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Pokédex Entry Contest V4

Discussion in 'Games' started by {(•)___(•)}, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Pokédex Entry Contest V4

    Welcome to the Pokédex Entry Contest. Apparently there have been three of these already, but the only one I could find was the third one, started by CorkaCola. Apparently there was a previous version by Sunraichu as well. But my rules will be slightly different.

    Each round, I will post one Pokemon, and people will create entries for it. At the end, I'll add the best entries into three Pokédexes in the OP.

    Here is the golden rule of this thread:

    Your entries should not be too long or too short. Careful, I may not accept your entry if it's any longer than this line of text that you are reading right now.

    ^When I say it must be shorter than the above sentence, I mean the physical length of the sentence, not the number of words or anything like that. If you want, you can copy and paste the above line to compare it side-by-side with your entry before you post it.

    Also, the maximum font size is 5. Don't go over it.

    There is no limit to how many you can enter, but please don't go overboard.

    In your post with your entries, you may also make one suggestion for a Pokémon to be in the next round. I will then choose the Pokémon to be in the next set from the list of suggestions made. The winners of the round get priority, so I will choose the next Pokémon from the winners' suggestions, but I will look at non-winners' suggestions if none of the winners made any. If you post more than one suggestion per round, I will only look at your first one, and I will ignore the rest.

    If you don't submit any entries, you can still make a suggestion in that round, but people who actually submit entries get priority. If you make a suggestion without submitting an entry, I will only look at yours if I didn't get any suggestions from people who submitted.

    There will be a Regular Pokédex, a Funny Pokédex, and a WTF Pokédex. At the end, there will be three winning entries, one per Pokédex. They will be added to the Pokédexes in the OP.

    I will also include leaderboards in the OP. One Per Pokédex, and one overall leaderboard.

    In addition, if you manage to win in all three categories in one round, then you score a Perfect Game. This is a very prestigious honor and the Hall of Fame will be included in this post.

    Crimson Penguin: 8
    ~SilverLugia~: 3
    The Eleventh: 3
    DarkRecon: 2
    CyberBlastoise: 1
    djhappy: 1
    Flame Mistress: 1
    InfernalBlaze: 1
    Jordie: 1
    Spite: 1
    Tyoyo3131: 1
    Z-nogyroP: 1

