Hitmonchan turned to Throh and glared when he saw him chomping on his chocolate bar the whole time. He then gulped it down.

“Huh? No problem… I heard ya!” A Wobbuffet then went up to Dewott after chatting with the other fighters.

“Oh hey, Doc Throh! I remember you from back then!”

“Hmm? Wobbuffet? Uh… I do recall a Wobbuffet in the low CPFA back then, I forget your fighting name though… Was it Wobble Wobbuffet?”

“Whiplash Wobbuffet was my name, heh heh! I coach Dewott now, and I see you’re coaching a fighter as well.”

“True that!” After hearing Throh chat with Wobbuffet about older fighters, technology, and Entrainment for a while, Hitmonchan decided to go turn around and hear what the other fighters were saying. But right when he turned around…


“Wah! You gotta stop sneaking up onto others like that, Toxicroak!”

“It’s what I do. Once you become a spy in black, you never go back. But to the main subject- I lost to Emboar, and it turns out my next opponent is going to be you.”

“Oh. Ok then! I’d really appreciate it though if you stopped jumping from the ceiling like a peon!” Hitmonchan’s voice went from normal to annoyed at the last part.

“…Croak…” Toxicroak sauntered away, but when Hitmonchan wasn’t looking, leapt up to the ceiling again.


Don't use my avi -_-
Put in another chapter before the next fight if possible plox.

This REALLY reminds me of the fight circuits of Paper Mario TTYD.


Back in Blue
Sorry, sorta can't do that since I prepare the Chapters a few chapters in advance. Plus it sorta ruins the whole system I've got planned out: 1 fight chapter, 1 outside of fight chapter, rinse and repeat. I'm pretty sure Paper Mario TTYD ripped that off of Punch-Out, though that game only has two circuits and is only part of the game. I'd know, I love Paper Mario.

That aside, this is the chapter containing the original fighter, Spy Toxicroak, who is not based off of anyone in Punch-Out:

Chapter 12: Spy Toxicroak

Hitmonchan entered the navy blue ring, and Toxicroak was not there. However, he looked up, and could plainly see the Poison type on the ceiling.

“Hello, Toxicroak… Didn’t I tell you to stop doing that?”

“Croak… I can’t, it’s vital for my winning percentages. The more I observe your strategy, the better chance I have at winning…” Hitmonchan brought out his Battle Logger and scanned the toxic frog.

“Spy Toxicroak. #3 of the Under Used Circuit. Record is 29 wins, 13 losses, 24 KOs. Height is 5’3’, weight is 98 lbs, and age is 31. Random fact: Spy Toxicroak can stick to a flat surface for up to 22.3 hours.”

“Humph, I guess my dad was right. Spies are actually stalkers.” Suddenly, Toxicroak’s eyes enlarged themselves.

“How dare YOU! Spies have a long history of being heroes! I'd ramble on about it, except I'm sure this chapter would be very boring with it. Wall-breaking aside, it’s on, now!”


Toxicroak brought his arm to the far left, and swung it at Hitmonchan for a Mud Slap attack. He then brought his fist back for a Poison Jab, however Hitmonchan dodged and countered. Toxicroak tried another two Mud Slap attacks, which both missed. At that point, Toxicroak did a slightly devious laugh.

“Heh heh heh…” He leaned his head back, while appearing to be charging something. Then, he spat out a Sludge Bomb attack right at Hitmonchan’s face!

“Ugh, gross!” Hitmonchan struggled to wipe off the sticky and smelly sludge off of his body, but by the time he did that he got hit by a Poison Jab attack. Against the next Mud Slap, however, Hitmonchan countered it to get a Star. “Sky Uppercut!”

“Croak… Agh!” The blow knocked Toxicroak far to the left, however did not seem as strong as his previous uppercuts. The opponent recovered and attempted to hit back with a Poison Jab. Hitmonchan dodged and countered for another star, and hit Toxicroak with a Dig attack, knocking him down. “Croooak…”

The Raichu in black and white stepped in to do his regular counting. “One…two…three…four…five…”

“Croak?” Toxicroak shook his head to get his mind back in the game, and jumped right back up.

“Fight!”After missing a Mud Slap, he then used a new attack- Brick Break, which couldn’t be ducked, and Hitmonchan, who did so, was knocked down. “Sorry, it had to be done.”

“One…two…three…four…” Hitmonchan grabbed the ropes of the ring, and used them to pull himself back up. “Fight!”

Toxicroak laughed at his opponent as a taunt, which Hitmonchan used as a Star opportunity, and hit him with a Dig attack, doing quite a bit of damage, a lot more than his Sky Uppercut did. The Poison/Fighting type then used another Sludge Bomb attack, except the pure Fighting type knew to dodge this time, and hit back with a flurry of Fire and Thunder Punches. After countering another Poison Jab attack, Toxicroak fell once again!

“One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…” The Toxicroak sprang right back up, but unfortunately for him, the round time was up. “Round over!”


“Hitmonchan, I can tell you’re underestimating my skills… Well, those who have done so should’ve suited themselves…” Toxicroak laid back a bit on the edge of the ring, admiring his sharp poison stingers.

“Hey, hey, Hitmonchan! I heard this awesome thing came out recently!”

“Really? What is it?”

“It’s called… The Nintendo Fun Club! Join it, today!”

“… What the heck was that?”

“Oh, I entered one of those Nintendo Advertising Giveaways on TV recently. For every Pokémon I refer to the Nintendo Fun Club, and makes an account and submits a survey, I get 10 coins! Up to a limit of 200! Now join the Nintendo Fun Club today, Hitmonchan!”

“Uh… sure… Once you give me my chocolate, anyway.” The puncher chomped up the chocolate bar, and then added on to what he said. “And I hope you don’t say that too much- don’t want the viewers thinking this fan-fic is bad because it breaks the fourth wall.”

“What fan-fic? Don’t tell me you’ve been reading my Entrainment shipping ones!” The television watcher then realized what he just said. “Oops. Pretend I didn’t say anything!”


Toxicroak creepily rolled right into the ring and sprang forth into combat. He started off with a Poison Jab, which Hitmonchan dodged and countered. He then avoided and reacted to two more Brick Break attacks. Toxicroak croaked at his opponent’s weak abilities, but Hitmonchan got a Star off of hitting him from that, and smacked him with a Dig, knocking him down.

“One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight…” Toxicroak was severely injured at this point, but still had the will to continue the match. “Fight!”

After getting hit by a surprise Mud Slap, the Fighting type countered another Mud Slap for a star, and then the Poison type prepared for a Sludge Bomb attack.

“Heh heh… Sludge Bomb!” Hitmonchan decided to try if he could use his Dig attack, right as Toxicroak approached him… and sure enough, it was at the exact right time for an instant knock out! “!!! Croak… Toxicroak span around, and tried to escape via jumping to the ceiling… Except the jump made him leap onto the floor instead.

“Knock out! The winner is Little Hitmonchan!” Hitmonchan was rather exhausted from the many hits he took, but he could still raise his arm in victory.

“Ya know Hitmonchan, the more matches you win… The more fights you win… The more chocolate Grampa Throh lets me eat! Hah hah hah! Actually, no, he doesn’t care anymore… Anyhow, here’s the prize money!” The red Pokémon gave his apprentice 1480 Pokédollars.
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OOOOOOO, breaking the fourth wall... ehh....


Back in Blue
Just added optional music for the last few fights since I forgot too. Anyhow, this chapter introduces a, original character that will be known more as the chapters progress... The chapter name practically spells it out, but Punch-Out players will think otherwise... Anyhow, here is:

Chapter 13: UU Champ Revealed?

As the two fighters were stepping towards the UU Locker Room, one of them was singing out his enthusiasm.

“O-o-o-o-o-o-oooh! I’m unbeatable! I’m walkin’ down this endless highway! With nothin’ but Doc Throh besides me! I’ll never give in, I’ll never rest! The UU Circuit is the ultimate-test! From the earth, the land, the sea, and sky… They can never win, but they sure can try!”

“Ah… Hitmonchan… I think you’ve reached that stage in a fighter’s life.”

Hitmonchan paused in mid-song. “O-o-o-o- what stage?”

“The stage where you start getting overconfident and then get on a losing streak. I think the term is called “Breaking the Cutie” in some internet circles.”

