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Pokémon 2012: Überload [SU, Closed for now]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Deadly.Braviary, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Deadly.Braviary

    Deadly.Braviary Well-Known Member

    Pokémon 2012: Überload [SU, Closed for now]


    POKéMON 2012: üBERLOAD
    ~ a deadlybraviary RP ~

    Click for theme song
    Discussion thread
    RPG thread


    Everyone knows the old legends.

    The three birds that fly over Kanto, keeping nature in balance.

    The faerie that resides in Ilex Forest as the spirit of nature.

    The giant dragon that creates and rules the clear skies, while living at the summit of the giant pillar in one of the many islands of Hoenn.

    The giant that is said to reside within the Snowpoint Temple's cavernous basement.

    The urban legend of an insectoid cloned from a fossil and illegally genetically-modified by Team Plasma several years ago.

    They're not legends anymore.

    They're real.


    You used to be an ordinary citizen. One day you stumbled upon a blog on the internet. It was written by a woman named Sue Cra. This unlikely name, according to Sue, was the result of a misspelling on her birth certificate (originally 'Cray', Cra is still pronounced the same way).

    Sue's blog, interestingly titled "
    Überload" followed her work: she claimed to be a historian, researching the old myths of the world. She detailed her findings on her blog: if it was the latest Neolithic cave painting discovered, or yet another theory on the mysteriously desolate Newmoon Island where nobody dared to venture into, it was on Sue's blog.

    You found this interesting, and began to follow the blog, not realising that this action might have consequences ...

    On the 14th of December, Sue Cra's blog was updated. Through the next week, the world changed.


    The 2012 Phenomenon. Yet another crackpot end of the world theory. The Mayan calendar stated that the world would end in 2012? Ridiculous. Preposterous. Utter bullsh*t.

    Sue Cra didn't think so.

    Sue Cra updated her blog on the 14th of December. Why? Because, she believed, she would be dead the next week.

    Hey everyone! This is Sue speaking.

    This will be my very last update. Next week, the world will end, as the Mayans predicted.

    We're already slipping into decline. Global warming, political crises, wars, disturbances in the ecosystem... the end of the world isn't the logical next step, but it is logical. Maybe a few days down the line. But surely, it's coming, whenever it will.

    For those who say the Mayans didn't count the extra days in leap years or whatever: I reply, so what? Maybe the world won't end. So what? Maybe the world needs to end. After all, it's in pretty bad shape.

    Anyway, goodbye. It's been one hell of a ride. :)

    Sue Cra's blog: last update, 14.12.2012​

    Throughout the week leading up to the 'end of the world', the world was beginning to change drastically.

    Sightings of the old legends became abundant throughout the world.

    The Tohjo Falls dispute ended violently when an anonymous suicide bomber detonated a bomb that caused the entire cave to come down on the activists and the soldiers at the border.

    The Magikarp in the Lake of Rage floated, belly-up, as the Gyarados began to attack their own kind. Charles 'Chuck' Norst, Gym leader of the city of Cianwood, was attacked by his own Pokemon.

    The weather went haywire everywhere: sunshine abruptly turns to a downpour and back within minutes, the seas flood, snow bombards the tropical regions, and thunder and lightning inexplicably boom over the remote seas.

    And on top of all this, a small rainstorm over the city of Pacifidlog rapidly turns into a gigantic and monstrous hurricane that begins a devastating global circuit ...

    You wonder what could possibly be the cause of this. Due to the unpredictably horrible weather conditions, you have been given leave off school/work until all returns to normal.

    On the 21st of December, 2012, while at your home in Washington, DC, preparing for the inevitable yet unpredictable hurricane strike that is forecasted for this week, you get a call.

    This call changes your life.



    YOU: Hello?

    ?: (static) ... lo.

    YOU: Who is this?

    ?: You kn ... (static) ... me. I am (static).

    YOU: I'm sorry, I didn't get that.

    ?: I am God.

    (Silence. The static suddenly dissipates.)

    YOU: What?

    ?: I am known by many names. The one I prefer is Arceus, but the name of the human I am possessing is Susan Bliss Cra. While earthbound, I am called 'Sue'.

    YOU: Is this a prank call?!

    SUE: No. I am Sue Cra - which happens to be Arceus spelled backwards. I am a direct creation of Arceus, made to be his vassal among humans, and in case the worst happens, I will become his human body.

    YOU: Give me a good reason not to hang up.

    SUE: All will be explained.

    (Hang-up button dialled. The line remains connected.)

    YOU: Why isn't this hanging up?!

    SUE: I still possess some of the powers of my old self. I can manipulate reality such that you will hear me in your head rather than on this phone. Would that be preferable to you?

    (Silence for a few seconds.)

    YOU: How on earth did you do that?

    SUE: Now do you believe me?

    YOU: Er ...

    SUE: I need to speak to you. I'll meet you at a place you know well. This location will now be communicated telepathically.


    SUE: Meet me there. Now.

    (End of call.)
    Transcript of call​

    Within seconds, you are braving unimaginable weather to get to the rendezvous location 'Sue' asked you to get to. You're not completely sure if she's sane; but you know that she has awe-inspiring and terrible powers, and even with a fraction of her power left, she could blow you to smithereens.

    Later, you cannot recall if you went to a park, or a cafe, or even the nearest grocery store. Maybe a gas station. But you remember the meeting clearly.


    Sue Cra looks exactly like the pictures on her blog. 5' 7'' and slim, with short brown hair and glow-in-the-dark orange spectacles.

    But on the net, her eyes aren't blank and lacking in emotion and pupil.

    They aren't unfeeling and golden.

    Within minutes, she explains the situation telepathically.