    #001 ;001; Bulbasaur seeks out rest in the most verdant gardens. It awaits the blooming of its bulb. [The Eleventh]
    #004 ;004; Charmander, the Lizard Pokemon. The flame on its tail will heat up should it get cold. It lives in active volcanoes. [Z-nogyroP]
    #007 ;007; It is said that even from birth, Squirtle can quench the fiercest of fires by drawing power from deep within its shell. [The Eleventh]
    #018 ;018; Pidgeot, the Bird Pokemon. It's known for flying at Mach 2 speeds and having extraordinary eyesight, which helps it capture unwary prey easily. [DarkRecon]
    #025 ;025; Pikachu, the Volt Mouse Pokemon. Pikachu absorbs static electricity with it's cheeks to deter enemies. [djhappy]
    #136 ;136; Flareon, the Thermal Pokemon. Flareon's flames can melt even the toughest of metals. Ancient peoples tamed it and kept it as a source of heat. [Crimson Penguin]
    #195 ;195; Quagsire, The Water Fish Pokémon. It's slimy skin allows it to slip away from enemies. [Tyoyo3131]
    #251 ;251; Celebi, the Forest Pokémon. This Pokémon protects all forests. It travels through time to ensure their safety. [InfernalBlaze]
    #350 ;350; Milotic, the Mythical Pokemon. Milotic are often found at the bottom of lakes. Their beauty is said to be unparalleled and calm even the angriest of men. [DarkRecon]
    #385 ;385; Jirachi, the Wish Pokemon. It grants wishes once every thousand years to those who are pure of heart. A comet appears in the sky when it is awake. [Crimson Penguin]
    #393 ;393; Piplup, the Diving Pokemon. Piplup have very dense feathers that keep them warm in harsh climates. They often compete to see who can dive the deepest. [Crimson Penguin]
    #407 ;407; Roserade, the Bouquet Pokemon. This Pokemon's flowers are so incredibly toxic, one light rub from one can kill a person within an hour. [~SilverLugia~]
    #455 ;455; Carnivine, the Trap Pokemon. Carnivine live in dense jungles. They can entrap prey with their jaws in only 1/1000th of a second. [Crimson Penguin]
    #461 ;461; Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokemon. It is a smart and devious Pokemon that can set elaborate traps to catch prey. [~SilverLugia~]
    #484 ;484; Palkia, the Cosmic Pokemon: Palkia was the creator of space. It's spacial rends can create wormholes thousands of light years away from Palkia's location. [Spite]
    #489 ;489; Phione, the Aquatic Pokemon. They form large colonies in the southern seas, drifting from place to place in search of their Manaphy ancestor. [Crimson Penguin]
    #493 ;493; Arceus, the Creator Pokemon. Long ago, Arceus created the universe and all living things within it. It is said to watch over us from high above Mt. Coronet. [Crimson Penguin]
    #495 :495: Snivy, the Serpent Pokemon. Snivy can slither noiselessly through any type of terrain. It lashes out relentlessly at intruders with its long vines. [Crimson Penguin]
    #501 :501: Oshawott, the Shell Pokemon. It depends heavily on its scalchop in battle. Each individual seeks a shell with the perfect balance of weight, power, and durability. [Crimson Penguin]
    #563 :563: Cofagrigus, the Coffin Pokémon. It is said that whoever touches its body will be cursed with mummification for 1,000 years. Many explorers fear it. [Flame Mistress]
    #564 :564: Tirtouga, the Prototurtle Pokemon. It swam in the oceans millions of years ago, and has been brought back to life with modern technology. [~SilverLugia~]
    #565 :565: Carracosta, the Prototurtle Pokémon. Carracosta's shell is extremely durable. It can withstand the great pressure of the ancient seas in which it once swam. [The Eleventh]
    #593 :593: The Jellyfish Pokemon. It is said that it would lure sailors to their deaths by imitating a drowning person. [CyberBlastoise]
    #607 :607: Litwick, the Illumination Pokemon. Litwick shines its lovely light on its unknowing victims, before sucking out their energy and sending them to Ghost World. [Jordie]

    Crimson Penguin: 5
    Z-nogyroP: 3
    djhappy: 2
    Loreni333: 2
    AuraKingVII: 1
    CandleReaper: 1
    Cinna: 1
    Epic-Inferno: 1
    GalladeofSpades: 1
    Lord Fighting: 1
    ricedonut: 1
    Shadowy Arceini: 1
    ~SilverLugia~: 1
    Spite: 1
    TotalPotato: 1
    ZoruaBoo: 1

