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Pokémon Adventures - The Tohjo War (PG-13, Pre-Modern RP)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by TylerPhoenix, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Pokémon Adventures - The Tohjo War (PG-13, Pre-Modern RP)

    Pokémon Adventures - The Tohjo War

    A PG-13 Historic Pokémon RP

    The Pokémon World is a vast place, with regions galore, many of which are unknown to the others. These regions span huge landmasses, and cover the world all over. These regions often have areas of interest and most of the people there have common goals.

    The Tohjo region spans a huge landmass, a huge silver mountain in the middle of it, and two belts of islands, one far to the West, one in the South-East. Although as a region, Tohjo is advanced, with a few towns earning the status of city, and large-scale mining now taking place, there is tension between the agricultural 'Johto Plains' and the industrious 'Kanto Territory'. As the tension rises, it looks like the region may split into two separate areas, and a Civil War may brew.

    The Hoenn region is a tropical region with many waterways scattered across it, covering two islands, with a mountain, which it is rumoured, where a secret cult guard an ancient secret live. Outside of it's boundaries are a small island and an extinct volcano, that soon, a large group are planning on exploring and claiming as Hoenn territory. With regular trading between Hoenn and the other three regions, it is common to see Pokémon native to Hoenn accompanying Trainers in Tohjo and Sinnoh.

    The Sinnoh region is a small region with alpine mountains in the middle. It is a very harsh region, with rugged terrain, dense foggy hills and thick forest. The people there have a hard but enjoyable life, farming and mining daily. A huge underground mine expanse is slowly being formed, covering the whole region itself. As the region expands, it's mines surely will too. They mainly keep to themselves, and the only contact with other regions is through explorers or traders, and the occasional Trainer or Ranger who will leave for the other regions and one day return home.

    Then there is the tiny region of Unova. Unknown to the other regions, it has a landmass consisting of temples and amazing structures, and is surrounded on one side by the sea, the other side, a thick glacial belt. Legend states of a giant beast forming the belt, and the people of Lacunosa Village, a village covered in ice, and next to the huge belt itself, never leave the safety of their houses after dark for fear of the beast returning.

    All of the regions have a 'Gym' system for aspiring Pokémon 'Trainers' to test their team and battle, set in Tohjo. Trainers often carry three Pokémon with them once they are skilled enough. They test the gym, and, if they win, gain a badge to show they have won. By collecting a certain amount of badges, they can enter an elite tournament and go on to face the best trainers in the four regions.

    All regions are home to people called 'Breeders', who specialise in breeding Pokémon and getting them to be the strongest and best they can be,then selling the hatched young Pokémon and Eggs to Trainers. Although not very good battlers themselves, they are very skilful at providing the best moves and abilities possible. They will often appear and offer you money for a Pokémon you own, or offer you an Egg to carry.

    Then there are Rangers. Unlike conventional trainers, who will catch their Pokémon in PokeBalls made from Apricorns or special items, Rangers have items such as flutes, lasso's, berries and food to lure Pokémon towards them, and then befriend them. They also will only hold on to a Pokémon until it battles for them a certain amount of times, or performs a certain ability to help them traverse their region's land. While Trainer's take the long way, Rangers just leap over their heads in the trees, or over cliffs, or tunnel underneath them with the help of their Pokémon friends. Yet every Ranger always has one Pokémon who will stay with them forever.

    Each of these three groups are well-established into society, but recently in Tohjo, there have been problems. Mysterious characters keep cropping up, creating discord and havoc, terrorizing locals, and stealing their Pokémon. Some Pokémon have been killed or left to die, and in some cases, humans have too. Along with this, and with the threat of a Civil War, the region is at unease. With the many dangers lurking, it is a dangerous place, and this is known to everyone in Hoenn and Sinnoh. But danger and adventure lure the curious, brave and reckless, among the ones who want to prove themselves and the ones who are eager to explore.

    As A Trainer, Breeder or Ranger, you have arrived in Tohjo's Silver Town from your hometown in any region. From here, you will be assigned your duties, and may choose to travel alone, or in a group of two or more. Along the way there will be challenges, adventure, danger and, of course, experience. Teaming up with someone, or a group, will make life safer and more fun, but will also mean sharing supplies. And it means taking a route which everyone is comfortable with. If a team splits up, there is a chance you won't bump into each other again, so be careful!

    Going it alone will put you in more danger, but at some points may make travelling and battling less of a challenge, as you will have your own free will. Whatever choice you make, you will eventually have to make serious decisions. If you are put in life-threatening situations, will you be able to escape, or will you die? If a war starts, will you remain neutral, or fight for one of the sides? Will you join the villains terrorizing Tohjo for profit, power or just because you prefer the criminal lifestyle? It is all up to you, but it will affect your whole journey.

    Every choice is up to you. Just make sure that choice is the right one.