“What are you talking about? It’s not overconfidence if it’s true!”

“Um, yes it is.” The two entered the UU Locker Room, and the bragging beater immediately noticed something different about the locker room. A new Pokémon was in the vicinity, and it definitely caught Hitmonchan’s interest. He slowly crept to examine more closely. And by closely, he meant EXTREMELY close:

The Pokémon had what appeared to be a giant and light green tulip collection, shaped of what appeared to be a dress. Two extra long leaves went from her back to her feet, which looked like roots of some kind. As she turned, a long leaf the size of her body was dangling on her head. The Pokémon readjusted a yellow flower was on the top of her head with white markings on it, and that flower had a gold filament with a red anther, which looked like a crown. This was all Hitmonchan could see from behind, so said Pokémon crept closer and watched the new creature go up to Great Kadabra, and eavesdropped on the conversation.

“Hey, Kadabra! You did great on the Title Match back there!”

“Yep. That Razor Leaf attack was what did the most damage to me.” This was the first time Hitmonchan heard Kadabra speak.

“Well, maybe next time! That Grass Knot combo attack looked pretty strong.”

“Yeah, I sorta need to work more on that.”

“The key to mastering a Grass Knot is to not thrust the vines out, it’s to make it curve out so the enemy trips. Anyways, I need to go now, gotta go practice my dancing for my class.”

“Right. Talk to you later, Lilligant.” Hitmonchan quickly hid behind a locker to avoid being seen by the Lilligant, probably due to instinct. He then was about to go grab Throh when Toxicroak fell from the ceiling in front of him. He looked a bit angry.

“Fwah! I seriously wish you would stop with that.”

“Hey, you need to stop with the spying. That’s my job around here! I’m not named Spy Toxicroak just because of my sly poison and attacking technique! Then again…” Toxicroak then started to think, as Hitmonchan ignored him and went to Throh.

“Hey Doc, did you see the new girl?”

“You mean that Lilligant? Yeah, I did, but only a glimpse because I’m reading this informative and leak-filled Entrainment article.”

“TV shows have leaks? I thought only games do… Anyhow, I was doing some thinking, and remember how Dewott said that the champion wasn’t there at the time?” The reading Entrainment fan nodded. “Well, that Lilligant must be the champion of the UU League! I overheard her talking with Kadabra about “the title match” and how their attacks were!”

“Well, that Lilligant may have just been a fan or something…”

“Fans can’t enter the Locker Room without an I.D Card.”

“Don’t they have that thing that allows close friends and family members to enter? And didn’t Glass Furret say…”

“Well yeah, they have cards like that, but I don’t think fans would just go up to other fighters and talk to them straight on, there would have to be some sort of an impression.”

“Well… Ah… Ugh, I just want to read my Entrainment. I gotta see if any new characters debut!” Throh shifted his attention back to his article, and after a bit, squinted closer, before finding the article leak. “Oh wow, an Exploud is going to debut! Hope he doesn’t end up being put back on a bus like poor Lairon was…” At that point, Hitmonchan moved towards his locker, and found Big Emboar close to it.

“Oh hey, Hitmonchan! You’re my next match!”

“Really? Didn’t know that… Wait, how do you know me?”

“I often watch the other fights, plus I like your fighting style, kiddo. It’s nice to see that fighters start young, because I started pretty old. So old in fact, that I’ve got Grandchildren watching me back at home!”

“Must be cool for them to have a Grandpa that kicks butt.”

“Yeah, well…” Emboar started to frown. “I still don’t really think they respect me. But one of these days… They will!”

“Hah, I would respect you if you were my grandpa. How long have you been in the league?”

“Longer than most of the other fighters, actually. I know Furret, Gyarados, Kadabra, Rampardos, and Machamp well from back in the day.”

“Woah, who are those guys?”

“Heh heh, with the skills you’ve got right now, you’ll get to know them in no time at all.”
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kitty sneeze!!
Okay sorry I am back from vacation and am ready to R R and R
This was the only mistake that I think I saw in all the chapters seince... well chap 9 Ok here we go.----------------------------------------------------------------
Hitmonchan quickly hit behind a locker to avoid being seen by the Lilligant, probably due to instinct.
You said hit did you mean hid
Now for the best//funiest parts.--------------------------------------------------

Here in my opinion is the funniest one form chap 10
“Makes sense. Hey, can I have some of your chocolate again?”

“Sure! Now send that smart sucka right back to his dojo!” Throh handed his apprentice a piece of his chocolate.

Here is chap 11---------------------------------------------------------------------

“Wah! You gotta stop sneaking up onto others like that, Toxicroak!”

“It’s what I do. Once you become a spy in black, you never go back. But to the main subject- I lost to Emboar, and it turns out my next opponent is going to be you.”

“Oh. Ok then! I’d really appreciate it though if you stopped jumping from the ceiling like a peon!” Hitmonchan’s voice went from normal to annoyed at the last part.

“…Croak…” Toxicroak sauntered away, but when Hitmonchan wasn’t looking, leapt up to the ceiling again.
Ok soooooo those parts are always halarious but I think this one was the best!
In chap 12 I am not going to CP this because it would be to long. But this part was the entire *INTERMISSION*.------------------------------------------------

Capter 13
“O-o-o-o-o-o-oooh! I’m unbeatable! I’m walkin’ down this endless highway! With nothin’ but Doc Throh besides me! I’ll never give in, I’ll never rest! The UU Circuit is the ultimate-test! From the earth, the land, the sea, and sky… They can never win, but they sure can try!”
“Ah… Hitmonchan… I think you’ve reached that stage in a fighter’s life.”
Hitmonchan paused in mid-song. O-o-o-o-o what stage?”
anyway (sorry about the long post) over all the only thing I would change is make the posts a bit longer ( like makeing two chaps one) over all 9/10


Catcher of Ubers
More well-done chapters! Yet again I didn't find any errors or anything that needs improved. At this point I'm reading for pure enjoyment rather than critiquing. Doc Throh continues to crack me up and be my favorite character. Usually fourth wall jokes are lame imo but this one:

“Uh… sure… Once you give me my chocolate, anyway.” The puncher chomped up the chocolate bar, and then added on to what he said. “And I hope you don’t say that too much- don’t want the viewers thinking this fan-fic is bad because it breaks the fourth wall.”

“What fan-fic? Don’t tell me you’ve been reading my Entrainment shipping ones!” The television watcher then realized what he just said. “Oops. Pretend I didn’t say anything!”

was pulled off in a very clever and hilarious way! I'd like to see Doc Throh's fics....lol.

Fight scenes are good as always, too. To answer your question I've seen and played Punch Out here and there but never played it too much. I know enough about it to understand the names of the characters and circuits and other Punch Out references. Keep it up! Nice job! (And btw Gyarados in the ring? Yeesh, that sounds scary!)


Back in Blue
Alrighty then, this chapter is an average fight chapter, mostly because Bear Hugger is better when he's in real form, writing him out is harder to make fun of his jokes. Originally, I was going to make him a Sealeo/Walrein, except I scrapped the idea because Emboar seemed more goofy. I can promise you guys that the next chapter is the longest and best chapter so far; it involves Kadabra.

I'm hoping from this point on the chapters get longer- I have combined one chapter to another to do so, actually. Anyhow...

Chapter 14: Big Emboar

As Hitmonchan was entering the ring, Emboar was showing off his muscles to the audience, who cheered for him. His coach, a Beartic was giving him pointers.

“Don’t be such a braggart, Emboar! The crowd loves the humble ones!”

“Huh. Never seen a Beartic before.” Hitmonchan noted as he brought out his Battle Logger.

“Big Emboar. #2 of the Under Used Circuit. Record is 25 wins, 10 losses, 10 KOs. Height is 5’11’, weight is 396 lbs, and age is 50. Random fact: Big Emboar had a Sealeo as a cousin, who used to be rather low in the Never Used Circuit.”

“Hmm. Interesting.” Hitmonchan turned to his coach. “Have you heard of a Sealeo fighter or a Beartic coach?”

“No, and nope. I have heard about Emboar before, however. Haven’t fought him at all, but others say he’s the divider between the hard fighters and the easy ones. Stay on your toes!” The toeless Pokémon looked down to see if he had any toes.