    Arceus isn't God. It'swhat is called an Entity.

    The Entities are a pantheon of the first Pokemon species to have been created. Even they aren't sure how they were made. Arceus' species has ruled the pantheon since the beginning of time. Every century or so, the current pantheon of Entities crumble into cosmic dust, which reforms into a new pantheon.

    Only one Pokemon in each species of Entities can exist at a time. Therefore, approximately fifty Entities are alive at any given time. Each Entity carries the memories and wisdom of its predecessors, but a fresh and strong body. The Entities' physical bodies cannot hold the strain of hosting so much power at once, however, and so new bodies for old minds are created every hundred years.

    The current pantheon of the 21st century, however, has decided that the Earth needs a fresh start. They view the relationship between humans and Pokemon as akin to a master and his or her slave. This must be changed.



    The first artificial Entity, Mewtwo, is the leader of this school of thought, the Separatists. Mewtwo was created in 1996, when a group of Kanto researchers cloned it from the DNA of another Entity, Mew. Thus, it harbours great resentment for humankind, as they created it to be a WMD for terrorists.

    Mewtwo has been rallying Entities to it since it was formally accepted into the pantheon in 1999. Now, thirteen years later, Mewtwo and its Separatists have staged a revolt.

    Ever since the Separatists were created, they have been petitioning Arceus to allow them to wipe out the human race. However, Arceus, who didn't want all of its hard work to go to waste, refused. Finally, Mewtwo took matters into its own hands.

    On the 15th, Mewtwo and a few of its most trusted Separatist allies stormed Arceus' home: the pocket dimension known as the Hall of Origin. There, they overpowered the Entity in charge of creation itself with ease. Arceus alone was no match for the five or six Entities that attacked him. Combining their powers, they banished Arceus from the pantheon, condemning its mortal body to cosmic dust that contained the being of Arceus. Mewtwo trapped most of Arceus' soul in a device of its own creation, the Pandora Machine.

    However, a few grains of the dust were overlooked. These tiny fractions of Arceus' power generated themselves into Saffron City. Every Entity has a 'vassal', a human being who they personally created to hold their soul in case their mortal body was unexpectedly lost. What was left of Arceus' soul took refuge in his vassal, Sue Cra.


    Your destiny unfolds before your eyes. Arceus/Sue now tells you that you are a vassal of one of the few Entities that did not ally with the Separatists. Mewtwo apparently does not think them powerful enough to warrant their capture, now that their leader, Arceus, is gone.

    Sue gingerly hands you a small orb, a centimetre in diametre. Its surface is soft and its texture feels like that of meat. She tells you that if you swallow this orb, you will gain the ability to sense other vassals and Entities. You must seek out vassals to aid you, and you must find Entities to help you as well. If possible, you must cause Separatists to defect from their cause.

    You think it over, and finally take a chance.

    You swallow the orb.


    • to find the Entity whose vassal you are (your host Entity)
    • to find other vassals to help you
    • to find other Entities to help you
    • to defeat Separatists who may attack you
    • to attack the Separatist fortress in Cerulean Cave, once you think you are strong enough
    • to defeat Mewtwo, once you think you are strong enough
    • to destroy the Pandora Machine, and set free the rest of Arceus' soul

    and last, but in no way least,

    • to not die

    Of course, it's never that easy.


    You do control your host Entity, whom you'll meet as soon as we start. But they won't be battling any legendaries, as they will dissipate into cosmic dust, part of which gives you some powers, and part of which forms your weapon.

    There are two kinds of powers, risk and no risk powers. A no risk power has no toll on your health; however, a risk power takes some of your energy. On coming into contact with the cosmic dust of your host Entity, you gain two no risk powers, which is defensive or helpful in nature, and one risk power, which is offensive and more powerful but takes a little of energy. Causing your skin to harden and become almost invulnerable, or giving yourself an accelerated healing ability is no risk, but creating projectile spikes from your arms or summoning flames out of thin air is definitely a risk ability. We will gain a few extra powers later on.

    Now for your weapon. This weapon isn't ordinary. If you get a sword, you may discover that, with the click of a button, you can cause the blade to heat up. Or, you may get a gun which shoots bullets that are automatically attracted to their intended target. Your weapon is bound to you, and will return to you in a few seconds if you lose it.

    Sue, the vassal of Arceus: Sue's powers are extremely limited and extend to telepathy and teleportation (no risk powers) and creation of matter (risk power). Her weapon is a bracelet which resembles Arceus' 'ring'; this can absorb weak levels of energy and transform it into projectiles. The bracelet loses stored energy if it isn't used two hours after being absorbed. It cannot absorb energy-based attacks like Hyper Beam, but it can absorb energy generated by attacks, such as flames resulting from Fire-type attacks.


    The world we're playing in is our world, plus the five mainstream regions from the Pokemon world (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova). The storyline of the games has taken place in the same years the game was released: however, Black 2 and White 2's storyline has not yet occurred.

    Kanto and Johto are located near Japan, and considered part of Asia.

    Hoenn is an island in the Pacific, and is considered to be part of South America.

    Sinnoh is a Northern European island, settled by Europeans (mainly the British and French).

    Unova is on the East Coast of the US and considered a separate country, part of North America.

    As for the weather, Mewtwo and his Separatists have the three legendary beasts (Entei, Raikou and Suicune), on their side. These three use their powers to alter the weather of the world: Entei causes mountains to turn into volcanoes, Raikou causes gigantic storms, and Suicune turns sunshine into rain and causes rivers to flood or become polluted.