    Item/Pokémon/Region Info:


    Items will be heavily narrowed. The only items that can be found are Berries, Herbs/Powders, natural Power Boosts, such as wings, and Charcoal etc, and so forth. Rangers gain access to items such as Escape Rope and Flutes.

    There will be no TM's or HM's, but Pokémon will be able to learn Surf and Fly naturally. Move Tutors can teach moves for a fee. However, it will be dangerous to do either. Some Evolutionary Items do not exist, therefore the Pokémon cannot be evolved. Evolutionary Stones are found widely in markets, but will cost.

    PokéBalls: Made with Apricorns – brought from traders – there are eighteen types, and eighteen Apricorns.

    Apricorn – Apri Ball (Pokéball)
    Black Apricorn – Heavy Ball
    White Apricorn – Fast Ball
    Red Apricorn – Level Ball
    Blue Apricorn – Lure Ball
    Green Apricorn – Friend Ball
    Yellow Apricorn – Moon Ball
    Pink Apricorn – Love Ball
    Purple Apricorn – Status Ball (x4 ctach rate on anything affected by Status)
    Orange Apricorn – Boost Ball (Captured Pokémon gains +1 stat boost to random stat upong entering battle)
    Grey Apricorn – Bland Ball (abilties and status effects negate unless effects already have taken place when captured Pokemon enters battle)
    Ripe Apricorn – Bouncy Ball (Great Ball)
    Large Apricorn – Xtra-Apri Ball (Ultra Ball)
    Spiky Apricorn – Spiky Ball (inflicts damage to wild Pokémon if failed capture, or to foe when entering battle)
    Shell Apricorn – Armour Ball (Pokémon gets Def or Sp.Def Boost +1 when entering)
    Shining Apricorn – Dazzle Ball (lowers accuracy of opponent by -1 when Pokémon enters battle)
    Power Apricorn – Hyper Ball (Higher the Base Atk/Sp.Atk means easier to catch)
    Alpha Apricorn – Alpha Ball (Master Ball)


    These Pokémon have not been discovered or created yet:


    Fossil Pokémon are extinct and cannot be revived – no owning ANY fossil Pokémon.

    REGION INFO: The settlements available (Silver Town is not listed as it is home to the Elite League):

    Kanto Territory:

    Pallet Hill
    Viridian City
    The Indigo Plateau
    Pewter Town
    Cerulean City
    Port Vermillion
    Celadon Industrial Park
    Saffron City
    Lavender Village
    Fuschia Town
    The Cinnabar Island Plantation

    Johto Plains:

    New Bark Farms
    Cherrygrove Village
    Violet Town
    Goldenrod City
    The Ecruteak Temple
    Port Olivine
    Mahogany Village
    Blackthorn Ridge


    Littleroot Farms
    Oldale Acres
    Petalburg Town
    Rustboro Town
    Dewford Cove
    Port Slatewood
    Mauville City
    Fallarbror Farms
    Lavaridge Ranch
    Port Lilycove


    Oreburgh Mines
    Eterna Village
    Celestic Temple
    Solaceon Ranch
    Hearthome City
    Pastoria Marsh
    Veilstone Conglomerate
    Port Sunyshore


    Nimbasa City
    Port Driftveil
    Mistralton Village
    Iccirus Moor
    Opelucid Town
    Bridgeton Village
    Lacunosa Village
    The Undella Temples
    Black Town
    White Forest

    Other: If you have read all of the information, please put the password Phoenix in bold at the end of your sign-up.

    Sign-Up Form - You may have two characters of different class. You can SU them in different posts, obviously.

    Name: Obvious.

    Class: Pick between Trainer, Breeder and Ranger.

    As a Trainer, you will challenge the Badges of Tohjo - and eventually the best across the land at Silver Town, in the Elite League.

    As a Breeder, you will aim to do the same, however you are not as skilled at battling, and better at finding a Pokémon's potential. The key to success for you may be raising Pokémon in certain ways.

    As a Ranger, you can take the Gym Challenge, but it would be avoidable, due to only having one fully legitimate Pokémon. Rangers spend their time defending the land, helping citizens, and completing missions they set themselves.

    Age: 13+ Trainer/Breeder, 15+ Ranger

    Gender: Obvious.

    Hometown/Region: List both as shown. Eg Pallet Hill/Tohjo

    Appearance: Minimum 12 sentences. Cover clothing and body – bear in mind this is set around 1845. I will allow more modern clothing than the real world had back then – this is an inventive world. Remember, different countries had different styles.

    If you live in Tohjo, wear what you like within reason – don't look too modern. Western-Style, area-based.

    If you are from Sinnoh, you'll probably be wearing dark clothes, so grey, black, brown, grey, dark green. You probably come from a family associated with mining or farming. Western Style, specifically working-class.

    If you are from Hoenn or Unova – both tropical and tribalized in colour – you will be bright and colourful, but wearing more basic clothing – a top and shorts/trousers, or some form of tribal clothing - nothing more than that really. More Asian/African/Tropical clothing here.