“… I have shoes on all the time. I don’t think I have any toes… I don’t even think I have fingers…”

“Well I do! Try not to question it, because you’ll end up giving yourself a migraine in the end.”


The jumbo-sized Fire/Fighting type stuck his tongue out, which ended up being Fire Punched, making his tongue on fire. Since Emboar was already a Fire type, it didn’t hurt much.

“Sky Uppercut!”

“Oh no… WOW!” The uppercut knocked Emboar’s upper body rather far, but as he came back, he prepared to do his Arm Thrust. Hitmonchan tried dodging to the left, except got hit by the attack. “Sock eye!” The next time he attempted it the pure Fighting type dodged to the right to counter the attack. The next attack Emboar used was Hammer Arm, and barely missed the target and smashed into the ground. Hitmonchan tried a Bullet Punch, except it knocked Emboar out of his stun. “Gah! Heh, that didn’t hurt much.”

“I’m guessing he resists body blows a lot…” Hitmonchan dodged a few more Arm Thrusts and instead countered with Thunder and Fire Punches. Then the party Fire type stuck his toungue out again, which was smacked back into his face, and was hit by a Dig attack.

“Tim-burr!!!” Emboar completely fell on his back, making the ring rumble a bit. Raichu struggled to ignore the shockwaves and started his counting.

“One…two…three…four…five…” Emboar shook his head to get himself back up, and stood back up. He missed with another Arm Thrust before executing his special move.

“NEED A HUG?!” Emboar howled.

“No, not really- wait what?!” Emboar leaned back and slammed his 342 lb. body mass at the 110 lb. Hitmonchan, doing major damage to him. Hitmonchan retaliated by dodging an Arm Thrust and countering, doing the same for a Hammer Arm.

“Body Slam!” Emboar used his special move once again, and while Hitmonchan tried to dodge, the attack hit every area of movement except ducking, knocking the fighter down. The Fire/Fighting type gloatingly laughed at his enemy’s knockdown. “A ha hah hah hah hah! Yah hah hah hah!”

“One…two…three…four…” Hitmonchan pulled himself back to fight the gloating pig.

“Rah! Rah! Need a-“ Before Emboar could start his special move, the match was stopped by Raichu.

“Round over!”


“Hey, hoser! Did you know that I eat fish… raw?! Hah!”

Emboar’s coach Beartic corrected him. “Um… no you don’t. Eating Magikarp and Finneon would be wrong.”

“Hey, be quiet! I’m trying to scare him! Now… I’m going to take a nap…” In a few seconds, Emboar was fast asleep, snoring loudly. The Beartic let him have his sleep, but looked a bit unimpressed.

“Yo, Hitmonchan. I heard this phrase once- it may be helpful.”

“Really? What is it, Doc?”

“There are many ways to climb a hill, but there is only one way to swim a river.”

Hitmonchan blinked a few times, thought for a second, but still didn’t know what it meant. “What the heck does that have to do with anything?”

“How should I know? A Stoutland from the streets told me that this morning. But if that sentence is true… There’s many ways to eat chocolate, but there’s only one way… to eat a chocolate bar! Ah hah hah hah hah hah!” Doc Throh laughed for a good thirty seconds, until he finally gave his apprentice a chocolate bar after realizing his joke wasn’t funny to anyone else.


Emboar was drinking honey from the jug, which moderately disgusted Hitmonchan, and even more when the fat Fire/Fighting type belched in his face.


“……..Excuse you.” The match went from where it left off, with Emboar trying to use a Body Slam attack, but Hitmonchan smartly ducked, and countered with a flurry of punches, the last one right in the gut.

“Oooooh! Guh…” Emboar, even with such massive body mass, could not take another punch at that point, and just fell over.

“One...two…three…four…five…six…” Emboar got up from his behind, and started with a few more Arm Thrusts followed with a Brick Break, which all missed and got hit back.

“NEED A HUG?!” The punching Pokémon did not need a hug at the time, so he ducked and attacked back. Hitmonchan then countered an Arm Thrust for a star, and unleashed a Dig attack, which he realized at the time did more than a Sky Uppercut, knocking Emboar down again!

“One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight…” Emboar was low on stamina, but would not give up a fight, and continued on. He Brick Broke his enemy, but got hit before he could attempt an Arm Thrust. The pig started to lean to the edge of the ring…


Hitmonchan then dramatically screamed. “NO! Sky Uppercut!” Countering the Body Slam with a Sky Uppercut instantly knocked him down, and since he already took two knock downs…

“GUH-HUH!!!” Emboar started spinning around, until the ring’s ropes caught him. “Guh… Guh!” Emboar was then sitting on the floor, until he passed out from exhaustion. “Ugh…”

“TKO! The winner is Little Hitmonchan!”

Hitmonchan was rather exhausted from the many hits he took, but he could still raise his arm in victory. He dragged himself to his coach.

“Unstoppable, Hitmonchan… You’re unstoppable! You fight like a lion… A LION!”

“…What the heck is a lion?”

“Uh…” Throh scratched his head to think of a lion, because the phrase just naturally came to him- even he didn’t know what a lion was. “You fight like a Cobalion! A COBALION!”

“Oh. That makes sense.” Hitmonchan and Throh received 1670 Pokédollars.
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Time for the next chapter, which in opinion, is probably the best chapter yet. Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 15: The Great’s Past

Throh seemed rather excited as he and his apprentice were traveling to the UU Locker Room. “She’s coming in two days!”

“Who?” The red Pokémon slammed his palm towards his face.

“The Pokémon that I told you was coming a few days ago! She’s going to teach you type advantages and type disadvantages, because I haven’t a clue on how to describe them easily.”

“Type… advantages?”

“It’s a standard for all fighters to know, it’s just I’m not good at memorizing it, so I’ll let someone else teach you.”

Hitmonchaned grinned and snickered. “Really? Sounds like you’re just too lazy eating chocolate bars and watching Entrainment to study it.”

“Wha- hey! No! I seriously am not the best at academics! And yes, I guess Entrainment counts too…” Hitmonchan and Throh entered the locker room, and right as they settled down, a fanfare noise is heard.


“Huh? You play Zelda?” Throh heard the noise coming from Hitmonchan. The Pokémon reached into his pack and pulled out an old cell phone, and picked it up… realizing it was his father!


“Hitmonchan! We saw you on TV yesterday! It seems you’ve been chasing your dream!”

“Hey dad! Yep, and I’m being coached by Doc Throh!”

“Really now? How is he in real life?” Hitmonchan glanced at the red Pokémon trying to eat three chocolate bars at once, but failing.

“He is… cool. Anyhow, how are Mom and Gothita doing?”

“Mom’s doing well. I think your sister is starting to get her pre-Gothorita personality kicking in. Want to hear it?” Hitmonchan made a silent yes, and waited a few seconds before getting a response.

“Big brother?”

“Hey sis! How’s it going?”

“Agh, it’s been horrible. I lost in my School Spelling Bee to that dumb, cheating Drowzee! Brother, if you come back here can you beat him up like you did with that big guy on TV?”

“Heh heh heh, I don’t think I can do that, sis. I’m fighting Pokémon more than three times as strong as Drowzee- I don’t have time for him!” Gothita sighed, sounding disappointed, so Hitmonchan tried adding another line. “-But maybe when you evolve, I can teach you how to use a Fire Punch!”

“Cool, big brother! Then I can beat up Drowzee for cheating! Ok, bye-bye!” The call ended, with Hitmonchan realizing what he had just done. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he heard a voice.

“Were you talking to your family?”

“Yeah, I was-“ Hitmonchan turned to see that Kadabra was watching and listening to the whole conversation! “Oh hey! You’re Kadabra! I was, actually.”

“I could tell. You spoke to your father first, who was a Hitmontop, and then you younger sister, a Gothita.”

“How did you- Oh wait, Psychic types can do that.”

“Mm hm. You’re extremely lucky to have a father…”

“Wait, what?” As the Fighting type questioned him, Kadabra stood up.

“Stand right there. I do not enjoy speaking about my past, and this is more enjoyable… I will create a psychic flashback and speak inside your mind.” Kadabra shifted his hand towards Hitmonchan, and it started to glow. “Psywave!”

VVVVVSSSSSSSHHHHHH! Only Hitmonchan could hear the attack, and no one else really noticed.