    #001 ;001; Bulbasaur, the WTF Pokemon. Seriously, no one knows what it's supposed to be based on. Is it a toad? Is it a dinosaur? It it a pez dispenser?! [Epic-Inferno]
    #004 ;004; Charmander, the Unicorn Pokemon. The lizard body is a disguise. Its true form can poop rainbows. [Z-nogyroP]
    #007 ;007; Squirtle, the Carting Pokemon. Squirtle shells are often used for attacking other carts in go-carting. They are Italian. [Loreni333]
    #018 ;018; Pidgeot, the Boasting Pokemon. It likes to brag about its "blazing Mach 2 speed." Too bad it's outrun by a giant sloth and a dairy cow. [Crimson Penguin]
    #025 ;025; Pikachu, the Sneezing Pokemon. Pikachu was named by his buddies when he sneezed, he never lived it down. [djhappy]
    #136 ;136; Flareon, the Annoying Pokemon. Flareon are sometimes found in freezers ruining people's frozen dinners by melting them. They are common household pests. [ricedonut]
    #195 ;195; Quagsire, the Drunk Pokemon. It constantly drinks too much beer, so its brain has become warped to be annoyingly positive. [Z-nogyroP]
    #251 ;251; Celebi, the Cult Leader Pokemon. It's said that there is a group of people who sit on their computers all day in devotion to their "holy leader," Celebi. Oh wait... [Crimson Penguin]
    #350 ;350; Milotic, the Drag Queen Pokemon. Rumor has it that male Milotic are actually elaborately disguised Gyarados looking to explore their feminine side. [Crimson Penguin]
    #385 ;385; Jirachi, the Pimp Pokemon- This Pokemon is a pimp that requires a young girl for granting wishes. It is currently #1 on the most wanted list. [CandleReaper]
    #393 ;393; Piplup, the "Small Pokemon" Pokemon. It gets offended if you call it a midget. [Cinna]
    #407 ;407; Roserade, the Romantic Pokemon. Roserade never needs perfume so he is out at night always searchin' for the ladies. [djhappy]
    #455 ;455; Carnivine, the Worshipper Pokemon. During their Venus-worshipping festivals, Carnivine make out with each other while singing 80's songs. [Crimson Penguin]
    #461 ;461; Weaville, the black Zangoose pokemon. Weaville was cloned from Zangoose's DNA and then Spay Painted Black so Zangoose could have a Black brother. [Lord Fighting]
    #484 ;484; Palkia, the Pretty Pearls Pokémon. Legends said it was so jealous of the Clamperls' precious pearls that it viciously robbed them and implanted the pearls on its shoulders. [AuraKingVII]
    #489 ;489; Phione, the Phone Pokemon. It came from outer space. Some isolated oceanic tribes use it to send long-distance calls, free of charge. [Crimson Penguin]
    #493 ;493; Arceus, the Pocket-God pokemon. Despite creating the universe, it is currently owned by a 11 year old boy. [Loreni333]
    #495 :495: Snivy, the Mugger Pokemon. One day someone took away his "s" from smug. Now he slithers around on streets, attacking people and taking their money. [Z-norygoP]
    #501 :501: Oshawott, the Bald Ginge Pokémon. Once persecuted for being ginger, only bald Oshawott survived the purge of 1038. But the telltale freckles remain. [TotalPotato]
    #563 :563: Cofagrigus, the Casquet Pokémon. They used to keep dead bodies in Cofagrigus, but they kept turning everyone into mummies at the funeral. [GalladeofSpades]
    #564 :564: Tirtouga, the Murderous Pokemon. It sneaks up on land and kills many innocent Pokemon. It is on the Pokemon's Most Wanted list. [~SilverLugia~]
    #565 :565: Carracosta, the Dance Pokemon: Carracosta is a boss. It competes against other prehistoric Pokemon to dance-offs. If it wins, it gets to sniff the other Pokemon. [Spite]
    #593 :593: Jellicent, the nearsighted Pokemon. Jellicent have such bad vision, they needed to have the males and females painted different colors to tell them apart. [Shadowy Arceini]
    #607 :607: Litwick, the birthday Pokemon. Litwick disguise themselves as candles so they can eat a child's birthday cake without being noticed. [ZoruaBoo]

    Cinna: 4
    Chrysalis: 2
    DittoDude: 2
    djhappy: 2
    GalladeofSpades: 2
    Loreni333: 2
    Nightfall_: 2
    Adalricus: 1
    DarkRecon: 1
    DragoniteRules1: 1
    KirbyRider: 1
    Pikachica: 1
    SasoriSand: 1
    Shazdar: 1
    ~SilverLugia~: 1