    Personality: 10 sentences minimum. I want to get a feel of how your character would react in certain situations.

    History: 2 Paragraphs please. Explain your character's life up to this stage, and how they learned of the Silver Town Campaign – was it Pokémon Delivery, or by invitation? Were they told by a relative? There is a long line of options here.

    Other: Other info if you want to add any more.

    Starter Pokémon: One from your region – be reasonable. No super-powerful Pokémon. Be warned, there is a restriction list above for the present time in said world.

    Nickname (if any):

    Gender (or Genderless):

    Pokémon Appearance: Brief – what differences it has, shiny, scars/wounds etc.

    Pokémon Personality: What does your partner act like? Think carefully, especially Rangers - this will be your only permanent partner throughout. Trainers/Breeders, this Pokémon will never be able to be released.

    Pokémon History: A brief description of how you met your Pokémon.

    Attacks: Basic Moves between Lv 1-10, (one egg move for Breeder's only.)

    Pokémon Other: Anything else you want to add, if neccesary.

    Reserves/Accepted Characters:

    Zapphire - Cameron Rawell
    SoulMuse- Ian Blackwood
    Lunar 1008 - Nicolas Eine
    digipoke1 - Duncan Donalbain
    DVB - Diego Vendrix

    treespyro - Elizabeth Matthews
    Victinifan100 - Kenny Gracidea
    Flame Mistress - Skye Silverstone
    synthetica - Rafael Anderson

    Lunar1008 - Amelia Cherry
    GalldeofSpades - Ryan Schaefer
    aggiegwyn - The Great Gatsby A.K.A Lauren Fray Gatsby
    Titan500 - Callum Smith
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2012
  2. Zapphire

    Zapphire Active Member

    Could I reserve a Trainer and a Ranger, please?
  3. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    You are reserved for both.
  4. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    I'll reserve I guess as a breeder

    Sounds interesting, hope you can get more people as well.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2012
  5. GalladeofSpades

    GalladeofSpades Imaginative 24/7

    May I reserve a ranger, please?
  6. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Against my better judgement, Can I reserve a trainer?
  7. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    All of you have been reserved.
  8. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    I guess I will post this:

    Name: Ian Blackwood

    Class: Trainer

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male.

    Hometown/ Region: Eterna Village/Sinnoh

    Appearance: Ian is roughly six feet tall, although the exact height will depend on how much he slouches. He stands slouched with his weight on his right foot, and never really seems to stand up completely straight. His hair is longer than average for the Sinnoh miners, hanging almost to his shoulders in the back. Due to the time he spends in tunnels and such, Ian’s skin is rather pale, and he burns easily. His eyes are a light green, and oddly seem to reflect light when in a dark room. Ian’s build is fairly muscular in more the sense of a runner, as opposed to a body builder.

    At all times, Ian wears a black jacket, regardless of the heat, the only difference is that in hot weather, the front is open, as opposed to closed in colder climates. Underneath the jacket, he has on a long-sleeved black shirt, and black jeans. He carries a pair of fingerless gloves in the pockets of his jacket, which are also black, but have silver strips on them, to make more visible in the dark of the tunnels of Sinnoh. On his back, Ian has simple backpack, a piece of thick black cloth sown in the shaped into a bag with a clasp on top. This contains whatever extra things he might need, ranging from his Pokéball(s), berries, food, maps, or any odds and ends he wants to keep. In the place of regular shoes, Ian has a pair of thick hiking/work boots, which are, like everything else he wears, are black.

    Personality: Ian is calm and analytical in his approach to everything. Because exploring the depths of Sinnoh’s Mt. Cornet is dangerous and requires a cool head, Ian thinks about everything in logical terms, and tries not to let emotions cloud his judgment. This thinking style has two effects on Ian: Firstly, he tends to avoid talking to people much, and they also avoid him. Secondly Ian has a hard time relating to other kids his age, who are emotional and irrational. In this regard Ian relates far better to Pokémon than most people, understanding the more logical thought processes they have. He treats any decision as a puzzle, taking apart the pros and cons in his head, and choosing whatever option is most favorable to him, usually not adding emotions to the mix. That said, Ian does have a conscience, which very occasionally make an appearance, although mostly in the sense of choosing whether or not to help an injured Pokémon, and not so much anything else.

    Ian does not go out of his way to avoid contact with people, but does not try and seek it out. Instead he lets other come to him, and then decides if he wants to talk to them or not. If not, he will simply ignore you, but if he does want to speak, Ian is surprisingly knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects.

    History: Ian was born two weeks after his father moved to the area near the Entera Village, with a contract from a man to try and create a passage north in Mt. Cornet. While confused as to why someone would want to create a tunnel going north in the mountain, Ian’s father none the less obliged the request and set to work. When Ian was born, he paused work for awhile, but set right back to his job once again not long later.