“My family has always been a performing family. My father, having a stage name of The Great Kadabra, was a great magician.” Hitmonchan experienced a flashback of Kadabra’s father, who was also a Kadabra, performing a simple card trick for his son, who was an Abra at the time. “My mother, a Medicham, was always his assistant in his magic tricks.” The Great Kadabra was on a stage, sawing Medicham in half. It was all just an illusion, however, and the Fighting/Psychic hybrid was just fine. “I wanted to continue that tradition, and learned many psychic tricks to show to my friends.”

Kadabra’s tone then changed to a more serious one. “However, that all changed on that one day. On one late night at a performance, the current CPFA Champion was passing by. We all know him and how controversial he was…”

Hitmonchan witnessed The Great Kadabra doing one of his infamous magic tricks, when the CPFA Champion started sauntering through the crowd in anger. The Pokémon gasped in worry and avoided the champion as much as possible, who was groaning angrily.

“That trick is a LIE, you here?!” The Great Kadabra, his son, and the lovely assistant Medicham turned their attention to the Champion of the CPFA.

“It’s… Mewk Twoson…” The words slipped out of The Great Kadabra’s mouth.

“Yeah dat’s right! And all those tricks are all a hoax! A scam! A lie! Just like my love!”

“Let me guess, your wife dumped you?” Medicham asked.

“Dang, right! And I am FURIOUS!!!” The Mewtwo in a rage unleashed a Psychic attack on the stage, throwing chairs, curtains, and other Pokémon everywhere! The cat-like monster pointed towards the magician. “YOU’RE NEXT!”

“Wha-what did I do wrong?”

“YOU stole my wife! I saw her with a Kadabra! It MUST be you!”

“But I have a Medicham as my wife, and have a son…”

“IT’S WORSE THAN I THOUGHT! I WILL CRUSH YOU!” The Mewtwo with obviously no self-control and common sense started charging a Shadow Ball. “RAH! DIE!” The champion shot multiple Shadow Balls over and over against The Great Kadabra.

“No! Dad!” Kadabra as an Abra screamed in horror seeing his father being hit over and over with super-effective Shadow Balls from one of the strongest Pokémon in history. Even after it had fainted, Mewtwo just kept logging Shadow Balls continuously, showing no regrets. After at least twenty Shadow Balls, a police Arcanine Crunched onto him, making him flinch.

“That’s enough, Mewtwo.” Multiple Arcanine dashed in and Crunched onto the cat as well, dragging him away.

The flashback cut to a hospital, where The Great Kadabra was being treated from his wounds, with his wife and son watching.

“Kadabra has taken 3196% of its current HP.” The intelligent Audino nurse informed. “I’m sorry to inform you that he won’t be out for a long time… We’ll need to get 50 Max Revives, 60 Max Potions, if not 84 Hyper Potions…”

Both Pokémon started to get teary, until The Great Kadabra struggled to speak. “Ah…Abr….a…”

“Dad?” Abra went up towards his severely injured father on a bed, with multiple cords attached to him. “What is it dad?”

“Fuh-fight… Fuh-for… me… Duh-defeat Muh-Mewk-Tuh-tuh-Tewkson… Ugh… Buh-buh bee-cuh-come…duh… cha-cha-cha… champ… eee… un!”

“And from that point on…” Kadabra started speaking through Hitmonchan’s mind again. “I knew I had to fight for my father. Mewtwo scarred me through my father, and he will not get away with this! As soon as I evolved, I entered the CPFA.”

A sort-of montage like scene was shown to the Fighting type. It showed Kadabra beating effortlessly Glass Furret with a Psybeam attack. Then the Psychic type was knocking out a Staravia in just a few seconds. It then showed him using Grass Knot on a Rampardos after a tough fight. Kadabra then Shadow Balled a colossal Tangrowth, while both were on their last breath. Up next was Kadabra attacking Big Emboar easily. After that was attacking a Combusken with a Confusion, with mild damage done to himself. Dramatically, Great Kadabra finished off a powerful Gyarados with a Psybeam. Great Kadabra’s great successes were not all successful however, as the next scene showed Kadabra on the floor, having lost to a Machamp.

“Welcome… to my world.” The Machamp delivered said line while slipping some shades on, and flew off on a helicopter, into the sky… which didn’t make sense because the arena was inside.

“Even after Mewk Twoson retired, I still continue to aim for the top, for my father.”
At that point, the psychic flashback ended, and Hitmonchan was back to normal.

“I-I‘m so sorry for you… That explains why you don’t speak much…”

“Thank you… Please realize however, that I will go full power for our match tomorrow.” Kadabra turned to leave, and Throh came up to his apprentice.

“What were you doing there? You sort of blacked out for a bit. Were you thinking about that Lilligant again?”

“What?! No! Well, I’ll tell you later…”


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Hello! Just read your two most recent chaoters so here goes:

Emboar leaned back and slammed his 342 lb. body mass at the 110 lb. Hitmonchan

Hmm...something tells me Hitmonchan is in the wrong weight class lol. I enjoyed the fight with Embroar and it was nice seeing Hitmonchan get knocked down and challenged more than usual. Throh is hilarious as always.

You were right in saying Ch 15 is the best. I definitely like seeing Hitmonchan's family and some of his background as well as Kadabra's. Very serious flashback with what will be an epic villain I'm sure. Mewk Twoson? Epic pun, man!

Nice job as always!


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Glad to see you liked it! Excuse the wait for how long it took to post this; I'm literally pressed for time right now, but I haven't put much of a break in for newer readers to jump in anyway, so that's a plus for now. Anyhow:

Chapter 16: Great Kadabra
“Ready to fight, Hitmonchan?” Throh encouraged his apprentice.

“I don’t know… after that series of psychic flashbacks I don’t know if beating him will be the right thing to do… Then I’ll feel guilty.”

“Come on! You’re at the ring already, you can’t stop now!” Hitmonchan sadly entered the ring and met Great Kadabra there.

“I am… the greatest…” Kadabra muttered as Hitmonchan brought out his Battle Logger, and when he tried to scan him, he teleported to the center of the ring, where then he was scanned.”

“Great Kadara. #1 of the Under Used Circuit. Record is 3 wins, 13 losses, 24 KOs. Height is 5’3’, weight is 98 lbs, and age is 31. Random fact: Great Kadabra believes in the “Cleffa line from Space” theory.”

“That old hoax? Hah hah hah!” Doc Throh pointed his finger at the Psychic type and laughed like a preschooler. “That was an April Fools joke! Who would still believe that?”

“Hey!” Kadabra shook his three-fingered fist at Throh. “That theory still has at least a hundred followers online!”

“Sorry Kadabra, but I’m really sure that was fake as well.” Hitmonchan then changed into his battle pose. “But this isn’t theory time- it’s punching time!”


“Confusion!” Kadabra blatantly told Hitmonchan what he was going to do, and blasted the attack at his enemy. “Hah! Confusion!” This time, Hitmonchan dodged and hit back with a flurry of Fire and Thunder Punches.

“Agh!” Kadabra tried one more Confusion attack, which failed once again. After a brief pause, he shifted to his right and shocked Hitmonchan with a fast Psybeam attack. “Go! Ha…” The Psychic type then pivoted to his left and charged a Shadow Ball. The Fighting type thought he could dodge to the left, but the attack was aiming for the left, and took the hit.

“Geez, your fast…” Hitmonchan struggled to maintain his ground, and when he saw a Psybeam attack, even when dodging to the right, he got hit. Kadabra then teleported to the edge of the ring, and used Double Team.

“Watch this!” Kadabra used Ally Switch with his divided shadow to counter-cross, and the star on one of the real one flashed, and he rushed toward his opponent. Hitmonchan tried to dodge to the right, except got hit with a painful Grass Knot attack, knocking him down.

“Hah hah hah! Get back up and fight like a man!”

“One…two…three…four…” After a shake of his head, Hitmonchan was back in the fight. “Fight!”

Kadabra missed with a Confusion attack and got attacked back, and he tried again, and Hitmonchan tried countering and got a Star. The Fighting type attempted his special attack.

“Sky Uppercut!”