    Most 'ordinary' humans are taking refuge in shelters wherever they can. Darkrai, who is also a Separatist, enters the dreams of some survivors and causes them to lose their will to live slowly. Various wild Pokemon roam the flooded, storm-struck, and abandoned streets of the world.


    • While playing, filling up your sign-up sheet, and commenting on posts, please make the effort to use proper English. I prefer the UK spellings (grey and not gray, colour and not color), but it's entirely your choice which ones you choose. Just make sure you don't spell 'grey'/'gray' as 'grre'.
    • No godmodding.
    • A small amount of bunnying is allowed. For example, you can say that when you battle another character's Pokemon, their Pokemon stumbled backwards. However, you cannot say that you OHKO'ed them. Please note: PVP battles aren't going to be a 'regular thing'.
    • On the subject of Pokemon, you are allowed to have a maximum of six Pokemon. One can be owned prior to the events of the story, and the rest caught along the way. If you want to, you can choose to not have any Pokemon. When you submit your profile, include ONLY INCLUDE THE ONE POKEMON YOU WILL HAVE IN THE BEGINNING. If you're going to catch more, you'll have to fill in a sign up profile (ONLY THE POKEMON SECTION) and PM it to me, saying something like 'Hey, I want to catch this Pokemon'. Same applies if your Pokemon evolves: send me a PM saying 'My Pokemon is evolving. (insert evolved-form's profile)', however there's no need to update the original SU post.
    • This RPG is rated PG-13/T. Violence is allowed to a limit (blood is fine but no gore), a little swearing (a sh*t here and there) is fine, nothing else.
    • Please post a minimum of twice a week.
    • All other Serebii.net forum rules and RPG forum rules apply.

    The following Pokemon cannot be caught (refer rule four) or be your host legendaries:
    • The pseudo-legendaries (Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp, Hydreigon) and their evolutionary lines
    • Mew* and Mewtwo [Separatist]
    • Entei, Raikou and Suicune [Separatist]
    • Celebi*
    • Darkrai [Separatist]
    • Phione** and Manaphy**
    • Arceus
    • Genesect [Separatist]

    * Does not take sides.
    ** Not considered an Entity.



    Part One: Human

    Name: Obvious.
    Gender: Male/Female only.
    Age: Between 16 and 30.
    Appearance: A short description of their physical characteristics. Minimum 1 paragraph.
    Personality: How your character behaves and acts. Minimum 1 paragraph.
    Background: Your character's story. Where s/he came from, grew up in and currently lives in. They don't have to all be from Washington: they can be from somewhere else and have decided to live in Washington, or they may be staying in Washington for a short while. Minimum 2 paragraphs.
    Host Entity: Speaks for itself. Add the gender in brackets like this: [M] or [F]. Yes, they are allowed to have a gender.
    Powers: Describe the effect of the power and what it looks like.
    No-risk power 1
    No-risk power 2
    Risk power 1
    Weapon: What does it look like? What is its special ability?

    Part Two: Pokemon*
    * Only if you're playing as a trainer. If you have more than one, first fill in all the fields for Pokemon 1, then for Pokemon 2 and finally for Pokemon 3. They absolutely can not be a stage three (second evolution: Charizard, Gallade, etc.). They can evolve through the course of the game however.

    Species: Obvious.
    Nickname: Again, should be obvious.
    Gender: Male, female or genderless.
    Personality: How does this Pokemon behave? Minimum 1 paragraph.
    Moves: Maximum is 4 for stage one and 6 for stage two.
    Other: Any standout characteristics? Does your Pokemon have a charm on its neck?

    Note: a total of two shinies will be allowed. If you have a shiny and your SU is accepted, then a shiny slot is taken up. You cannot have two shinies! So one shiny allowed from person A and one from person B.

    Shiny 1 - Death the Togepi (CandleReaper)
    Shiny 2 - Liegen the Roselia (Purplepassion)

    [SIZE=3]Part One: Human[/SIZE][/B]
    [B]Name: [/B]
    [B]Gender: [/B] 
    [B]Age: [/B]
    [B]Appearance: [/B]
    [B]Personality: [/B]
    [B]Host Entity:[/B] 
    [B][SIZE=3]Part One: Pokemon[/SIZE][/B]
    [B]Species: [/B]
    [B]Nickname: [/B]


    Character name [Host Entity] - Player
    Accepted; Pending/Reserved; Open
    Closed for now, but later on, if one of our players unexpectedly leaves, we'll find a way to get some more players in.

    1. Ben Kendrick [Deoxys] - Deadly.Braviary
    2. Tyler Kingston [Rayquaza] - Monster Guy
    3. Ice [Regice] - Lost Requiem
    4. Sophia Larson [Meloetta] - TheSketchQueen
    5. Evelina Hollins [Uxie] - Azran Flame
    6. Jolene Sulzbach [Dialga] - Purplepassion
    7. Ian Blackwood [Giratina] - SoulMuse
    8. Miles Stone [Ho-oh] - miles0624
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2013
  2. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Well, this seems to be interesting. I'd like to be reserved for now.
  3. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    I will take a reserve as well.
  4. I'd like to reserve too; the concept sounds pretty nice.
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I haven't done a Pokemon RP in forever.

    I'll reserve a spot too.
  6. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Same as Mon, I'm getting Rusty with Pokemon RPGs. I'll reserve a spot
  7. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Please reserve it for me.
  8. Deadly.Braviary

    Deadly.Braviary Well-Known Member

    Well, this is a surprise.

    For years every RP I've started (except one) has failed before it even got off the ground. Now I come back and in a day there are FIVE reservations. =O =D You guys almost brought tears in my eyes.

    BTW, the number of spots is flexible depending on how many people are willing to join.

