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PokéDex Questions


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PokéDex Questions

How does the PokéDex identify Pokémon, Does it have a camera or what.
In the games it make it out to be a device you add information to.
But in the anime it's a reference tool.
I'm confused.


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Its a game and a tv show...I'm confused how little monsters run around and get caught in balls and made to battle...

Its probably just a scanner of some sort.


In the show it reads energy signitures off of pokemon, as seen in the episode when Ghastly pretends to be a ghost of a maiden. And again, is indicated when May tries to scan a Kirlia, and it stated it was a Meowth, which it was in disguise.


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I've notice when a character uses a pokedex on a pokemon, the pokemon being idntified just stands there until they put the dex down, it doesnt have anything to do with the topic other then being about the dex but its just something ive noticed.