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Pokémon Bank & Poké Transporter Thread [READ FIRST POST]

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Jeez, sorry for being late, sheesh.

Anyway, if it's delayed but people have it, why don't they either release it or shoukd've checked it BEFORE release.


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is a metaphor
That picture is super fake looking

Did you even read that? Some of the dates say 2013.

Not to mention the years being off too XD

That Looks like it comes from Pokemon.com but it a fake. Serebii has commented on the image as fake on twitter. (and I agree with him)

The fact that it says the trial will be available until 28 February 2013 already should raise suspicion anyway. Good to see that Serebii has already addressed that image too. Anything beyond January 3th is a bit longer than I'd like to be waiting too.

Thats so fake. I checked on Pokemon.com, and there was no news that said that. So, its fake

guys is that image fake

I can't tell


You don't even need to check Pokemon.com honestly. Just look at the blurryness of the picture and the dates and it gives it away.

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You don't even need to check Pokemon.com honestly. Just look at the blurryness of the picture and the dates and it gives it away.


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The fact that it says the trial will be available until 28 February 2013You realize he's 100% sarcastic with that, right?

What about me being sarcastic MISTER SMARTY PANTS HMMMMMMM???? #omg

@pinkiepiefox yeah! It is always nice to see those nostalgic pokemon in 3D :3


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Guys, quit your spamming. It's getting old really, really, fast.

Do not post obviously fake images/information. Do not comment on obviously fake images/information.
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If you're in a rush to get specific bank-mon that isn't available yet, there's a very high chance of getting one via GTS or wondertrade. I was able to get my hands on a porygon via GTS, and by breeding the porygon and putting the hatched ones on the GTS, I have collected most of the mons I wanted to start breeding. If you're impatient like I was, I would at least give it a try. A lot of people understand that it stinks waiting for unobtainables, and they're stacking the wondertrade with them as a result. Gotta love the Pokemon community.


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for me it's not about unobitainables,it's about my pokemon. i want my pokemon from previous gens. i want to rule the online with my awesome Scizor and Crobat...and with my graveler :3


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I'd prefer to carry over my own Pokemon in one go over having to wait for each one with each trade.

But I'm surprised that there are Unburden Treecko. Did someone mass produce them?

Presumably. The hoenn starters were released with their abilities in gen 5 so...


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Okay we're closing this down. Discussion once the bank is out proper can go to their proper threads eg:
"I got [pokemon]" or "I did a bunch of transferring" can just go in recent happenings
Legendary pokemon stuff can go into the legendary pokemon thread
Playing with pokemon in the pokemonamie thread
Misc changes via egg moves or level ups or whatever can go into the gameplay thread

We would rather not keep a thread open since most of the discussion is more valid in other places and the stuff that remains either no one cares about (all the searching options, etc) or is just circular complaints/bashing about the hack check and the cloud service and the fee.

When Pokemon Bank launches for real, rest assured that every single Pokemon website will be talking about it.
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