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Pokémon Apples to Apples (v.4)

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For unconventionally cute, I will play hippopotas. It's a sand hippo, which isn't really thought of as cute, but the way it's head is so huge compared to its tiny body actually makes it super cute. Its little eyes too. :3

For tasty, I will play cherubi. The pokedex literally describes the ball on its body as tasty - I can't think of any other Pokemon with this distinction. It is an edible berry in and of itself.

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Unconventionally cute I'll play Wynaut because it is a baby that always smiles.

For tasty I play Miltank whose milk has been shown in the anime to make treats!

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I'll play Tyrunt for unconventionally cute (look at those tiny little arms!) and Fletchling for tasty (KFC anyone?).


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Fletchling for tasty (KFC anyone?).
Geez, it's KFC, not KFR.

who doesn't love eating calamari?
*backs away from Dragalge slowly*

Unconventionally cute: Koffing. I mean, just look at that smile! It's so happy and cheerful, it's super cute for being pollution personified! Can you believe this was the anime's first choice for the recurring villain's pokémon?

Tasty: Seaking. Baked, and not fried, made with real cheddar, what's not tasty about goldfish, the snack that smiles back (and sometimes bites back if you get stabbed by its horn)?
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Whelp, I think it's time to declare a winner. There were lots of great entries on "tasty", so "unconventionally cute" was really the deciding factor.

And the winner is... kawaiiconcept with roggenrola and tepig! Nice attention to detail with the dance, and fit the "unconventionally" part well where other mons were often a bit too on the conventional side with explanations. And bacon is always a good answer to any question, right?

I will say, though, Dragalge made me laugh since I actually have a malamar named calamari as part of my line of food-named mons. (Others include Omelet the togekiss, Jamba Juice the shuckle, Pumpkin Pie the Gorgeist, Escargo the goodra, and cotton-candy the yet as unraised swablu.)


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Zoroark. It is gifted in the art of deception.
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