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Pokémon Australia Club V3

What state do you live in?

  • Victoria

    Votes: 68 28.6%
  • Queensland

    Votes: 42 17.6%
  • New South Wales

    Votes: 75 31.5%
  • Western Australia

    Votes: 20 8.4%
  • Southern Australia

    Votes: 19 8.0%
  • Tasmania

    Votes: 5 2.1%
  • ACT

    Votes: 9 3.8%

  • Total voters
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Where is it and when is it?
Southland 22 & 23 September 2007
Fountain Gate 24 & 25 September 2007

Marion 29 & 30 September 2007

Chermside 4 & 5 October 2007
Carindale 6 & 7 October 2007

Charlestown 5 – 7 October 2007
Parramatta 11 & 12 October
Miranda 13 & 14 October

Carousel 12 & 13 October 2007

Hehe. Too late for you SA and VIC peoples.. >.>

Do we have a password for this club so new people from Australia can get in?
... We don't really need one. Why would you want to join if you didn't live in Australia. And even if you didn't live in Australia, would it really matter?

"Which teams won the last three grand finals?"

That's a good password, as every Australian should know the answer to that.
Uhmm... I don't =\



The one that looks like Jimmy Neutron? He looks better than Ness. It's obvious he's a clone of Ness..

I want a Wiimote Condom!
Nore like Elvis. Look in one of the pics. He's carrying a invisible microphone.

Ah your comedy never ceases to amazes me!
This is the funniest threads on SPPf at times.

Anyways, i am sorry i flamed in the couple of thousand pages, i got an infraction, BUT!!! if anyone says 'Yeah good for you, you deserve it" and all that sh*t i will report as flame, i am not mini modding i just wanna apologise.
Yeah good, you desreve it. :p

Protect your Wiimote, TV remote and your Penis from Aids and other STD's
Oh. Yeah.

Well you better get one, before your brain get fried, and you are eternally embarrassed because you're the only one of the forums who doesn't have one.
Holy sh-t! >_>

I forgot what my avvie is..rofl. ^^

Edit: It's Pachirisu..

Newest made-up poll: 99% Of SPPf members use a PMD2 headshot avatar. If you are part of the 1% that doesn't have one, you will be flamed.
Not flamed yet.

Hrm... Have there been any events in the big land of Aus? I don't think there have, but i'm just checking.
i dunno. None in Brisbane.

I just ordered my All Purpose Condom

The converstation went like this
Convo went like this
Oh Hello, this is _ _ _ _ speaking how may i help you?
Me- Hello i am calling in regards to the free Wiimote Condoms Nintendo has put on offer
Wii remote What!?
Me-Yes you heard right an all purpose Wiimote condom
Oh you must mean the Wii Remote Jacket right?
Me-Some Might call it that
*Gives details and such*
And i'll be getting mine soon
Best. Convo. Eva.

The election, reminds me of our prime minister. God I hate him. u_u
Yes, we must hate the bald"ing" busy eyebrowed d-ckhole.

There both idiots..

Darn Netsafe campaign..
Lol. Netsafe. :p

But when is the election taking place?
On a Friday!

Do we have a password for this club so new people from Australia can get in?
Here's the secret password:

Aussiefan likes his condoms used.

I don't really follow NRL but I think it was Tigers, Broncos and Storm?
Correct, but not correct for the actual question.

A simple visit to Wikipedia will solve that!
Yay for Wikipedia!

Anyway I'll get a condom for the sake of it being free.
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