“….. Oh man, it hurts!” Great Kadabra did not have any reaction to a Sky Uppercut, as if he has taken many of them before, and only reacted after getting hit. He Teleported back to his original position to continue the fight. The yellow psychic used his Shadow Ball attack, but missed, any an Bullet Punch knocked him down. “Ooooooh!” Kadabra was smacked at least two yards into the air while spinning before landing on the floor.


“Ugh… Where am I… Oh yes.” Kadabra slid right back to the center, and after a Confusion and Psybeam attack, he was about to hit Hitmonchan with a Shadow Ball when…



“Hah hah hah! Do you really think a Fighting type can stand up to a Psychic type?” Kadabra laughed at his opponent from his side, and then used Teleport.

“Doc, why is it that every Pokémon seem different when we face them in the ring than in the Locker Room and stuff? … Doc?” Hitmonchan turned and fell off his chair in surprise. “Kadabra?!”

“Teleport doesn’t need to be only used on yourself, you know…” Kadabra gestured to the other side, where Throh was astounded and confused.

“Wh-Where am I?! I was over there a second ago and now I’m in the wrong corner…” Throh shuffled around looking everywhere. “Oh no! I-I can’t find my chocolate bar!”


“I’m sorry, but I will have to crush you for my father!” Kadabra used two Confusion attacks, which Hitmonchan hit his forehead both times to get a star and used a Sky Uppercut for quite a bit of damage, but not as much as he wanted. After striking back with a Psybeam attack, he got countered after attempting a pair of Shadow Ball attacks. The last Ice Punch used was right in Kadabra’s gut.

“Fwah… Kadabra stepped backwards until he fell to the floor.


“Ugh, that hurt…” Kadabra got back up, and after a Psybeam attack, went onto his special move. “Try and beat this!” Kadabra used Ally Switch with his Double Teamed self multiple times, confusing Hitmonchan on which one was the real one as he tried to keep up. The real Kadabra flashed, and stroke Hitmonchan with his Grass Knot attack, knocking him down once again.


“Ugh… I can’t make up my mind…” Hitmonchan muttered to himself. “I may be able to get my act together, but it’s a step down from Kadabra. Either way, I’m still even doubting myself if I can beat him…” Hitmonchan got right back up and resumed the fight.

“Confusion!” Kadabra started to execute the attack, however Teleported right before Hitmonchan could counter it, and then hit him with the move. “Hah! Confusion!” Kadabra faked him out once again, and instead hit him with a Psybeam blast. The dominating Pokémon smirked and dashed to a side, and hit the subdominant Pokémon with one more Psybeam attack, knocking him far back.

“No! Come on Hitmonchan, you can get up from this!”

“Ugh…..” Hitmonchan hit the edge of the ring, repelled off of it and his body connected with the ring floor. “This is for you, Kadabra…” That last thought fell through the Fighting types mind as the Raichu started to count.

“One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight…” Even Raichu was a bit curious to why he would fall when he could tell Hitmonchan had a bit of energy left. “Nuh-nine… Ten! Knock out! The winner is Great Kadabra!”

Kadabra used Double Team to multiply, and show his strength to the whole audience. Throh entered the ring and spoke to his fallen apprentice.

“It was about Kadabra’s story, wasn’t it?” After Throh spoke, Hitmonchan subtly nodded. “It’s ok, it happens. You were in your overconfident phase anyone. Let’s go home with these 1470 Pokédollars in hand.”
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Oh noes he lost?

Hitmonchan... NOES!!!!

Dude, we need a tag-team chap.


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It had to have happened sometime. Don't want Hitmonchan to be a boring invincible hero. Plus, I wanted it to be a bit more relevant to when I play Punch-Out; I lost to Great Tiger the first time, due to how awkward his moves were. I am considering a tag team, but it will probably involve the finale. The real one.

Anyhow, introducing a pretty cool original character; many references in here, some more blatant than others. This is also the longest chapter so far, due to it was originally divided into two, but I thought merging it would add a better transition. Enjoy!
Chapter 17: Mismagius

Hitmonchan was pacing back and forth in Doc’s Apartment, thinking of how he could beat Kadabra. “Now that I’ve got guilt out of the way, I need to find a way to actually fight him properly. His attacks were a lot stronger than anyone I’ve faced before. You have any ideas, doc?”


“My idea’s right at the door!” Throh rushed to a door like a child would for his birthday, and slammed the door open, possibly indenting the wall. “Hi Mismagius!”

“Greetings, Throh!” The two hugged each other, except due to Throh’s strength was starting to choke her. “Rgh… I request you don’t apply as much pressure… My Defensive level is in the 50s…” Throh let go and introduced her to his apprentice.

“Hitmonchan, this is Mismagius, a very good friend of mine from back in the day. I probably wouldn’t have been able to get past high school without her! Mismagius, this is Hitmonchan, the Pokémon I told you that I’m training.”

“Hey there. I take it you’re a genius?”

Mismagius chortled at the compliment. “Please, you’re flattering me. There are a lot smarter Pokémon in the world, and I don’t even add up to a percent of their intellect. The world of Pokémon is endless it seems…” The Ghost type turned to Throh. “But back to the main topic, what did you want me to tutor him on?”

“Type advantages and type disadvantages.”

“That? Don’t you mean quality modification and quality tolerance?”

“Uh… yeah. I guess that’s how you say it.”

“Okay, let me just get out one of my reports…” Mismagius reached into a messenger bag and reached into it, until she grabbed what appeared to be a six page paper. “Quality modification and quality tolerance, also referred to as type advantages and type disadvantages to the less knowledgeable…”


“Pardon that line; such type realizations were discovered far before Febuary 27th of 1996, the day some consider when Pokémon started to roam the Earth. The beings before us used the logic in quality modification in everyday use and common sense. Say, the classic and basic type triangle. Fire burns up the Grass as flammable material, Water takes away either heat, oxygen, or fuel from Fire, and Grass takes up the Water molecules to split it into Hydrogen for itself and Oxygen so we can breathe. Those beings transferred such knowledge to us, however branched it like a spider web to have multiple combinations. Are you following me so far?”

“Uh…” Hitmonchan partly understood what she was saying, but not completely. “Yes, I do.”

“Quality modification is when a type’s move is effective against the opponent’s type. Quality tolerance is resisting a type’s move that doesn’t work against you. This system worked out well for a few years, until one point in time, one discovered that one type, known as the Psychic type, simply could not be hit with quality modification at all. No matter what officials said, it was impossible to hit a Psychic type with an effective and strong move.”

“Gulp…” In Hitmonchan’s mind, that meant that Kadabra could not be hit strong at all.

“But there was hope; on November 21st of 1999, a revolution known as the Second Pokémon Generation by some, occurred. Several new families of monsters were released into the wild, including the eternally hard Steel type, as well as the well known Dark type, known as the Evil type in some regions. This balanced the Psychic type’s overall bulk, as well as revealing its true weakness to Ghosts, and the improvement of Bugs scared it heavily. Other tweaks to quality modification were made as well: Poison could not suffocate Bugs as easily, and Ice melted through Fire but didn’t revert to liquid.”

“Phew… That’s a relief.”

“What is?

“The Psychic type part. I was fighting against a Kadabra, who was flicking me around left and right easily. He does have a weakness, right?”

“Hmm, Kadabra… A Yungerer to some, said Pokémon line got a humungous thumbs down from a being known as Uri Geller. Because of said controversy, he has not seen any love at all… Which begs to question to why he is in this fan-fic… I’m sorry, I went into my own world there, anyhow Kadabra is a pure Psychic type, so do you have any Bug, Ghost, or Dark themed moves?”

“Let’s see… I have Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, Sky Uppercut, and Dig. Nope! Don’t have any of those!”

“Well, let me check your movepool…”

“My…movepool? How would you know my movepool?

“You’re one of the original 151- the first generation, if I am correct. It’s a requirement in my college to learn all the attributes of at least one generation of Pokémon, and I’m studying the first one.” Mismagius reached into her messenger bag once more, and picked up a two-inch thick book, and started flipping through the pages until she reached one with Hitmonchan. “What is your power level?”

“Power level? Who said we were bringing anime terms into this?”

Mismagius started laughing pretty hard. “A Pokémon’s maximum power level maxes out at 100. I’m assuming since you don’t know your level, you most likely don’t know Pursuit… Well how about this? Why don’t you demonstrate to me your attacking strategy… By starting combat with me?!” Both Hitmonchan and Throh gasped.

