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Pokémon Apples to Apples (v.4)

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Metagross has always been popular since Gen III and is used a lot in both Singles and Doubles. Plus it has a Mega evolution and as you all recall, popularity was a part of the reason why some Pokemon got one.

It's Mega is also one of the most used Megas in the metagame as well. Its design is also loved by many.

You make Espeon, Umbreon, Lunatone, Solrock, and Volcarona sad.

Oh forgot about them. But they are not legendary sorry :(


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Id say Snorlax is preaty popularr, ya know, blocking your way and alll....

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The winner is

Dragalge and Metagross


faerie dragon ghost
zangoose. It's very zealous about hunting down seviper.


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Now now hold on a minute. You called me a Clawitzer in the OP and that's not what I am. This is a Clawitzer:

And these are my kind. Three Skrelp and two Dragalge:

Yeah you didn't think I could breathe out of the water, did you. Now as Somethingmustgo. fixes my name, the winner is Crimson Penguin and Braviary! Simply put: Braviary are devoted to helping out their friends and will press on forward despite injuries that may occur. I mean it saved me one time when I fell out of the sky.
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