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Pokémon Apples to Apples (v.4)

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Well fongerman, while I do agree that I'm pretty damn powerful, Monster Guy and Mega Rayquaza wins this round since after one Dragon Dance, it becomes nigh-unstoppable unless Klefki is there..

Honestly, after seeing Monster Guy's hand when you declared the adjective, I immediately knew who would win.

Anyway, new Pokemon coming soontm!

edit: Playing Karrablast, it's sooooo weak. Look at those stats, its highest stat is 75!
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faerie dragon ghost
barboach -- a uselessly weak fish pokemon that doesn't even have the redeeming quality of evolving into a strong pokemon. It seriously looks like something that is meant to be eaten by other pokemon. Plus, based on its dex descriptions, it coats itself in a slimy coating so it can slip away from opponents (because it's too weak to face them head on), but if this slimy film dries up it becomes even weaker.

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I'll play Wingull who isn't that strong. Having a 4x weakness to Electric moves doesn't help it much.


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I'll play oshawott. Pokemon would be kind of pointless if you started with a strong Pokemon, so instead you get one of three tiny weak babies <3


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Cleffa. It's an itsy bitsy baby, need I say more?


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I'm gonna play Parasect because my hand is full of strong POkemon

I can't beleive you didn't pick Dragalge. Shame on you

Crimson Penguin

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Mime Jr. doesn't seem like the strong type.


faerie dragon ghost
Yay! I won!

Okay, next adjective... how about huggable? I can think of at least two ways to go on this, so give it your best shots with whatever you have to work with. :D

You should change the thread's title to Dragonfruit to Dragonfruit! I mean apples are cool and all but dragonfruit!

If not we can do Bananas to Bananas instead.

nah, dragonfruit would be too favoring towards dragon-types. How about kumquats to kumquats? ;P


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I play torchic. The pokedex literally states how huggable it is, because the flame sac in its belly makes it so naturally warm. <3 plus it's super cute; who wouldn't want to hug it??
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