    It didn’t take long for Ian to start traveling into the mountain himself. His mother initially forbid him from going, but by the time he was eight, Ian was joining his father’s crew in digging through Mt. Cornet. The focus of the job had changed however. Instead of drilling northwards, (towards what would become Snowpoint City), the contract was to investigate a number of half collapsed tunnels that lead upwards toward the peak of Mt. Cornet. In this regard, Ian’s smaller size was useful, because he could fit into small tunnels and see if they dead ended or not, and save the operation money. When he was ten, and somewhat small for his age, digging around in a larger tunnel that the crew wanted to blast to see somewhat were it led, Ian found a small Riolu. Ian took the little Pokémon back to the group with him, and after a few days it began to follow him around. Not only did the Riolu follow him around, but the little Pokémon also helped the group to find and explore other tunnels.

    It took the better part of four years for the operation to manage to exit to a snowy plateau along the slopes of the Mt. Cornet. When informed, their employer had the worker’s start exploring for evidence of tunnels going further into the mountain. Ian, who had finally started to grow, shooting up almost foot in just eight months, continued to assist, despite his mother’s misgivings. Three months of slowly and laborious searching later, the workers found more tunnels, and began working upwards. Over the next year and half progress was slow, as most of the tunnels everyone was trying to uncover were nearly completely caved in.

    During all of this, Ian got slowly closer to the Riolu he met up in the cave. After five years, he officially captured the little Pokémon, but she still remained out of her Pokéball in most situations. Around two months before Ian found out about the Silver Campaign, she evolved into a Lucario.

    A few weeks ago, a new worker on the job mentioned that Tohjo was holding some kind of tournament or some such. He asked his mother about it and she promptly sent him on his way, thinking that traveling would be less dangerous than blowing holes in the side of a giant rock.

    Other: Ian’s family is rather wealthy, so Ian has a fair bit of pocket change.

    Starter Pokémon: Lucario

    Nickname (if any): Emily

    Gender (or Genderless): Female

    Pokémon Appearance: Emily looks like a standard run of the mill Lucario on the surface. However her fir is slightly darker blue than normal and her arms are a slightly lighter than normal.

    Pokémon Personality: Emily is highly enthusiastic about whatever it is she does. Outgoing, she provides a strange reflection of Ian’s analytic and cold personality. Emily is always willing to help, but also very loyal to Ian, who she views as her first real friend.

    Pokémon History: Ian first met Emily as a Riolu while digging around in a halfway collapsed tunnel in Mt. Cornet. Emily who had been abandoned by her family took to following Ian around because he was actually nice to her, as opposed to other Pokémon. She soon started to follow him around and be helpful when she could. After six years she evolved, and now will be Ian’s partner as he tramps around Tohjo.

    Attacks: Dark Pulse, Metal Claw, Detect

    Pokémon Other: Despite her advanced evolution, Emily is rather weak, and has absolutely no battle experience or training.

    Password: Phoenix

    If anything needs changed, just tell me.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2012
  9. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Just add in the section I've added. Hometown/Region ; otherwise, you are accepted.
  10. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    Do i have to reserve? But heres the info
    Name: Kenny Walkson

    Class: Breeder

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Hometown/Region: Eterna Village/ Sinnoh

    Appearance: Kenny has short hair the exact color of dark Chocolate. He is tall with abnormaly long legs. he wears a long sleeve shirt and long pants that are in a miner like style. his skin color is White. He's Shirt is the shade of dark green, is pants are a deep black. He has some freckles on is face. he has a normal mouth. his eyes are a color mixture of Brown and Emerald. He always is seen carrying a medical kit in his backpack. He has a Backpack made out of Tarous Hide. he wheres shoes that have metal on the bottom of it. He has a hat that was carved out of a large piece of iron with Mareep Wool as patting on the inside.

    Personality: He loves eating food but will react to nasty foods, making him vomit. He is absolutely amazed by ores found in his region. He loves naming the different types of ores in mines. He is very generous because he helps people in mines by using his medical kit. He loves magnets and will play with them for hours! He gets claustrophobic. he hates fire type pokemon. He is fascinated by fossils that he finds treasuring them in a case. He easily causes food related fights. He Cherish's each pokemon he took care of, brooming them, feeding them, etc.

    History: As a boy Kenny encountered a Charazard that attacked and nearly destroyed the village, he has gotten burn from this incident and swears from that day to never get near a fire type pokemon. In his village Kenny has been known to have this amazing ability to hatch pokemon with full potential on one certain spot, a lot of people ask him to breed a pokemon to help do certain chores around the village. He has been hired by the mines to be the medic allowing him to help people who get caught in accidents.

    The way he found out about the Silver town campaign was when the mine he worked at 'Instant messaging obtainment device' (its a nosepass) got a message from Silver town to have Kenny go there but the nosepass got a second letter saying something about the campaign. So Kenny decided to join leaving his job till he came back.

    Other: Kenny has 20 cousins.