    My profile will be coming up shortly. You're all down as Reserved.

    EDIT: Not five but six reserves ?! Wow ....

    EDIT 2: Profile is up!


    Part One: Human

    Name: Ben Kendrick

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Ben is six feet tall. His eyes are clear, sparkling blue, the colour of the sky on a clear day and his hair is dark blue-black, both traits he inherited from his Johto family. He's in good shape, lean and tall. Occasionally, he wears a pair of translucent sunglasses to hide the odd looks his eyes earn him.

    His usual attire consists of a black or white T-shirt (torn at the sleeves for a personal touch) and faded black jeans. He loves sneakers, and buys a new pair every few months. His current favourite is a black-and-white pair with a red racing stripe. Ben always carries around a backpack with an e-book reader, a laptop, an Xtransceiver, his PokeGear, and assorted cheeses - and his wallet, when he remembers.

    Personality: Ben is an introverted technophile. He's not very talkative, but when you get him to open up, he's friendly enough. He doesn't get people much, this being the reason he's not very into talking. However, he has an active online life. An interesting trait of his is that he has odd likes and dislikes. His favourite colours are black and white, and those are all he wears - except with the occasional dash of red. This is the reason for his dislike of his eye colours.

    Ben is a cheese connoisseur, and loves trying out new kinds of cheese. His fridge and backpacked are always stocked with at least three different varieties at any time.

    Background: Ben was born and raised in Olivine City in Johto. His father Rob was a sailor who was almost never at home; even when he was, he never spent time with Ben, preferring Ben's younger sister, Bailey. When he was 4, he met the local Gym leader, Jasmine, who got him interested in battling. As soon as he turned 12, Ben applied for a summer job at the Olivine Gym, as Jasmine's assistant. It was his job to maintain the badges, to make sure her Pokemon were healed in time for the next fight, and to schedule her battles. He loved the job, but he eventually got bored of it and didn't return the next summer.

    After graduation, Ben and his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland. There, he worked at a local Pokemon club. It was here that he caught his first Pokemon: one day, an Aron wandered into his garage and began to eat an old bicycle. Ben, then 16, baited it with some cheese and then used a Quick Ball to catch him. Named Sebastian, Aron and Ben soon bonded. Rather than using the Aron for battling, as Trainers did, Ben treated Sebastian more as a friend. On the one-year anniversary of his capture, Ben and Sebastian went to the junkyard, where Sebastian stuffed himself with iron scraps. On the 21st, the day the world was supposed to end, Washington flooded over. Sebastian, being a Rock-type, didn't take too kindly to the water, and so, the two of them together met Sue Cra. Following this, Ben learnt that he was to meet his host Entity, Deoxys. Together with Sebastian, he set off on a life-changing journey ...

    Host Entity: Deoxys

    No risk power 1: Ben can increase the thickness of his epithelium in order to harden his body into a smooth, almost metallic red armour, corresponding to Deoxys' Defence Forme. While using this power, his eyes turn green like the sea.

    No risk power 2: Ben can increase his speed so that he can easily keep up with a fast-moving car, corresponding to Deoxys' Speed Forme. While using this power, his eyes turn grey like a thundercloud.

    Risk power 1: Ben can generate two to four hard red-and-green tentacles (similar to Deoxys') that extend from his spine. They are long and flexible, but end in a hard point, corresponding to Deoxys' Attack Forme. While using this power, his eyes turn red/orange like flames.

    Weapon: Ben's weapon is an offensive glove. Its main body is red in colour, and its fingers are blue-green. A purple crystal is inset within a glass shield on the back of the hand (above the palm). The crystal is the power source for the glove and it pulsates regularly. Ben can will the glove to coat itself in a pulsing purple glow; when he strikes an object while the glove is glowing, the power that he strikes with is amplified and causes a shockwave. Thus, when he hits the ground while the glove is glowing, a shockwave spreads out and cracks the ground.

    Part Two: Pokemon

    Species: Aron

    Nickname: Sebastian

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Sebastian is the complete opposite of Ben. Curious and overly friendly, he has the annoying habit of chasing after anything shiny. When encountered by anything that looks hostile, his natural tendency is to bite first, ask questions later.

    All Aron naturally eat iron, and Sebastian is no exception. He is, however, picky about what he eats: he won’t eat anything that’s rusty or doesn’t look shiny enough. And he especially refuses to eat the iron pellets that pet shops sell as Aron food. Sebastian shares his owner’s love of cheese, and will happily eat an entire box of mozzarella, cheddar or whatever you care to name.

    Metal Claw - Sebastian's claws pop out and glow white and he slashes out.
    Headbutt - Sebastian takes a running jump and slams his head into the target.
    Protect - Sebastian's body takes on a blue/green aura.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2012
  9. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Well... I guess I'm going to sign up, seeing as there are open spots...

    Part One: Human

    Name: Sophia Larson
    Gender: F
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Short, boyish brown hair, slim figure (about 5' 9" tall), green eyes, olive skin. She is very athletic and strong. She usually wears shorts and short sleeved shirts, with her shorts always made of denim. She loves athletic shoes and won't wear anything else. Most of her shirts are red.

    Personality: Fairly calm. If she gets angry, she will rise in intensity until she hits her full temper. She loves music, and is a definite tomboy. Sophia is usually alone, and is very hard to make friends with after years of being cold and bitter. Despited this she hates her loneliness and wants some friends. She is unable to cry. Sophia, despite her coldness to people, is very kind once she lets you in. If she lets you in.