    #001 ;001; Bulbasaur, the ejaculation Pokemon. In Germany, Bulbasaur is used as a symbol for STDs, and is the mascot of a campaign for abstinence. [Loreni333]
    #004 ;004; Charmander the Screaming Pokemon, Charmander screams at everyone by going CHARMANDER!!!!!!!!!!! everywhere he goes. [SasoriSand]
    #007 ;007; Squirtle, the LOLFAIL pokemon. It is called the love failure. [Nightfall_]
    #018 ;018; Pidgeot, the Bird Pokémon. It is-OH NOOOOO *Smack* [KirbyRider]
    #025 ;025; Pikachu, the Demon Hamster Pokemon. After traveling everywhere with a boy, one continued to eat the boy and sell his shoes. [djhappy]
    #136 ;136; Flareon, the tamale pokemon. It is the physical embodiment of all the capsaicin in the world. [DittoDude]
    #195 ;195; Quagsire, the Truffle Shuffle Pokemon. If it finds a truffle, it does the shuffle. [Loreni333]
    #251 ;251; Celebi, Decorative Vegetable Pokemon. Favourite Pokemon companion of the Doctor, lapel dweller. [Pikachica]
    #350 ;350; Milotic, the femi-monster Pokemon. This Pokemon flies around, turning males gay by enlightening them with the holiness of shopping and girly activities [Adalricus]
    #385 ;385; Jirachi, the Condom Pokemon. Yes, those blue things are your parents' used condoms. Be afraid, children. [Cinna]
    #407 ;407; Roserade, the Pop Tart Pokemon. roserade likes to start game's of hide and seek so he can steal your Pop Tarts and eat them in your washing machine. [djhappy]
    #455 ;455; Carnivine, the Chandelier Pokemon. It rolls around in its own **** to impress other men of our species. [Cinna]
    #461 ;461; It turns out that Weavile are not fire resistant. Please don't ask me where my sister's Weavile is. [Chrysalis]
    #484 ;484; Palkia, the Card Master Pokemon. My Granny once said she played a heated game of Go Fish with Palkia. It won, 5 games to 3, now that is a Bad-*** Pokemon. [Chrysalis]
    #489 ;489; Phione the Whip pokemon.It is known to appear behind kids who don't believe in Santa and slap them in the behind with the whip on it's head. [Shazdar]
    #493 ;493; Arceus, the Demonic Author Pokémon. Arceus is secretly Stephenie Meyer and desires to turn it's haters into Twillight Lovers. [GalladeofSpades]
    #495 :495: Snivy, the ***** Pokemon. Remember, they're all sassy black independent women who don't need no man. [Cinna]
    #501 :501: Oshawott, the BDSM Pokemon. It secretly has fantasies about a young Snivy playing with his scalchop. [Cinna]
    #563 :563: Cofagrigus, the Curse Pokémon. Return the Slab... THE MAN IN GAUZE, THE MAN IN GAUZE! RAAAAAAAMMMMMSEEEES! [GalladeofSpades]
    #564 :564: Tirtogua, the rick roll pokemon. Take one look at it and you know your gonna die. [Nightfall_]
    #565 :565: Carracosta, the Costly Pokemon. They like to sell themselves to rich people for 8234712498374832194732894738265 dollars. [DragoniteRules1]
    #593 :593: Jellicent, the Pringles Pokemon. These Pokemon worship the Pringles Man so much, all the males wanted to look like him, so now they do. [~SilverLugia~]
    #607 :607: Litwick, the Nursery Rhyme Ruining Pokemon. Jack be nimble, Jack be swift, Jack jumped over a candl-nevermind, he's dead. [DarkRecon]

    ;025; djhappy

    Crimson Penguin: 13
    Cinna: 5
    djhappy: 5
    ~SilverLugia~: 5
    Loreni333: 4
    Z-nogyroP: 4
    DarkRecon: 3
    GalladeofSpades: 3
    The Eleventh: 3
    Chrysalis: 2
    DittoDude: 2
    Nightfall_: 2
    Spite: 2
    Adalricus: 1
    AuraKingVII: 1
    CandleReaper: 1
    CyberBlastoise: 1
    DragoniteRules1: 1
    Epic-Inferno: 1
    Flame Mistress: 1
    InfernalBlaze: 1
    Jordie: 1
    KirbyRider: 1
    Lord Fighting: 1
    Pikachica: 1
    ricedonut: 1
    SasoriSand: 1
    Shadowy Arceini: 1
    Shazdar: 1
    TotalPotato: 1
    Tyoyo3131: 1
    ZoruaBoo: 1
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2013
  2. Nightfall_

    Nightfall_ Gamer Extrodinare

    SQUIRTLE: Squirtle, the turtle pokemon. Squirtle is physiclly a water park.
    Squirtle, the LOLFAIL pokemon. It is called the love failure.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2012
  3. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Bulbasaur, the grass Pokemon. It's green color helps it adapt to grass habitats and it's ability, Overgrowth.
    Bulbasaur, the drink Pokemon. It is said to learn a move once every time it gets drunk.
    Bulbasaur, the fire Pokemon. It's totally original type lets it use fire moves for a WTF look on watcher'a faces.
    Charmander, the chameleon Pokemon. It has a fiery tail and is BOSS like that.
    Charmander, the ??? Pokemon. It likes to do random stuff like give itself Poledex entries(this is SO not one of them).
    Squirtle, the squirt Pokemon. It's very young attitude(Oshawott reference) makes it act funny at times.
  4. Yay, approved! I'm excited to see what kinds of entries we get.
  5. Aegon

    Aegon _

    Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur seeks out rest in the most verdant gardens. It awaits the blooming of its bulb.
    Charmander: The fire on its tail has been passed down through generations. It receives this light from an elder.
    Squirtle: It is said that even from birth, Squirtle can quench the fiercest of fires by drawing power from deep within its shell.
  6. SasoriSand

    SasoriSand Master of Sand

    Bulbasaur the Bulb Pokemon, opposed to it's relatives it has an ungrowing plant on it's back. Despite popular belief, it is actually a Fungus that plagues the family and eats away at it's energy.

