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Pokémon Apples to Apples (v.4)

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You guys do know this is based off a real game right?

Anyway I will play Wailord for the same reason as Dragalge.

Remember, if two people play the same Pokemon that wins, they both win

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
I'll play Whimsicott. It's so soft and fluffy, it's probably just like hugging a pillow!

(btw, if anyone is thinking "didn't she just play Whimsicott a couple rounds ago?", I ended up with 2 in my hand : P)


The Mafia Godfather
Stoutland because it's pokedex entry "Being wrapped in its long fur is so comfortable that a person would be fine even overnight on a wintry mountain."

Plus if you say you've never hugged a dog then you are a liar


I Crush Everything
You would all hug a Vulpix! Admit it!
I'm playing ninetales then. 50% more snuggly, huggable floof and nice warm tails to wrap you in.

if you say you've never hugged a dog then you are a liar
Apparently they don't like that, and you shouldn't. My neighbour's dog seems to beg to differ on that, but then again, why trust one dog over cold, hard science?


faerie dragon ghost
Okay; we're turning this into a vote round, 'cause I can't decide.

The choices are:

  • torchic (because of the super-relavant dex description, even if I don't personally like this line)
  • vulpix/ninetails (because super fluffy cuteness) (unless Nothingjustgo has an objection, I figure since they're basically the same, if their combined votes beats torchic and stoutland then the one of the two with the most individual votes will be the winner).
  • stoutland (basically the same reasons as vulpix/ninetails. personally I'm biased towards the formers, but you could argue stoutland is technically more approachable, even if I'd really want to play with those glorious tails...)

I actually really like quilava, but the others fit better for the adjective. And wailord... I don't think it would be possible to hug it; sorry. Your arms would just be sticking out at a 180% angle basically. But they would make good hug pillows, I suppose. :)


"Orange" Magical Girl
But if I grabbed one of Ninetales'...tails, I'd be cursed. I don't know what Alolan Ninetales would do though. I guess it would freeze me considering it's part Ice.

As much as I love Stoutland, it boils down to Torchic and Vulpix for me. The former states to hug it while it's BW2 entry states that it's slightly warm when held. Then again Torchic has more dex entries stating it feels very warm to hug so I'll go with Torchic!
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faerie dragon ghost
Now, if anyone had played arcanine, that would have taken the cake. I'd love to bury my face in its floof, and you'd be hard pressed to pry me off. The doggy lovableness of stoutland, the awesome fluff of the vulpix line without the potential curses, and I imagine it would have to be at least as warm as torchic. ^_^

So, so far 5/10 people who played this round have voted, and we have

torchic - 3

vulpix/ninetails - 1(vulpix)

stoutland - 1

five more votes to go~
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I Crush Everything
I guess I'll go for stoutland, because unlike vulpix, it resembles a domestic creature, so hugging one would be safer, and I feel like it would handle a hug better than torchic because, have you ever tried to hug a bird? You'd probably hurt it, especially something as small as torchic. Plus, stoutland's got the thickest fur of all four choices.
This seems fun, I would like to play.
Okay great I'll send you your hand and you can hop in next round. Just warning you though, we have a winners tournament coming up after that so you might not be able to play for a bit once that begins. But I will notify those who aren't participating when the tournament is done upon their request

BTW, I should have clarified - only either Vulpix or Ninetails can win. Not both


faerie dragon ghost
at this point we have:

torchic: 4

vulpix: 2

stoutland: 2

and 8/10 people have voted, meaning torchic will win unless the last two people vote for the same other pokemon (both vulpix or both stoutland), in which case there will be a preliminary tie that will need to be broken by the stoutland or vulpix group (whichever has the least votes) going for their second pick~
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