    Background: Dark. Her father left when she was 7, and before her parents split she was usually in the midst of their fighting. They fought for five years before splitting. Sophia became hardened, and never really had any friends. She liked watching everyone play outside the window of her house in Virbank, playing basketball or some other sport. She longed to play with them, but too cold and afraid to do so. At night, however, she liked to creep out of her house and play the games she saw with herself. Eager to leave her past behind, she took the first chance to leave at ten when she could start off on a pokemon journey. She tries to keep her past out of her mind. Her father came from Unova, and her mother came from Sinnoh. She has spent much time in the two regions, but prefers Unova. She loves hearing about the hero of Unova who saved the region from Team Plasma.

    She met her pokemon, growlithe in an odd way. Growlithe had already been caught, but his trainer pushed him hard. Always. And if Growlithe lost, he would beat him and deny him food. Sophia stood up for Growlithe the first time she saw Growlithes trainer battle. After Growlithe lost, she ran and took the beating for him, crushing Growlithe's pokeball. Afterwords, Growlithe insisted on traveling with Sophia. She named him Zac, and set off to Castilia city. Later, at 15, she received a phone call from her cousin to come live with him in D.C. Recently her cousin was taken by an illness, and so she inherited the house, and lives there today.

    Host Entity: Meloetta.
    Powers: No risk power 1: Sophia can make a shield of sound, music notes wrapping around her, making her nearly untouchable.

    No risk power 2: Sophia can raise her attack power for a short amount of time by singing a certain song. When she does, her hair grows longer and turned orange, and resembles Meloetta's aria form.

    Risk power 1: Sophia can raise her voice loud enough to be physically harmful. She can narrow it to one point, and the more concentrated, the more powerful. It does become painful to her after a while of using this power, and the pain grows the longer she uses it after the pain starts.

    Weapon: Sophia's weapon is a sword, with a steel blade, and orange and green gems in the shape of music notes decorate the handle. When swung, it produces a melodic violin sound. If she holds the blade out straight, and sings a certain melody, the sword will fly straight at its target while repeating the same melody.

    NOTE: The lyrics to the song is here, and the music is here. She also doesn't have to sing the whole song, but any passage from the song will work.

    Part Two: Pokemon
    Species: Growlithe
    Nickname: Zac
    Gender: M
    Personality: Much like Sophia's. Calm, but has a temper. Very caring about Sophia, and will always attempt to calm her. He feels a strong hatred for trainers who mistreat their pokemon. He likes eating meat, and despises pokemon food, as his old trainer usually gave him bad pokemon food.
    Moves: Fire fang - Growlithe fills his mouth with fire and bites the target.
    Take down - Growlithe tackles the target, but gets hurt a little by using it.
    Flamethrower - Growlithe breathes fire at the target.
    Crunch - Growlithe bites the target. Hard.

    Species: Chingling
    Nickname: Chang
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Chang is an up-beat pokemon. He prefers not to fight, but if he has to calculates his moves very specifically. He likes to make other pokemon smile, and amost never frowns.
    Moves: Confusion, Psyshock, Uproar, Last Resort
    Other: N/A
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2013
  10. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright. Here I go!

    Also, just call him Ice

    Part One: Human

    Name: Isaac Cameron Eulogy “Ice”

    Gender: Male

    Age: Age 17

    Appearance: Isaac stands at around 5” 11’, a pretty tall height for his family, which averages around 5” 9. He has a thin, skinny body shape with no fat, but almost no muscle either. He has barely any leg or chest hair either, naturally, so it makes him an oddity. He has short, silver hair that covers his head in a simple downward spike. He has light, icy blue eyes that don’t really reveal anything at all, as the just look into space emotionlessly.
    His attire is also considered odd, considering he’s in Washington. He wears a full on brown leather, fur lined coat. It was made specifically to be worn in the Tundra, as a way to keep warm. Isaac wears it anywhere, as he states he’s always cold. He then wears Leather pants and moccasins that are made of the same leather and color as his coat.

    Personality: Isaac is a cold, distant individual. He prefers to be left alone, and doesn’t talk to anyone at all. He doesn’t show emotion, and just wants to get to his goal. He often keeps his Pokémon close, as they’re the only ones he can truly trust.

    He does however, ‘warms’ up when you get to know him. He isn’t as cold and harsh, and can be a little sweet at times, but he still acts the same. It’s more of that he, how to put it, has trust issues due to an incident in his past. He also has a strange obsession with Suicune, more the Eusine did… So he might talk a little insane when the pokemon is talked about.

    Background: Isaac grew up living in an American station in Antarctica, where his mother, his only parent, as his father died before he was born, was researching the ice and dark type Pokémon in there. Due to the isolation he had with most of his life, he never really interacted with people, even with the people who worked with his mother. When he was young, his mother gave him a pokemon egg she found while working, and he was overjoyed he got a Pokemon to have as his own. He always had it close to his side, to make sure it never froze.

    When it hatched, it was a shock to everyone on what type of Pokemon it was. It was a Togepi, a pokemon that was said to bring joy to people, and was odd that they’re native to Asia and Europe. Ice decided to name it Death, as it’s cheerful nature could soothe the dying into a peaceful rest. Two years after death hatched nothing really happened, until the accident that made him who he was today. During research, his mother was brutally killed by a Walrien stampede. This forced him to leave Antarctica once and for all, and go to America. There, he decided to continue in his mother’s Research, and works in a Pokémon Laboratory close to Washington D.C.

    Host Entity: Regice


    Non-Risk 1- Freeze. Can control the air temperature to make it slightly colder, about 10 Degrees in Fahrenheit.