“Mismagius, I don’t think you’ve ever done competitive battling before! I don’t want you to get hurt!”

“Calm down, I know I can take it; he has no effective tactics that can be unleashed upon me; and even with my base 50 Defense, I should be able to be strong enough to defend. Now, Hitmonchan…” Mismagius bounced up, and attempted to make two dramatic poses. “Just go for it!”

Doc Throh whipped out a chalkboard, sloppily and quickly wrote “Round 1” on it, and held it up.

“Alright, punch me with anything.” Hitmonchan reluctantly Fire Punched Mismagius and got a Star off of it. “Now, uppercut me.”

“SKY UPPERCUT!” Mismagius did not react, and the uppercut went right through her!

“What?! How did that happen?!”

“Fighting attacks, your Sky Uppercut in particular, have no effect against Ghosts. None. Zero. Unless you use Miracle Eye beforehand, which you can’t learn. A Sky Uppercut is also not that useful against Poison, Flying, Bug, and Psychic types. It IS good against Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark types.”

“So that’s why Sky Uppercut doesn’t do as much as I want it to sometimes…”

“Ok, hit me again.” Hitmonchan Thunderpunched the Ghost type, and got another star. “Now, try Dig.”

“Um, ok. DIG!” Hitmonchan ducked down, and attempted an uppercut from below, however the uppercut just made Mismagius float a bit higher.

“My ability, Levitate, prevents Ground type moves from affecting me, and Dig is a Ground type attack. It is, however, regularly effective against Psychic types, meaning it will do quite a bit against Kadabra. Dig is also effective against Fire, Steel, Rock, Poison, and Electric types. It is useless against Flying opponents, and doesn’t work well against Grass or Bug types.”

“I see. So instead of using Sky Uppercut, I use Dig against Kadabra…”

“Now you’re thinking with quality modification!” Mismagius reached into her messenger bag one more time and pulled out a rolled-up poster. “This sheet details a chart of which types are effective against what, and vice-versa. This will help when you know what opponent you’re battling next, and what attacks to use.” The Ghost type took a deep breath. “I believe that’s enough for today.”

“Now whaddya guys say we watch some Entrainment?!” Throh remarked as he was holding the TV remote.

“I would be poltroon to not do so! I shall prepare the popcorn!” Both Pokémon went in opposite directions, while Hitmonchan sighed, for he never watched Entrainment before.

“I have a feeling this show will be the worst show ever.”
“Dang, Entrainment is the best show ever!” Hitmonchan exclaimed as he and Throh were walking to the ring the next day.

“It is! I’m a Combusken/Flareon shipper, also known as Eternallock Shipping, due to an event that happened a few seasons ago. What Pokémon do you think look like a couple together?”

“I think that Drifblim and Jumpluff seemed cute-“

“LIES!!!” Throh was right up in Hitmonchan’s face about it, and held for a few seconds before he continued walking. “I think Drifblim is a lot better with Swellow, that’s all.”

“Who’s Swellow?”

“You’ll know if you read the manga. Hah hah!”

“…Dang, how much merchandise does Entrainment have?”

“Oh, it’s a long runner all right; one of the best shows in the last decade! It’s got nine seasons under its belt, a spin-off in the works, about thirteen books, three video games, and has a community with a broken base.”

“Just like the community of the people reading this?”

“Pretty much.”

“Some people must be crazy about it then… Anyhow, I see you’ve got a thing for that Mismagius, there.”

“What?! No! Of course not! Why would you think that?”

“Well, you seemed to be cuddling a bit too close while watching last night. And when she was leaving, I heard her call you “my little Nageki” as she was about to leave. Those are some blatant hints, there.”

“Well… Ugh…” Throh then turned around the problem into a compliment. “Nice shipping work, there! You clearly have what it takes to be an Entrainment Shipper! You should hook yourself up with an Entrainee Forums account after the fight!”

“Still doesn’t answer my question, but denying is refusing to admit love in most communities.” Hitmonchan lept onto the ring, and Kadabra was waiting there, looking bored.

“Kadabra! I’m ready for my rematch!”

“Ah, so you want to be beaten by the Great Kadabra, once more?”

“I know how I messed up last time and I won’t make the same mistake again! I’m going to prove that Fighting types can stand up to Psychic types.

“Who said they couldn’t?”

“You did!”

“Oh right.”


“Confusion!” Kadabra attempted a Confusion attack thrice, but got countered each time for a Star. Hitmonchan then got into position…

“DIG!” Hitmonchan unleashed a level-3 Dig attack, which did more than his Sky Uppercuts would.”

“Oh man, it hurts!” Instead of resuming with a Psybeam or Shadow Ball, Kadabra went straight to his special attack. “Watch this!” Kadabra used Ally Change once, and the real one dashed towards Hitmonchan, but before he could Grass Knot him, the Fighting type shifted to the side the Psychic was coming from. “Wait, what?”

Hitmonchan attacked with as many Thunderpunches and Fire Punches he could release, and the last one knocked Kadabra down. “Ohhh!”


“Ugh… where am I? Oh yes, the battle!” Kadabra teleported back up in a flash. “You definitely have gotten stronger! But you still cannot dodge my attacks well!”

“Oh really?” Kadabra used Psybeam, but Hitmonchan effortlessly dodged it.

“Ugh… I’m screwed.” After being hit with Elemental Punches, Kadabra tried Shadow Ball, which also failed, and started using Confusion multiple times again. “Confusion!” He then teleported away so Hitmonchan could not hit him, but detected the incoming hit and blocked the Psychic move, then countered for a Star. This repeated once more and Hitmonchan used a Level-2 Dig to knock Kadabra down.


Kadabra lifted his head. “I can’t get up…” And his head fell to the floor again.

“Five…six…seven…” Kadabra teleported up, and back to the edge of the ring to try his special move.

“Watch this!” Kadabra used Double Team and then Ally Change multiple times, and the fake Kadabra’s head flashed and dashed into Hitmonchan, but he didn’t move. The real one attempted to attack, and once he was close enough, the Fighting type ended the battle with a Fire Punch.

“SCREECH!” Kadabra appeared to be teleporting all over the place, appearing every few seconds to mutter a few words. “Oh man…” … “The pain!” “IT HURTS!” Kadabra teleported right onto the floor, fainted and dazed.

“TKO! The winner is Little Hitmonchan!”

“Hah hah! Woo hoo! Yeah-hah!” The Fighting type did his victory dance as the crowd cheered for his win. Throh rushed onto the ring, supposedly with a great joke.

“If I were to rate your fight to the modern-day school grading system, I’d give it a P!” Hitmonchan scratched his head in confusion to the joke, clearly not getting it. “…For punch-tastic! Ah hah hah hah!”

“You scared me there, I thought you were going to rate it badly. Anyways, couldn’t have done it without Mismagius!”

As he gave his apprentice 1950 Pokédollars, Throh brought up an interesting question. “By the way… Wobbuffet told me the location where the UU Champion’s job is. Want to go investigate tomorrow?” Hitmonchan nodded.
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Wow, not much activity here. Maybe it was because I forgot to put the chapter in the index... The last one was one of my favorite chapters as well. Anyhow, this one introduces the UU Champion. It was one of the most obvious to pick for the job.

And for you Spanish readers out there, please excuse me if I got anything wrong. I just used a translator...
Chapter 18: The Don
Little Hitmonchan and Doc Throh followed the directions to a colossal stadium.

“A stadium? You’d think the champ would have enough publicity in the ring.” Doc Throh joked as the two went up to the receptionist, a Probopass.

“Recepción a la arena de la tauromaquia. ¿Usted tiene gusto de comprar un boleto para ver la atracción principal?”

Both Hitmonchan and Throh had no idea what the Probopass was saying. “This fan-fic is in English, you big nose.” Throh blurted out.

“Ese wasn' ¡t muy agradable! Mire la nariz, usted la grasa, children' popular; ¡carácter del programa de televisión de s!” The Probopass sounded angry for a moment, before he switched tones. “I’m sorry, as I was saying, welcome to the Bullfighting Tournament. Would you like to enter?”