    Starter Pokémon: Skorupi
    Nickname (if any): Rocco

    Gender (or Genderless): Male

    Pokémon Appearance: He has a Scare on his eye, he is larger than most Skorupi

    Pokémon Personality: He is a out going pokemon, he is very cheerful and doesn't mind winning or loosing in a fight. Rocco has multiple mood swings, so he can be cheerful at first, but then strict.

    Pokémon History: Rocco was originally meant to be sent to work as a rock smasher in the mine, Rocco's mom had 2 eggs but Rocco was the last to hatch, having nothing to do Kenny took Rocco and raised him.

    Attacks: Poison tail, Bite, Poison sting

    Pokémon Other: His older brother is now a Drapion
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2012
  11. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    You don't have to, as you signed up straight away. I've added you to the reserve list currently as your SU is rejected. Here is a list of reasons. I'll accept if you can sort at least some of these out for me:

    1) You have some big flaws in grammar/punctuation etc, your appearance can't include items such as Tauros Hide and Mareep Wool, as these Pokemon are not from Sinnoh.

    2) Can you bulk out the paragraphs and sentences? I know I asked for set amounts minimum, but you're just hitting the minimum with very short sentences.

    3) In your history, I don't see two and a half lines as a paragraph, nor does a one line and a half sentence cover it.

    4) Letters are received by person, letter from a Pokemon or by voice. Instant messaging doesn't exist, and you haven't explained how it works. Remember, only Sinnoh and Hoenn have Nosepass anyway.

    5) Finally, please include the Password in your SU. It confirms you have read all appropriate information.

    I don't want to sound mean at all, this is just constructive so you can get in. I'd like as many RP'ers as possible, including yourself.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2012
  12. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    Ok, sorry for all the mistakes! I didn't have enough time to correct or extend the lines because I had forgotten that I had a lot of studying to do! I will make the improved version later! sorry I was in a rush! the better version shall be placed the day after tomorrow!~
  13. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    No worries. I won't be around until Wednesday afternoon probably so that suits me fine :D
  14. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Name: Elizabeth Matthews

    Class: Breeder

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Hometown/Region: Port Slatewood/Hoenn

    Appearance: Elizabeth is a young woman at the age of 16. She has long brown hair in which is styled as a french bun which basically means that her hair is done up like a bun with a clip. It can be put down but she generally wears it like that for sensibility. Elizabeth has sapphire blue eyes and with her hair and facial features, it gives the impression that she has a seductive nature and look. Her skin gives the impression that she is pale however it is make up and also given that she is from Hoenn, it would seem it is used to make her seem less 'tropical'

    Elizabeth has a body which is somewhat envious for other females. She is around 5 foot 4 which is the average height for that era I suppose. She is pretty thin but that is likely due to the corset that she wears with her outfit. She has a noticeable bust and legs but they are covered up by her attire. Elizabeth being a breeder from Hoenn doesn't go for the frilly Western attire but she likes to incorporate both styles. She wears a purple plain dress made out of good silk material from Hoenn that goes down to her ankles. She has a black choker on her neck which gives a fancy look to her. A couple of accessories help her look very fashionable especially for a Hoenn girl. It is finished off by wearing black boots that are very long.

    Personality: Elizabeth is a very complex young woman. She is quite shy and modest in that she doesn't like attention and glory. That is because she feels that she doesn't deserve it, which means that she does really lack in self-confidence. Ironically though she is very fashionable and goes by status. Which means that she will dress to show that she is upper-middle class to get people to respect her even though she does not. Elizabeth is a very caring character, she will care for people and try to get to peoples' good sides.

    Without fuss, Elizabeth will work hard day and night for her Pokemon and she will keep on trying to push the envelope to see progress for both her Pokemon and herself. Even though she knows that she is attractive, she likes to down play that because again the whole self-confidence issue. Ironically though if no one is there she will not care. It is because she is in herself restricted by social status. It can also be said that she is a very emotional person as well and let's her emotions dictate what she does. She is also very attentive to detail but only without emotions and people not being present.

    History: Part of a family that owned a small inn for sailors, Elizabeth grew up in a very jovial, loving environment. When she was younger, Elizabeth played with the sailors' Pokemon especially for when the sailors needed to wind down after a long few months of travel. Her family was very middle class and to help out with her family by being a waitress. It was not a fun job but Elizabeth made sure that any help for a family was worth it. Elizabeth spend most of her childhood just doing that as well as learning about new things and help the sailors and their Pokemon. So for her it was a very busy childhood but she still has no regrets over it.

    One day at Port Slateport, Elizabeth was older and was still doing this same thing that she has normally been doing anyway. A sailor started to talk to her and asked her how she has managed to get her Pokemon to do a certain move. Elizabeth didn't even know, so she just kept quiet as the man continued to ask her questions. She then was told that she could go and as she went, Elizabeth heard two sailors talking. They were talking about the Silver Campaign, so naturally the brunette joined in the conversation. The sailor had a Pokemon that he did not use, so he decided that it would be better for a young woman with lots of potential to raise it rather than for it to do nothing. This Pokemon was a Minun and basically immediately took a liking for Elizabeth. Elizabeth was given permission hesitantly by her parents and she was raring to go and show her stuff and what she was made of.