    Non-Risk 2- Crystal Armor. He creates a Suit of Nevermelt ice to wear. It makes him slower, but boosts his defensive capabilities

    Risk- Blizzard Ω- Draw upon Regice’s Power, and dons a helmet similar to Regice’s Eyes. A giant beam of Ice goes into either a wide area, or focused on one target. After use, Isaac normally is on the verge of collapse

    Weapon: He wields a sword made of nevermelt ice. He can manipulate the sword so it can act as multiple weapons, due to the Ice being expanded, new crystals growing on the sword, and so forth.

    Part One: Pokémon

    Species: Togepi

    Nickname: Death

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Death’s more Social and outgoing to other people then Isaac, but he’s also very shy, preferring to stick to his master until he can get to know the Person/Pokemon better.

    He’s also very fond of the Dead and is a little to obsessed with Necromancy, but Isaac lets it slide, as he knows we can’t truly resurrect the dead.


    Hyper Voice: Was taught this after hearing Isaac’s Blood-Curdling scream on learning his mother’s death. He closes his eye, and put’s his hands on his ears and screams in the same way. Works better on Aerial opponents.

    Metronome: Up to the wheel of luck, wiggles his finger and a wheel appears with four random attacks.

    Yawn: Yawns drowsily, those in the area will feel tired, the closer one is, the fater they fall asleep.

    Nasty Plot: The true reason for his name. He thinks up a malicious scheme on how to resurrect something, and boosts his Special Attack by Two.

    Other: He’s Shiny
  11. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Just saying, I'd like to specifically reserve Uxie as my host Pokémon.
  12. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Part 1: Human

    Name: Tyler Kingston
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    Appearance: Tyler stands at about 5'9". His face is round, and a bit boyish, with large, expressive almond shaped eyes are a light shade of blue. His short, blond hair is spiky thanks to hair gel. His skin is lightly tanned due to living in the tropical region of Hoenn, where it was often sunny. He is an athletic boy, and he is in good shape. He has a toned physique that he is quite proud of.

    For clothing, Tyler usually wears what is comfortable. His usual attire includes a skintight white tank top, and a pair of khaki cargo shorts held up by a brown belt, where he keeps his Marshtomp's Pokeball clipped to. Despite all the jokes made about it, the youngsters are right, shorts really are comfy and easy to wear. He also carries his wallet, his iPhone, a pair of earbuds to listen to music on the iPhone, and a deck of playing cards in his pockets. On his feet, he wears a pair of black flip-flop sandals. He'll occasionally wear sunglasses over his eyes, because he thinks they look cool, but they're usually on top of his head.

    Personality: Tyler is a rash, hotheaded young man. He often jumps into action without thinking first. Often immature and mischievous, he disregards rules, and can often be a troublemaker. He can also be very blunt, and isn't one to sugarcoat things, but he usually means well. At times, he is lazy, and he often procrastinates to get work done. Despite this, he is very stubborn, and once he's set his mind on something, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He is very confident in himself. So much so, that he often comes across as arrogant, and he tends to underestimate others.

    Despite his physical build, Tyler has a big appetite, and he likes to eat a lot. He is lucky enough to have a high metabolism that he doesn't get chubby, plus he excercises a lot anyway. One of the first things he does when visiting a new city, is try out the local food. He also likes playing games, and he can often be found at the game arcades and casinos. He is not afraid to resort to cheating though, and it has gotten him in trouble. He is a big flirt, and he often hits on girls (and some guys) he finds attractive, often with poor results. It hasn't stopped him from trying, though. He is a nicknamer, and he often gives nicknames to new people he meets. All in all, though hotblooded, Tyler is a Kind hearted, cheerful boy, and he's a loyal friend to those willing to put up with his antics.

    Background: Tyler was born in Lillycove City Hoenn. He grew up as the only child of a wealthy family. His parents are successful Pokemon trainers, who caught a lot of Pokemon in their youth. As a child, Tyler grew up around all these Pokemon, and considers them like brothers and sisters. It was from his parents, that he recieved his first Pokemon, a Mudkip he named Swamptaro. Tyler's ultimate goal in life in was to become better trainers than his parents were. He often randomly challenged kids with his Mudkip, and often lost because he didn't know the first thing about Pokemon. It didn't deter him, he continued beating up wild Zigzagoons, Tailows, and Zubats untill eventually, his Mudkip became a Marshtomp.

    Unfortunately for him, his parents had to move to Washington DC before he could test his Pokemon's newfound strength against a Gym Leader. They had plans to open up a Pokemon Zoo/Safari Zone there. They also thought the change of environment would be good for their son, as it would calm him down a bit. This disapointed Tyler greatly. He had to go to school instead of Training Pokemon like he wanted, so he had to put his plans on hold until he graduated, and he had friends in Lillycove city that he had to leave behind too. Plus, he missed having the beach in close proximity. The only good thing for him, was that he got to play with the Pokemon in his parent's Zoo/Safari Zone (But he wasn't allowed to battle, or catch them. He tried, and got busted...) For the next few years, things were pretty uneventful, and Tyler was rather bored of the routine. He's hoping something exciting will happen soon.

    Host Entity: Rayquaza (M)


    No risk power 1: Flight: Like his Host Entity, Tyler can fly. While flying, he is able to move at high speeds.

    No risk power 2: Air Lock: With a little concentration, Tyler can negate the effects of bad weather within a certain area, and make the sky clear for a short time.

    Risk power: Outrage: Like the Pokemon attack, Tyler's body and eyes glow with a Draconic energy, and he temporarily gains super strength. While in this state, he goes on a rampage, and causes damage to everything in sight. While this technique is powerful, it also comes with a price. Like the Pokemon move, this leaves him exhausted when the effect finishes, and it also leaves him dazed and confused for a while. While in Outrage mode, Tyler becomes feral and filled with fury, making him completely uncontrollable.

