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Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

Pokegirl Fan~

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Ash's Alola team


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Alright, what about these:
OS Charizard vs Infernape
Hoenn Peakachu vs Naganadel
Tapu Koko vs Brandon's Regirock
Tapu Koko and Kukui's Incineroar vs Tobias' Latios and Darkrai
naganadel if its hoenn league pikachu if its bf pikachu then him
koko, if its bf regirock, if dp regirock is stronger than bf regirock than regirock but if koko uses z move then him
koko and incineroar if gets tough one can use z move then its gg
Iris vs volkner
Excadrill vs Raichu
Dragonite vs Electrivire
Haxorus vs Luxray
Emolga vs Luxray
Gible vs Jolteon
maybe dragonite but electivire is shown to be strong to withstand 10 mil volts for a bit, so maybe him
Gladion vs Alain, 3v3
Zoroark, Silvally, and Lycanroc vs Charizard, Metagross and Bisharp