“Heck yeah!” The two entered the already-jam packed stadium, and took a seat. While looking around for potential champion candidates, Hitmonchan noticed the Lilligant he saw a couple of days ago coming towards them.

“Hey! You’re Little Hitmonchan and Doc Throh, right? That was a great battle yesterday!”

“Yes, I am! I heard the UU Champion hangs around here a while. You’re the champion, right?”

The Lilligant looked at the Fighting type like he was crazy. “Huh? I’m not the champ, I’m just the girlfriend of the champion.”


“Yeah…” Lilligant moaned, right as the announcer Crawdaunt started to announce the fight.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you all to the Bullfighting Tournament!” Just about the whole crowd cheered, except for Hitmonchan, Throh, and Lilligant. “Today’s battle of the fittest composes of two very powerful Pokémon!” The crowd cheered some more, but the three refused to budge. The Lilligant looked quite bored, actually.

“In the red corner, the Enojuado Tauros!” The scene switched to a Tauros, scraping one of its hind legs against the floor.

“And in the blue corner, a fighter who happens to be very high in the CPFA… Please welcome… DON LUDICOLO!” The crowd screamed in glory as a sombrero-wearing, green and yellow, platapus like Pokémon entered the arena.

“A Ludicolo is the UU champion? I thought they were Carefree Pokémon.” Throh commented. “Then again, others say they are completely loco.”

“The first act the Ludicolo and Tauros show do is the Tercio de Varas!” The Crawdaunt announced.

Hitmonchan scratched his head at the remark. “What does that mean?”

“It means “lances third” in Spanish.” Lilligant added, obviously have watched Ludicolo several times before. “The Tauros runs into the cape several times.”

The Ludicolo reached from under his sombrero and picked a rose from it. He overdramatically started at the Tauros, and in his Spanish accent, spoke to his opponent. “Come at me bro.”

“RGH!!!” Despite the Tauros being able to speak, he just played his role as a bull and charged straight at him, recklessly. Ludicolo had pulled a cape out of his sleeve, pulled it out, and the bull ran right through the cape. The crowd cheered as it happened multiple times.

“Next up is the Tercio de Banderillas!”

“That means “banderillas third,” which is him trying to slam those pointy flag things into the Tauros’ shoulders.” Tauros started gaining speed while using its Take Down attack, though Ludicolo was not worried in the slightest. He used his quick reaction skills to dodge each of his ram attacks… Except for one, which knocked the Grass/Water hybrid several feet into the air.

“Oooooohhh!” The crowd screeched. However, the Ludicolo did it on purpouse, and used the momentum from the Take Down to thrust the flag downward, right into the Tauros’ shoulder.

“RRRGH!” The Tauros mooed in pain and frustration, and left the audience stunned.

Throh almost dropped his chocolate bar. “Ouch! Wouldn’t blood have come out from that blow?”

Lilligant sighed and turned to Throh. “It probably would have, but it would be against the ratings.”

“The ratings of the stadium or the fic?”

“This. If it wasn’t PG, I would…”

The scene is immediately cut to Crawdaunt announcing the last event. “Begin the Tercio de Muerte!”

“…Heh heh, that would be pretty cool actually. But possibly controversial. Anyway what did that Crawdaunt say?” Throh concurred and then imagined how a higher-rated story of this would be.

“Tercio de Muerte means “death third”. Which is… yeah.”

Don Ludicolo created seemingly invisible swords into his gloves. “SWORDS DANCE!” The swords flew around Ludicolo and then disappeared, doubling his attack.

The Tauros had steam blowing out of its nose at this point, and started to charge. “MOOOO!!!” Tauros was not doing a Take Down, but was doing the more powerful Double-Edge. Ludicolo shifted back to attack and…

“ICE PUNCH!” The cold attack with doubled power was too much for the injured Tauros, and amazingly knocked the bull into the sky!

“YEAH!!!” The crowd threw more roses to the fighter even though he had one already, but did so just because he was that awesome.

“Well, the Tauros is out of the stadium, and unless it shaves, I doubt that bull will never be seen again! Now for the next event taking place between…” As the Crawdaunt started to ramble about other bullfighters, Ludicolo scrambled over to Hitmonchan, Throh, and Lilligant.

“Hey Ludicolo! I’m Hitmonchan and I’m going to fight you tomorrow! That was-”

“Why are you with my girl?”

“… But she was the one who…”

“Don’t say anything!” The Pokémon turned to Lilligant. “For my love…” The platapus gave the lily the rose he took from his sombrero.

“Uh… thanks.”

“You look like… mmm… a smaller version of a popular burger found at a certain international fast food chain!”

“A Whopper?”

“No, no! You also look like an overpriced computer.”

“Windows 7?”

“Never mind. Vamanous, Carmen.”

Throh turned, wondering who Carmen was. “Who’s Carmen? Is Carmen Sandiego here?”

“That’s me.” Lilligant pointed to herself.

“You’re Carmen Sandiego?!”

“No! Ludicolo likes to nickname other Pokémon.”

“Adios, Mac and Louis!” Ludicolo called as he grasped Lilligant by the leaf and dragged her away.

“… Who’s Louis?”
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Hey Hilijix sorry it's been so long I've had exams and I actually had a boxing match of my own this past weekend.

Great chapters and hilarious as always. All Hitmochan had to do was give Entrainment a watch to like it! Don't knock it till ya try it! lol. It's good to see that Hitmonchan finally lost a fight (even though I know part of that was sympathy for Kadabra) because not every road for a fighter is an easy one. Everyone has to face a loss sooner or later.

The second Kadabra fight was even better. You do a nice job with the fight descriptions. I also liked the Ludicolo-Tauros fight. I thought the Spanish bullfighting theme for that fight was very clever. I also thought it was funny how defensive he is with his girl lol.

The only thing I caught was this:

“Don’t say anything!” The jerk of a Pokémon turned to Lilligant. “For my love…” The platapus gave the lily the rose he took from his sombrero.

This is just my opinion but it sounds better to let the actions of the character describe them. You said "the jerk of a Pokemon" but I think the readers can determine that for themselves based on what he says and does. I don't think you actually have to describe him as a "jerk" in the text.

Great chapters as always. Can't wait for more!


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Sorry for the week pause everyone. Honestly though I'm thinking I was posting too quickly. 37 posts and people with the same amount have thrice as many views. I started this thread five chapters ahead of when I started actually typing it, and now that gap is still pretty shortened.

No problem, espn. Wow, you do boxing? That's pretty cool.

I'm experimenting with tons of ideas next circuit. One of them is the secrets of the Battle Logger and who runs the CPFA. In fact, I even topped my longest chapter by making an even longer one. Well that's all for the future, time for the now: Ludicolo was one of the first Pokemon I thought of when choosing Pokemon for the boxers; it just fit so well in my mind. With that aside...
Chapter 19: Don Ludicolo

“Hey Hitmonchan!” Throh called as Hitmonchan was heading to the ring.

“What is it doc? Did you forget to record today’s episode of Entrainment?”

Throh snapped his fingers. “Dang it! I did forget… But that aside, next is the CPFA Under Used Circuit Title Bout!”

“Where I have to fight that Ludicolo guy…” As Hitmonchan and Throh entered the ring, some Spanish music was being played by an assistant as Ludicolo entered the ring.

“Olé!” The Grass/Water hybrid seemed rather jumpy and joyful, as if yesterday never occurred. A random Pokémon in the audience threw him a rose, and he caught it, and took a whiff at it.

“Good luck to you both!” Lilligant called from below the ring. Throh was confused to see her.

“When could you be here?”

“When could you?!”


On the ring, Hitmonchan and Ludicolo were bantering around. “Amigo! You saw my power back there! You know that you’ll lose, so why bother trying?”

“Have you SEEN my fights? I propel entire Pokémon into the air!” Hitmonchan gloated as he checked his Battle Logger.

“Don Ludicolo. Champion of the Under Used Circuit. Record is 35 wins, 6 losses, 19 KOs. Height is 5’, weight is 118 lbs, and age is 23. Random fact: Don Ludicolo is often made fun of on most live TV screenings on weekends.”

“For the last time, I know nothing about politics!” Ludicolo obviously was a bit defensive about whatever events happened on those weekends. “Now Mac, fight me!”


As a dramatic aroma filled the arena, Ludicolo had a grin on his face the whole time.