    Weapon: Tyler's weapon is a pair of green gauntlets with gold circles on them. A set of retractable, glowing, razor sharp, energy claws appear from the fingertips. They essentially allow him to use the move Dragon Claw.

    Part 2: Pokemon

    Name: Swamptaro
    Species: Marshtomp
    Gender: Male
    Personality: As Swamptaro's pretty much been around his trainer since his birth, Tyler has had a big influence on his personality. He's rash and impulsive, as well as being a bit mischievous, much like his trainer. He can also be irritating and stubborn at times. Somehow, he learned how to play poker, and Tyler often plays against him. Swamptaro always seems to win and gets great hands.


    Water Gun: Swamptaro forcefully fires a blast of water from his mouth, dealing damage to the foe.

    Mud Shot: Swamptaro shoots mud at foes, slowing them down and dealing damage.

    Ice Punch: Swamptaro's fist glows with an Icy energy, and he punches them, dealing damage to the foe. This move has a small chance to freeze the foe.

    Curse: Swamptaro chants a curse, lowering his speed, but raising his attack and defense.
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    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    Ok. I have not done an RPG in forever. Can I reserve Latios?
  14. Deadly.Braviary

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    Should speak for itself. Also, you should modify the background to make her live in DC rather than Castelia.

    Which song are you referring to? You say 'a certain song', so I assume that only one sing triggers this power. It's not particularly important, so you can just link to it in the description itself (by wrapping the URL around the words 'a certain song' or something like that).

    Same as above.

    Ah. I knew something was off. You don't have to change this: it's more of my mistake.

    All fine, except you misspelled 'fire' in Flamethrower's description.

    TheSketchQueen, you're Pending! Once you change the stuff I mentioned, you're good to go.

    CandleReaper, you're Accepted!

    Will do.

    The bit in italics would count as a separate no risk power, so please amend. I have a feeling his Air Lock power will come in handy against the legendary beasts ...

    Mon1010, you're Pending!

    Done. However, I would much prefer it if you could adjust your character for a Kanto or Johto legendary, seeing as we've got three Hoenns, one Unova and one Sinnoh already.

    Also, I am closing the signups for now. Later on, if one of our players unexpectedly leaves, we'll find a way to get some more players in. But for now, nine people is all I can handle.

    I've also updated the rules, please check it out.
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  15. Whoops. I was going to reserve Kyogre but seeing the above post...

    Yeah I'd like to reserve Dialga, then. I'd reserve a Kanto/Johto legendary, but I don't know...
  16. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I can't see the italics for some reason. ^^;

    I assume you mean the last sentence of the flight power, and if so it's been ammended.
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  17. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    WOW, I screwed up. I put a link to the lyrics/music of the song, and fixed everything else.
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  18. Flame Mistress

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    Part One: Human

    Name: Evelina Hollins

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Evelina stands at an average height of 172cm, and has a normal figure - not too bulky or large, and not too slim and skinny, either, with her curves in the right places, as far as she's concerned. She has long, wavy brown hair, and has slightly dark skin, being of half-Indian, half-European descent, with a triangular face. Her eyes are quite unique, as they are mainly green with hazel flecks, but seem to be red right around the pupil, and they are quite sharp and intimidating.. According to her friends, she has elvish ears, though she cannot see how they're elvish in any way (this is just her, though - they do look quite elvish indeed).

    As she is from the northernmost part of Sinnoh, Evelina is used to the cold, and therefore she is quite sensitive to hot weather. What people will think is freezing will just be some lukewarm weather to her which she can shrug off wearing a sweater, but anything over 25°c will be ridiculously hot for her, and she'll try to stay indoors at all times. She has not brought anything particularly warm to the trip; most of her clothes consist of long-sleeved shirts, cardigans, some skirts, leggings, and trousers. She has decided that, out of her clothes, a light purple short-sleeved shirt with a white cardigan and black skinny jeans are the comfiest, along with dark red trainers on her feet and a pink scarf around her neck (though this is one of the outfits which isn't very warm).

    Something Evelina always carries around with her is a red-and-white shoulder bag which is big enough to contain her laptop inside, along with many other things, which include her camera, her iPhone, her purse, and her Sneasel's Poké Ball. She is also rarely seen without her silver earrings, a present she received on her sixteenth birthday, which are in the shape of a strange, cross-like symbol, supposedly a replica of the insignia of an ancient monarch.

    Personality: Evelina is usually very quiet, and isn't a talkative person at all - she prefers going unnoticed and blending into the background. She tries her hardest not to bring attention or conflict upon herself, but isn't a pacifist, either, and doesn't mind a small argument or two from time to time. She isn't a socially awkward person, though, and has no problem talking to strangers or cracking a joke or two when she needs to. She is considerably more open with her friends and her family, but even then to a limited extent*However, Evelina has no problem voicing her opinions and arguing for them. She is often described as a mature and eloquent speaker by others, and almost never backs down from her beliefs. She is quick to answer in a sharp, snarky, and intelligent way, and she keeps on driving forward until her opponent is left in a corner without a way out. She can be seen as a very stubborn person because of this, which she won't always deny.

    Another thing about Evelina is that she is very cynical and sarcastic when it comes to things she doesn't believe. She tends to be very blunt, and never sugarcoats her words so that they're any nicer than they're supposed to be, as she doesn't see any point in that - if someone makes mistakes, they should be confronted directly with that fact, so that they don't make anymore in the future and also learn from them. It is very hard to gain her trust, and even more so to gain her loyalty, as when she was younger she discovered that some of her friends weren't really friends at all, and now will dismiss anything remotely unrealistic or dramatic as lies (apart from anything related to mythology and the such, of course). She is also very pessimistic, and coupled with her not-very-obvious impatience, she finds it hard to really be excited about anything in life.