    Other: Her mother is very proficient with making fancy clothes and Elizabeth has a posh accent and talks very eloquently. She hates being called Eliza.

    Starter Pokémon: Minun

    Gender: Male

    Pokémon Appearance: It has a red scarf. I mean other than that it is just a basic looking Minun

    Pokémon Personality: Unlike Elizabeth, it is very clam and collected. It is generally positive but it doesn't like to focus on its emotions. Minun is chipper, happy and likes to have fun. It takes a while for Elizabeth to focus on the task on hand because it is has a short attention span. Other than that, it is a very smart Pokemon and tries to prove that it is strong with mixed results.

    Pokémon History: After hearing about the Silver Campaign by a couple of sailors, Elizabeth expressed interest and joined in the conversation. However she has no Pokemon and that was the reason she could not go. So a sailor with no use for Minun decided to give it to Elizabeth because it had a potential loving trainer/breeder and it the ability to get very strong. So with a lot of hesitation, Elizabeth finally took the Minun and they immediately took a liking to each other.

    Attacks: - Quick Attack
    - Thunder Wave
    - Discharge
    - Growl

    Password: Phoenix

    Hope that is good enough.
  15. Lunar1008

    Lunar1008 Member

    Name: Nicolas Eine (Typically Nicolas will go by the name ‘Nick,’ and normally only his family will call him this. His younger sister calls him ‘Nicky’ when he is in a good mood)

    Class: Trainer

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Hometown/Region: Oreburgh Mines/Sinnoh

    Appearance: Nicolas Eine inherited his mother’s deep-set, long-lashed hazel eyes, differing only in the element of a darker lining on the outside of the hazel coloring. He bears father’s raven-black, shaggy hair, consistently maintaining a disheveled, ‘bed-head’ style even in the most serious of occasions, while also acquiring the prominent, high cheekbones. With a strong jaw-line and long nose, Nicolas ‘s pale, sun-evaded skin is marked from his left temple to the corner of his mouth with a paler, jagged scar courtesy of a mining accident a few years prior. His full bottom lip and sparse upper lip prove to have some color to tint them, though they are often parched due to breathing in the air from the mines throughout his early-teenage years. Though often covered by his hair, Nicolas has another scar atop his right ear, wear a part of his ear was severed while playing recklessly by the mines with some early childhood friends.

    While both his parents and his sister kept the height that seemed to accompany the immediate family line, Nicolas stands at a mere 5’ 2”. Due to this fact, he is often doubted for his capabilities; however he maintains a stocky build that he takes pride in, while avoiding the over-size build of a ‘body-builder.’ Frequently he can be found smirking as though at a private joke that only he is clued in on, and when he smiles full on he has a tendency to smile closed-lips.

    Nicolas can typically be seen wearing customary mining clothes when working in or around the mines; dark, soot-covered suites that are appropriate for safety and allow free-movement, and sturdy boots. While occupying within the mines he may also be found wearing a type of hard-hat which breaches the field of color with a yellow undertone beneath the rapidly acquired soot. On occasions that he is not around the mines, however, Nicolas may most regularly be found wearing dark, forest green shorts that reveal his pale, scar-covered knees and shins, and a simple, black flannel shirt. Typically he will persist to wear his boots, though he will, at formal and or necessary occasions, clean up the exterior of the boots to some degree.

    Personality: Nicolas is generally a well-liked person to work with, and will persist to work until a job is finished, or until he is directed specifically to stop working. His stubborn nature carries on beyond work, however, as if he truly believes something he will press the issue frequently and unbending, and if someone is telling him what to believe he won’t accept it until he sees and or experiences something for himself. He proceeds with the motto of originality and maintaining one’s unique and honest-opinioned life throughout all situations. Nicolas refuses to sugar-coat things, and when asked of his opinion he will say exactly what he thinks, not to be rude but merely to tell the truth. This attitude extends beyond acquaintances, however, as he will provide his honest beliefs and opinions to any stranger who may ask it of him, and sometimes when not asked. On the other hand, in almost all other aspects, he is different within the boundaries of acquaintances and strangers.

    In the presence of a stranger Nicolas often is seen as off-standish, unrelenting of puzzle pieces decorating his life or personal details that otherwise may be presented without second thought around those he trusts. Around strangers his temper, though well-kept under lock and key, may peek its head up more often, especially when it comes to a judgmental and or hypocritical statement spoken when he is around, though he is less likely to stand up for himself than he is for those he cares about. Furthermore, when speaking with strangers he presents the position of ‘I’ll respect you until you disrespect me,’ and as he is unforgiving on the account of disrespecting him blatantly it is generally a good idea of strangers to not put him down without reason.

