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Pokémon Apples to Apples (v.4)

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Sweet. :D

In honour of Halloween, how about we do a special double adjective round?

The two adjectives will be ghoulish and mystical. Submit two pokemon (one for each adjective)!


"Orange" Magical Girl
Ghoulish: Ariados considering it's a poisonous arachnid that constricts its foes with silk and can potentially kill you. Plus it fits with the Halloween spirit so well!

Mystical: I'll go with Volcanion. Not only is it a legendary Pokemon, it's also based off of the shisu, a lion-dog statue that is revered as a guardian that repel evil spirits. These statues are symbolic to the Ryukyuan religion in the Ryukyu islands too. Not to mention it's fitting with how today and tomorrow is the last day you can get Volcanion in North America.
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what ever........
Well how about Dragalge for Mystical,
And croagunk for ghoulish.

Captain Jigglypuff

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For ghoulish I'm playing Solasis because it is literally an egg cell and evolves into an embryo which is pretty creepy.

For mystical I'll play Larvesta because it evolves into Volcorona which was revered in the past as a guardian.


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For ghoulish, I will say muk, who puts the goo in gooulish.

For mystical, I will say darkrai. Dark void. That is all.


faerie dragon ghost
yeah I got nothing for this round. throwing away spearow and buizel
Alright, who's ready for a...


No one? Okay

Anyway, so here's how it's gonna work. This will be conducted in two phases. Every winner the past 32 rounds will submit a single Pokemon based on the adjective (more on what the adjective is later). Then I will randomly divide the 32 Pokemon into different blocks of 4 where we will individually vote on which one is the preferred one for each block (only active participants are allowed to vote, even those that are not participating. In this tournament you are allowed to vote your own entry). However, there is a bit of a catch in comparison to the previous tournament. You are allowed to submit one Pokemon for each round you have won. You do not necessarily have to submit it all though. Even if you have won like 30 rounds, you're still allowed to submit three Pokemon. There will be unfilled slots, as there are a few who have won that do not play anymore.

Anyway, here is how many rounds everyone has won up to this point:

1.) Monster Guy: 7
2.) Dragalge: 6
3.) Crimson Penguin: 5
4.) Tangeh: 3
5.) KungFuMaster: 3
6.) Nothingjustgo.: 2
7.) Yumenokage: 2
8.) Topher4167: 1
9.) Wind?: 1
9.) Fongerman: 1
9.) DiaRubyTandem: 1
9.) Captain Jigglypuff: 1
9.) Kawaiiconcept: 1

(note, because Crimson is our reigning champion I have allotted her an extra 5 points. However, the last two Pokemon she submits out of her 5 may not necessarily be allowed to participate if all slots are filled. But I highly doubt this will happen).

I'm also going to be giving KungFu and Tangeh an extra hand JUST for the tournament so they have a larger selectivity of Pokemon, and Crimson, Dragalge, and Monster Guy an extra two hands.

Lastly, Monster Guy has the most amount of wins, so I am allowing him to choose the adjective for the tournament.

Anyway, peoples new Pokemon (and extra hands) will be dolled out over the course of the rest of the day. If anyone has any questions, or I forgot one of you in the tournament, please feel free to contact me. I don't bite unless I am in a bad mood, then I will devour you. And yes Mon, you can choose the adjective once you see your Pokemon.

If you are not part of this tournament and do not wish to keep tabs on the thread (even though you are still allowed to vote), you can either post in the thread or message me asking me to contact you when the tournament is over and then we can resume.
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Wow I got nothing, I'll throw in Ambipom and Unfezant

Current Submitted Pokemon:
Monster Guy: Avalugg, Chesnaught, Slaking
Nothingjustgo.: Ambipom, Unfezant

Still left to submit:
Dragalge: 6
Crimson Penguin: 5
Tangeh: 3
KungFuMaster: 3
Yumenokage: 2
Topher4167: 1
Wind?: 1
Fongerman: 1
DiaRubyTandem: 1
Captain Jigglypuff: 1
Kawaiiconcept: 1

When you join, I would greatly appreciate you putting yourself down on the first list and taking yourself off the second list. Thanks!

Just letting you guys know, since this is a winners tournament, I'm giving everyone 72 hours to submit. Also known as Friday. Yeah, let's just go with Friday.
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Wait so I can throw multiple Pokémons in now? So I can throw in 3? (If I want to)

I'll playing Mega-Aggron, one of the most tanky Pokémon in the whole world.

Also Golett is quite burly for it's size.

And last but not least: Walrein. Just look at it. What is not burly about him.
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Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
I'll submit Emboar, Nidoking and Zygarde (yeah it's a snake but its Complete Forme is pretty burly).
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