    If there's something in this world that Evelina is optimistic and passionate about, though, it's mythology, archaeology and photography (as well as drawing, to an extent). She is always eager to discover more about the ancient, mostly forgotten world, attracted by the mystery shrouding them, and the fact that there are so many secrets waiting to be discovered in the world. She enjoys photography - a fairly new hobby for her, having only started photography a year before - because it lets her see and capture the brighter side of the world, its hidden beauty, and create a piece of art from something very much real and in existence, which reminds her that the world isn't always the crapsack place it appears to be.

    Another thing of note is that as she comes from Sinnoh, and her parents are of British descent, she naturally speaks with a British accent; she can also speak a little French, but not much.

    Background: Evelina was born in Snowpoint City, and was the middle child of a mix-and-match family of five. Her parents were both doctors, but as her mother couldn't have any children, they decided to adopt. The first was Ian, a black boy, one year before Evelina; the second one was Evelina herself, a girl of mixed race; and the third was Ella, an Asian girl arriving a year after Evelina. All three were of the same age, and grew up like triplets.

    Though Ian and Ella acquainted themselves with Pokémon battling from an early age, Evelina was always much more interested in mythology, inspired by her parents' careers and the Snowpoint Temple near her home. Every once in a while, her parents would bring home tales of ancient myths and legends told by ancient civilisations, etched into walls of ruins for all eternity. Though her foster siblings merely dismissed these as fairy tales once they got older, Evelina always remained to be fascinated by these legends; she'd often travel to the nearby Lake Acuity, dragging Ian and Ella along with her at times, and try to look for traces of ancient civilisations, as her parents had once told her that people could have lived there thousands of years ago, all of them worshipping the legendary Pokémon rumored to live within the lake.

    It was on one of these adventures that Evelina discovered a weak and injured Sneasel when she was fourteen years old. She immediately took it back home, and with the help of her parents, Ian and Ella, she nursed it back to health. The Sneasel refused to leave Evelina when she tried to let it go back to the wild, so Evelina decided to keep it as company (since Ian and Ella were starting to leave her out, because of the difference between their interests). She nicknamed her Vera, and the two quickly became the best of friends.

    Evelina discovered Sue Cra's blog while she was browsing the Internet. She was immediately attracted by it, mostly due to the fact that it covered many legends unexplored or mentioned by any others. You could say that she became obsessed with it - within weeks she was keeping track of every little post and update, eager for more information on the brilliant Sue Cra's latest historical and archaeological discoveries. After a few months of this, Evelina's parents proposed a trip to Washington D.C. over the holidays in an attempt to reunite their three foster children, who'd been drifting apart more and more since last year. Both Ian and Ella jumped on the chance, and obviously Evelina had to go as well, or else. Of course, she didn't know what this would bring her...

    Host Entity: Uxie [F]


    Non-risk 1: Telekinesis - Evelina can make an object move without touching it physically just by thinking about it and concentrating on it. This can be very helpful in lifting very heavy objects, but she can only move objects that she can see, and therefore concentrate on.

    Non-risk 2: Amnesia - By making her eyes glow and emit a strange aura, Evelina can make people forget what they were doing, where they are, and who they are, effectively immobilizing them, for up to fifteen minutes.

    Risk: Confusion - Evelina can emit a mysterious signal of invisible aura, which severely disorients anyone who is hit. She can control who to target, but using this power makes her confused and weakened as well, and the more people she targets, the more exhausted she becomes; any more than seven targets at her time could result in her fainting.

    Weapon: Evelina's weapon - or rather, weapons - are a pair of clunky silver bracelets with yellow crystals on them, with each bracelet about three centimetres thick; the crystals on the bracelets are the source of Evelina's skills, and the bracelets themselves circulate the psychic energy around her body. They glow whenever Evelina uses one of her powers, with the intensity of the glow getting stronger the stronger the power itself is. Despite them looking the contrary, the bracelets are actually surprisingly light, yet are very sturdy, almost indestructible.

    Part One: Pokemon

    Species: Weavile

    Nickname: Vera

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Vera is a bit of a prankster, and likes to pull all sorts of tricks on others whenever Evelina isn't looking, though she never means any harm. She has a very laid-back stance on life, and her ultimate goal is to have as much fun as she can before she dies. She has tried to make Evelina a more cheerful person many times before, but by now she has given up trying - she doesn't really mind that much, anyway, as long as Evelina continues to be friends with her.


    Night Slash - Vera strikes the instant an opportunity rises with near-invisible claws. It has a high critical-hit ratio.

    Ice Punch - Vera coats her fist in ice energy, and throws a forceful punch at her opponent. It has a small chance of freezing the opponent.

    Metal Claw - Vera's claws become as hard and sturdy as steel, and slashes at the opponent. It has a small chance of raising her attack.

    Agility - Vera concentrates on making her body lighter to make herself faster. It raises her movement speed.

    Other: N/A
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  19. Deadly.Braviary

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    Dialga is fine. I'm really sorry you couldn't have Kyogre, but it's definitely going to throw us off balance with four Hoenn legends.

    Yep, that's what I meant: it was entirely my fault, by the way, I didn't realise the quotes would already be italicised. =P

    Mon1010, you're Accepted!

    It's alright, happens to the best of us.

    TheSketchQueen, you're Accepted!

    Describe what they look like and their side/after-effects (if any), and you're good to go.

    Flame Mistress, you're Pending!
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    Well, this is the first time I've ever had to do something like this in an SU... Anyway, fixed.

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