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Pokémon Apples to Apples (v.4)

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Aaaand there's the clinch :)

yumenokage is now eliminated from the tournament, and Tangeh proceeds to the finals.

Block Black
Emboar (Crimson Penguin) VS Slaking (Monster Guy)

Hmm this is tough. I'll vote Slaking

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
I vote Slaking. :p


I Crush Everything
Seriously though. Slaking over Rhyperior?
Perhaps some thought that slaking makes more sense because it's pure muscle while rhyperior's bulk is probably in large part rocky armour?
Emboar... cause I like fire more than what slakoth shouldn't have been.

Oh sorry to be specific, we're voting based off what's the burliest Pokemon, not based on preference. Feel free to switch your vote if so.

Current Tally:
Slaking: 3
Emboar: 2


Well-Known Member
Hey, I made it to the finals somehow! Sweet.

Hmmm... these are both good but imma say emboar because to me it looks more muscley and slaking looks more fat. :p


what ever........
Emboar is my vote( Slaking is not as burly as Emboar)


faerie dragon ghost
Emboar (random text to reach minimum character limit for posts)
Hey guys, who thinks I should run for president next? I'm hosting a decently popular game so I'm clearly qualified, right?

Final Tally:
Emboar: 7
Slaking: 4

And looks like Tangeh will be squaring off against our current champion in the finals, Crimson Penguin. Monster Guy, clearly being completely OP in this tournament, has unfortunately been eliminated.

But before we get to the finals, I wanna have a match for 3rd place. Who will get the bronze?

Block White
Poliwrath (yumenokage) VS Slaking (Monster Guy)
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