    History: While Nicolas was growing up he lived in only one area; Oreburgh Mines. Throughout his younger years he was often considered a ‘good-kid,’ due to his almost absentminded actions to help others, though he was often considered by miners as being a ‘reckless,’ and ‘loud-mouth,’ boy. Admittedly, Nicolas had a tendency to take on reckless dares from his friends, nearing the mines each time until once him and his two friends walked around in a mine. It was during this small adventure that Nicolas and his friends were met by the ferocity of the mines when an explosion occurred. Caught in the aftermath of the explosion Nicolas and his friends were aided by two Geodude and several Machops in the task of escaping the cascade of broken off rocks. The accomplishment was achieved without severe injury, Nicolas bearing the scar upon his ear for the escapade while his friends, Joseph and Amelia, bore minor cuts and scrapes as well. For a time the three avoided the mines at all costs, even skipping a trip with their fathers in hopes of leaving before they would work in the mines...

    As Nicolas grew older he and his early childhood friends grew distant, Amelia having escaped the Mines entirely by leaving to explore the unexplored with the aid of her Pokémon. Eventually Joseph was caught in a mining accident that took his mobility from him, and in the same accident Nicolas received the scar from his temple to his lips. It was also in this event that Joseph lost his father to the accident, and became closer friends with Nicolas. In the year that Joseph turned 16 Nicolas turned 17, both having trained their own Pokemon against each other’s and the occasional trainer from the mines. It was also during this time, however, that Nicolas and Joseph got a letter from a familiar friend; Amelia. Amelia told them of the Silver Town Campaign, and within another week Nicolas had announced his soon-to-come departure. To Joseph he swore to write letters of his adventures he came across whenever he could, and to his family he swore to let them know he was alive and well with his Ponyta. To himself he swore he would try to meet up with Amelia if he ever could.

    Other: Sister’s name: Synthia/ Mother’s name: Jennifer/ Father’s name: Eustace

    Starter Pokémon: Ponyta

    Nickname (if any): Spit-fire

    Gender (or Genderless): Female

    Pokémon Appearance: Ponyta, who Nicolas took care of when caught by tumbling rocks, had her right foreleg caught beneath a rock. While it healed entirely there is a nearly unnoticeable lack of fur on the lower, inner part of her leg.

    Pokémon Personality: Ponyta, commonly called ‘Spit-Fire’ by Nicolas, has a feisty stubbornness about her, and if she seems to ‘disagree’ with something Nicolas says she will frequently nudge him with her nose or shake her head. (Similar to how a horse snorts and shakes head) Ponyta refuses to give up on a fight, and if defeat is absolute Ponyta will train ten times harder, sometimes leaving her Pokeball without the command to.

    Pokémon History:
    Nicolas met Ponyta when she was caught beneath a rock, and he nursed her carefully back to health. Rather than catching her as would typically would be caught he ‘offered’ her the Pokeball (Apri Ball) and she ‘accepted.’ This occurred when Nicolas was 15 years old.

    Attacks: -Tackle
    -Tail Whip
    -Ember (I know this move isn't learned until level 16, so if it's not okay to have learned yet just let me know and I can just have her learn it later in the RP)

    Pokémon Other: N/A

    Password: Phoenix

    Also, I was wondering if I could reserve a second Pokemon trainer? (Amelia, from Nicolas's early childhood) Otherwise I could have her be a Pokemon Ranger, I just wanted to check before I implement that portion of her history. Everyting else on her SU is completed. -Thanks
    EDIT: Nevermind, I skipped a line in your opening post...

    Name: Amelia Cherry

    Class: Ranger

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Hometown/Region: Oreburgh Mines/ Sinnoh

    Appearance: Amelia has shoulder-length chest-nut brown hair that comes down to points in the back and shoulders while two thinner strands comes down across the left and right sides of her face so that it appears to frame her wide facial features. Having acquired only her father’s hair color and deep mahogany, wide eyes which seem to add youth to her already young appearance Amelia otherwise looks strikingly like her mother. She has the high cheekbones and less-dramatic rough texture of her mother’s Native American heritage hair. With the implementation of her graceful, willowy features she would typically be considered ‘girly,’ by most. She has a small, short nose and fairly unscarred, out-of-the-ordinarily-seen red-toned-gold skin, further proof of her long ancestry of heritage on her mother’s side. Her deep-colored lips are most commonly found down-turned, as they naturally turn as such, while her brows have the tendency to shoot up in an inquisitive, curiosity-filled expression.

    In the cases of formal or necessary events she will don whichever deep, redwood bark-colored dress her mother may choose for her to wear, but otherwise she would be found in comfortable clothing. Most typically she will wear loose, black trousers that, though her mother frowns upon, will make due to her daughter’s utter stubbornness. For a blouse she will accept her mother’s influence of her apparel, and will wear whatever dark green or ebony-black cotton creation made for her, though most often these will be loose and capable of sustaining Amelia’s rough adventures. Around her neck she will wear a simple chain necklace with two ornaments falling to rest at the hollow of her throat. One of the ornaments is a wood-carved heart with her father’s name scrawled sloppily upon the back of the wood, while the second ornament is second wood heart with the names of her two childhood friends’ names engraved, less sloppily this time as she took up the task herself.