    Charmander the Screaming Pokemon, Charmander screams at everyone by going CHARMANDER!!!!!!!!!!! everywhere he goes.

    Squirtle the Cool Pokemon. Squirtle can be seen wearing very cool sunglasses with it's trainer Officer Jenny
  7. Spacial

    Spacial procrastination

    Charmander, the fire tail pokemon. If the fire on it's tail goes out, it dies

    Squirtle, the turtle Pokemon. It shares it's name with one of the heads of a three headed turtle

    Bulbasaur, the honey-filled Pokemon. Heracross are attracted to it, but not in a good way...
    Last edited: May 7, 2012
  8. I'm surprised nobody has made a suggestion yet. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's the only section of the rules that takes up 3 lines.
  9. Twentington

    Twentington Outta here!

    Do we have to submit an entry to make a suggestion?
  10. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋

    Bulbasaur, the WTF Pokemon. Seriously, no one knows what it's supposed to be based on. Is it a toad? Is it a dinosaur? It it a pez dispenser?!

    Charmander, the Overrated Pokemon. Everyone loves this thing to death, despite it having one of the most boring designs ever. Oh well, being cute can take you to great heights, I suppose.

    (Will probably do one for Squirtle later.)

    Also, I suggest Quagsire, Stunfisk, and Slowbro for the next one. Derpy Pokemon!
  11. Sarina

    Sarina New Member

    Charmander, the dragon pokemon, depends on the flame burning on it tail. Charmander is described as a 'baby' pokemon, that can grow into a huge, hundren ton-monster.
    Name: snivy
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
  12. No, but people who actually submit entries get priority. If I get fewer than 3 suggestions from people who submit, then I will take yours into account. But remember that if you make more than one suggestion per round, none of them will be counted. Someone already made that mistake :rolleyes:
  13. Aegon

    Aegon _

    I prefer to have the Pokémon chosen for me. :p
  14. No. 1 Machop Fan

    No. 1 Machop Fan Well-Known Member

    Charmander: It dies if the flame on its tail goes out. However, the flame cannot be doused by seawater.
  15. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Fine, I suggest Teddiursa, Cofagrigus, and Jynx
  16. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Cofagrigus - The rapist Pokemon. They lure people to peek inside of them and catch them. Whatever happens inside is a mystery...
  17. Just sayin'.

    But I could see how there could be confusion since the Nicknaming Contest allows you to suggest more than one. So fine, I'll change the rule. If you make more than one suggestion, I will only look at your first one, and ignore the rest. I won't be mean and ignore them all.

    Funny, but we're not doing Cofagrigus right now. If you want you can suggest it for the next round.
    Last edited: May 1, 2012
  18. Shadowy Arceini

    Shadowy Arceini (insert title here)

    Charmander: Millions of years ago, giant flying dragons appeared in the Sonata Temple. And evil wizard lived there and he forced the dragons to have babies. The babies turned out to be weird, red salamanders that made weird cries. The evil wizard put charms on the salamanders to make them have fire powers, and so they were called Charsalamanders. The evil wizard didn't like the letters S and L, so they were called Charaamanders. Years later, a stupid old hag named Prof. Oak renamed them as Charmanders, and they still live today.
  19. That's too long. It shouldn't take up more than a line.
    Last edited: May 4, 2012
  20. Quintsa

    Quintsa Roblox FTW

    Charmander: The fire pokemon. He Plays Fire Pranks all day Long. He dies if he gets shot with a bullet.
    Bulbasaur: The Troll Pokemon. He Trolls every grass pokemon. He always makes sure that they are trolled or else he will attack his own trainer.
    Squirtle: The Flac pokemon. He is a flankious, smart pokemon and always has a shotgun on him and hunts charmanders.

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