“Vamanos, vamanos!” Ludicolo was using Taunt on Hitmonchan, who wasn’t doing anything either. “Venga venga! Vamanos, vamanos!” Both of the fighter’s strategies involved waiting for another opponent to attack, but eventually Ludicolo attacked with a hard Zen Headbutt.

“Come on already!” Hitmonchan eventually Fire Punched the platypus, but he blocked it and used Zen Headbutt again. This time Hitmonchan dodged. “I missed?!” He did indeed, as he got pelted by many Fire and Thunder Punches. After another Taunt and an Ice Punch, Ludicolo dodged.

“Oi!” Ludicolo tilted to one side while gargling an attack in his mouth. “Lilligant mi amore!” The platypus spat a Scald attack at Hitmonchan, but he luckily avoided it and countered.

“Wait a minute! Dude, you’re speaking in Spanish right?”

“Yeah amigo, so?”

“Isn’t there rules about that?”

“Atornille las reglas, yo tienen dinero! Now, venga, venga!” Hitmonchan Fire Punched Ludicolo, he dodged and did his Scald once more, which was countered for a Star. This repeated one more time with the same move.


“Uh no no no!” Ludicolo was deftly afraid of the uppercut, and he tried shielding his face from the blow, but it didn’t help at all. “Fwaaah!” The platypus attempted one more Zen Headbutt, but failed, and got knocked down by a Thunderpunch. “Oi!” Ludicolo ran to the other side of the ring, mumbling before he fell. “Ah…”

“One…two…three…” Ludicolo jumped up after a bit of trouble… and immediately Zen Headbutted Hitmonchan right when he got up.

“Venga, venga!” The Don maneuvered around from an Ice Punch, and prepared to throw some projectiles. “Olé!” Ludicolo executed a Razor Leaf, but Hitmonchan saw it coming a mile away and dodged and countered accordingly. “Vamanos, vamanos!”

The fight went on with the Fighting type hitting back with Fire and Thunder Punches, for they did neutral damage to the Grass/Water hybrid. The sombrero-wearing platypus used a Scald and then a pair of Razor Leafs, and then a Zen Headbutt. All of them failed to hit the now experienced protagonist. But as Ludicolo was getting low on health…

“Round over!”


“Don’t you see, Mac? How I win all the females with my breathtaking charm?” Ludicolo leaned on his side of the ring, waiting for a disappointed response from his opponent.

“Not really.” Hitmonchan was not amused, but Throh had something up his sleeve.

“You’re dang right, man! Charm doesn’t win others alone! I’ve got a friend who spammed the move Charm all through his life, and his job is now cleaning the ball room floor every night at Kanto. Why? Even though the Granbull line is rather tough, he just doesn’t have the energy anymore to… pick up chicks! Ah hah hah hah hah haaa!” Throh almost fell out of his seat to his pun; he was just dying to use it.

“That was pretty bad. I don’t even want to ask for chocolate right now…”

At Ludicolo’s side, Lilligant chuckled a bit. “That was actually clever- never thought of it before.”

“Be quiet, Carmen, do not socialize with the enemy. That is my job. Now go get me a sandwich.”


Before the battle, the Ludicolo sprayed some cologne onto him, despite most of the spectators being unable to smell him from the ring, unless they had front row seats or had a strong sense of smell like an Ursaring or Growlithe. Then, the Grass/Water type needlessly threw the bottle into the audience, littering, but his fans didn’t mind and recycled it for him. “Let me show you what I did to that Tauros! Venga, venga!”

Hitmonchan Ice Punched his Taunt, but he dodged and used a Razor Leaf to hit back. That didn’t hit him though, and after some body blows, knocked Ludicolo down again.

“Augh, Oi, Carmen…” He ran around and fell onto the navy blue ring floor, with the Raichu stepping up to him.

“One…two…three…four…five…” Don Ludicolo was two knockdowns down, but not up for a TKO just yet. He used his Zen Headbutt immediately after getting back up, which the protagonist was prepared for and countered as necessary. After a Taunt, when Hitmonchan Bullet Punched him, he blocked.

“Wait!” The hybrid stepped to the side and did a golf clap, before Drain Punching the pure typed Pokémon right in the face, knocking him down. “Venga, venga! Hah hah!”

“One…two…three…four…” Hitmonchan muttered that was a lucky shot, and stepped back up as if it was nothing. “Fight!”

“What, you want more? Perfecto…” Ludicolo did his strategy, the Fighting type attacked, and the enemy used a Drain Punch, but the smart Pokémon knew what was coming and dodged. “What?!” After a string of counters, the Grass/Water type executed a special move by stepping back. “Uno… dos… tres…” He said the numbers as he clapped. After doing so, he smacked Hitmonchan with an Ice Punch! The Don did so a few more times, but “Mac” dodged the next few times, and Ludicolo finished with a Zen Headbutt, which failed to hit. “I missed?!”

After being punched, Ludicolo seemed to have been juggled around at that point, but eventually got out of it. He used a Razor Leaf then Scald, but after missing, he got knocked down.

“One…two…three…four…” Ludicolo tried to push himself back up, but slipped on his oversized hands and fell again. “Five…six…seven…eight…” The enemy got back up and Zen Headbutted, but missed. He then used his Ice Punch combo, which every attack was ducked, and the move at the end was dodged. After countering though…

WHOOSH! The sombrero Don Ludicolo was wearing was knocked into the air, several yards into it, and landed in the audience.

“I got it! I got it!” A small Larvesta held it up high, but that made the other fans of Ludicolo crush him and fought over it. What this did for the two fighting though was make Ludicolo bald- since they have no hair.

“Wha? Ah!” Ludicolo reached for his sombrero, and upon realizing it was off his head, enraged himself. “Argh! Look at this, man!” The angry Grass/Water type slashed some Fury Swipes onto him, and did it one more time, knocking him down and calming himself. “Venga, venga! Hah hah! Seeing opponents on the ring floor makes me happy again!”

“One…two…three…four…five…” Hitmonchan was not going down so easily this time, and got back up.

“Perfecto…” After missing a Scald attack, he did his Ice Punch combo. Hitmonchan curiously dodged the direction the punches were coming from, and after dodging, made the Grass/Water typed tired. “Ah… I couldn’t reach him.” This was an opportunity for the Fighting type to wail on him, getting a Star in the process, until…



“Don’t you think I smell like victory?” Ludicolo smirked at his opponent at the other side of the ring while chomping on a sandwich.

“Yeah, you smell like victory all right. MY VICTORY!” Hitmonchan bantered right back.

“The belt’s almost yours, man! I bet no one expected you’d make it so far! Give them a big surprise and knock that dodgin’ duck out!”

“I AM A PLATYPUS! Wait, maybe I am a duck… Carmen, what do you think?”

“I think you’re a pineapple.”

“You don’t have to be so modest. If I was a fruit I would be a banana!”



Ludicolo went right to the chase and tried to Drain Punch Hitmonchan, but he dodged and hit him a few times, and at the last hit…


“Augh!” Ludicolo was knocked backwards, trying to reach back up, he picked up a rose he had in his sleeve, and fell on his back. “Aigh…” The rose bended down as if he was dead.

“Knock out! The winner is Little Hitmonchan! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Under Used Circuit Champion!” The crowd screamed in delight as the Raichu handed Hitmonchan the UU Circuit Belt.

“Hah hah hah!” The Fighting type held the belt for all to see as Throh rushed in and lifted him up.

“Woo, wee, Hitmonchan!”


After the fight, Throh and Hitmonchan felt confident at this point. “The Under Used circuit is yours, baby! You’re on your way to the top! You know what that means?!”

“We start to take on the OU Circuit?”

“… Actually, I was thinking we would eat out first. But then we’ll do that!” Throh pointed to the 2300 Pokédollars in his hand.
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No problem, espn. Wow, you do boxing? That's pretty cool.

Yep, thanks! I haven't been doing it for too long but it's been fun.

I enjoyed this fight very much. Throh was funny as always and I have to agree with he and Lilligant. It was a pretty good pun he told!

Ludicolo was hilarious and the trash talk that went back and forth between he and Hitmonchan was just fantastic. Happy to see that arrogant loudmouth get knocked out. He totally deserved it.

Nice work, can't wait for more!