    Personality: Amelia is almost always curious, and she is not timid of questioning strangers of their travels and or their knowledge of things she thirsts for knowledge of. Ironically to most, however, she will not give up details about herself or about her knowledge so easily. Partially due to distrust of others she requires trust on either end before she will tell anyone anything about her, however her primary reason for testing people before relinquishing a piece of her knowledge or experience deigns from her amusement in playing games. Amelia is not mean-spirited; however she loves the idea of messing with people’s minds, at times so consumed with the ‘game,’ of it all that she is hesitant to admit the truth behind it.

    Amelia will play with anyone’s mind, friend, foe, or absolute stranger, however she is a naturally protective, kind person. If she cares about someone she will fight for them to the end, and no matter the severity of the attack she will strike back more biting than may always be necessary. She is often called ‘feisty’ in retrospect; however she does not consider this to be accurate. She proclaims herself to be ‘a decent friend to have,’ because she will defend anyone she cares about whether she knows the story or whether it is truly justified. Her family has encountered this fiery light in her on occasion, though more frequently her family has come into contact with her pure stubborn nature. She is unrelenting on what she believes, and she had been called ‘a mad-woman,’ for how far she will go to prove something she believes is right. It is a rare feat to render her into admission, and even rarer to force her to admit her mistake.

    History: When Amelia was younger she considered her best friends to be Joseph and Nicolas, and throughout their younger years especially she and her friends found their way into several adventures. When she and her friends decided to enter the mine it was primarily her dare that resulted in the aftereffects, and for years afterwards when she encountered Nicolas her eyes were first see his ear before she would meet his eyes.

    Amelia faced a multitude of battles with her father especially, who would frequently talk down to her mother. In these cases Amelia was, from a young age, standing up for her mother, screaming back words at her father without relent. It was partially due to these home-based battles that Amelia took the first chance she got, accompanying her visiting Aunt from the Tohja Region, to escape her home that she had never-before left. During her stay with her Aunt Tessie she and her accompanying Onix became aware of the Rangers, with whom her Aunt was heavily affiliated with due to her husband being one. Curiosity piqued Amelia began to question her uncle on the reasons behind Rangers and even the very reason he decided to become one. Through her steady interrogations her uncle at last considered taking her to a meeting, on the day she turned 15. She persisted to train until she herself became a Ranger, and through these accomplishments she discovered the Silver Town Campaign.

    Though Amelia found little entertainment in battling with her beloved Onix she decided she would participate to an extent, challenging a gym whenever she might receive the opportunity. However, before she decided to set out for her adventures as a full-fledged Ranger she sat down and wrote a letter, addressing it with what she hoped was still her closest friends’ addresses. In the letter she told them a multitude of things, among such being why she had left in the first place, as well as information she had acquired about the Silver Town Campaign.

    Other: N/A

    Starter Pokémon: Onix

    Nickname (if any): None

    Gender (or Genderless): Male

    Pokémon Appearance: Onix does not have any significant differences between itself and other Onix except for the slight variance of grey in its toning, which few manage to see without an second Onix being beside him.

    Pokémon Personality: Onix has a playful nature, at times seeming not to notice its rather large size in comparison to Amelia, getting down so that his head is beside her own and at times surprising her for ‘amusement.’ When Amelia seems upset or is injured, however, Onix is normally the first to realize and will react by moving his head from side to side, dipping his head up and down, and doing whatever it may take for someone else to notice something is not right.

    Pokémon History: Amelia met Onix when she was secretly exploring some high-up cliffs, against her mother’s wishes. The Onix seemed to guide her back to safety when she had stranded herself and the sun had begun to set down. Since then the two have been nearly inseparable.

    Attacks: -Rock Throw

    Pokémon Other: When Amelia became a Ranger she released Onix from his Apri Ball, and he stayed as her long-lasted companion.

    Password: Phoenix

    ~I'm sorry, I know her history isn't as in depth as Nicolas's is, but since the primary story told in Nicolas's story is an event shared between the two I ran out of ideas to fill out her history a bit, plus it's late. If I need to add more just let me know :3
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    treespyro, you are accepted.

    Lunar1008, Amelia will need to be a Ranger. I'd like to keep them as balanced as Possible, so one person having two trainers isn't really acceptable. Sorry, but she'll have to be a Ranger. But 'Nick' is accepted.
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    Okay, it's fixed. Sorry 'bout that, I'd skipped that line since I did this mostly on my phone. ~Thanks
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    I'd like to reserve a Breeder, but first, a question: exactly how many years prior to the games does this RP take place in?
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    Reserved. I've put down around 1845 - but thinking about it, I'd probably move it slightly forward to around the 1870's. Why??
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    Oh, I just wanted to see which kind of clothes my character would exactly be wearing. Thanks anyway.

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