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PokéBlock, Stock & Berry! (366)


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I love it XD but i always wonder how a Pokeblock taste


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I watched this episode almost 4 years ago. It was an interesting episode. And I got into liking Kelly in this episode and the next one. Poor James and Chimecho, though. Jessie sure gets hot headed alot.


May wasn't able to cook, although she is a female....

And i loved to see Ash training with Swellow.



I can't tell you how long I had waited to see Lilycove City in the anime! It's really beautiful I'm just disappointed that we didn't get to stay longer. Right when Ash and Co. arrive, May notices a sign for the next Pokemon Contest despite everyone being tired. I did appreciate the lovely Lilycove Market though and all it's berries for sale. We met Kelly there in the market and her Grumpig that was slightly like her. Ash's reaction to tasting some of the berries was odd, you'd think he'd never tasted one before :/

Interesting to see Grumpig's Psychic able to stop the berries in Kelly's bag from falling on the ground, it was almost like a Contest appeal move. After some introductions and a little bragging courtasy of May, we got to go to the Berry House which looked a lot like a candy store with all the PokeBlock arranged in neat little glass containers. After a little meal, May and the others learned a little thing about Berry Blending which looked a lot like the game version with the blender spinning and whatnot.

Afterwards, seeing Ash and Swellow practice got me all excited since Swellow hadn't gotten much training after it evolved in tha PokeRinger contest. An old man approaches then and tries to teach Ash about Aerial Ace via example. That made an interesting situation as Ash usually doesn't train in May-based episodes. Seeing the Pokemon taste May's PokeBlock was sad since they didn't seem to like it much, at least not Skitty. Team Rocket tries to steal Grumpig this time but they're stopped by May and Co. The Contest began too late and it was exciting since Combusken appeared to be losing control of it's Fire Spin! 6/10


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^I agree, Lilycove was pretty, just like a city next to the sea, it was one of my favorite in the game after all. It was well done in the anime.

May meet Kelly, she is sort of fun.Grumpig seems so serious and helps her when she gets in trouble for being clumsy.

Oh now i remember that machine that was used for pokeblocks in advance lol, its nice to remember what was new back then :p because honestly i forgot about it.

LoL at Swellow's face. Oh glad the master of aerial ace came out of nowhere, yeah...

Haha Makuhita vs Spoink is the best choice ever!

Wow May's first pokeblocks were terrible, you can tell with just looking at her pokemon face. Oh no! her Combusken went crazy! dundundun...


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I loved Grumpig, its moves and personality were amazing to watch.
The Pokablocks are probably very tasty....


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I liked Grumpig and Kelly and how Ash was teaching Swellow Aerial Ace and it eventually learned it.

OK episode.


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This episode was ok... It was funny when none of May's Pokemon liked the Pokeblock she made. It was great to see Swellow practicing and finally learning Aerial Ace. It was great to see Grumpig for the 1st time. Grumpig is so cool! It was odd seeing Kelly and snuggling with May on the bench. It was odd to see Combusken's Fire Spin is out of control, that's not good.



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In the game, making Pokeblocks were just as hard. It's good to see May getting better at it. However, those Poffin things are much worse. Dawn makes it seem so simple.

Anywho, it was interesting seeing Kelly bond with May. There is no girls in the group so it was nice to see her catching up with her social life.

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I must say, I heartily enjoyed the TR motto, James' bit about bringing home the bacon. Those guys are the masters of puns.

Vladimir the Attacker/ Ralph = Best cameo character ever.

Combusken's reaction to the PokeBlock was hysterical. He's not shy of disliking something, obviously.


Kelly was a pretty nice character for the most part. Grunpig is certainly a hideous Pokemon compared to the loveliness that is Spoink.


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Wow, that was such a nice cliffhanger ending for the next episode. This episode had two plots paralleled to each other - May, Kelly and the Pokéblock stuff, and Ash teaching his Swellow Aerial Ace (Which I thought was hilarious how they all reacted to when Ralph came) Its nice to see that even so late in the Advanced Series, new stuff gets introduced that later on gets much more importance (Pokéblock for example) Great episode and definitely a strong, solid ending for the next episode.
Combusken's reaction to trying May's Pokeblock was hilarious! :)
That was one amazing cliffhanger this episode had. :)

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I liked how Ash and Swellow did Aerial Ace training, but it was kind of awkward how he wasn't in the audience rooting for May. May studying Pokeblocks was cool however, plus I liked Grumpig's owner. :3

Mrs. Oreo

He had better things to do, like train. He's not required to sit and watch May's Contests...

I know he's not required to attend them, but still May always attended his gym battles, so I thought he should've waited to train Swellow until after the contest was over just to be fair.


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And so Pokemon Performances were born.
I liked the natures showing up or implied in the PokeBlock first tasting. Beautifly seemed to like it but the rest hated it.
May was competent and blasted off TR while saving Grumpig, nice.
Hated Ash leaving. Nevermind, he was aware of what was happening and worried.
Poor Chimecho.
About a 7.5/10
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