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Pokémon Beige

Discussion in 'Fan-Comics' started by PKMNBeige, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    Pokémon Beige

    "Pokémon Beige" is an online web comic created for fans of Pokémon.

    Plot -
    Red, Blue, and Green are three trainers who begin their journeys from Pallet Town together. Along the way they strike up friendships with both people and Pokémon.

    Link -
    All comics are under this link. Just click "Comics Hub" in the header and navigate through your favourite story arcs.

    Membership -
    You can sign up to the "Pokémon Beige" website to receive email updates when there is a new home page post or page added. You also get unlimited access to the forums, where you can discuss Pokémon and promote your own work.
    It's very easy to do, safe and secure. I, personally, don't get your email address or password. All information is given to webs.com, a secure, trustworthy site (they hold my details too).

    Updates -
    When an update is posted, just check back to this first post, and a link to the new page will be here. I post a new page on Wednesdays and Sundays as often as possible. A website update is made every Monday and Friday.

    Please note that there are navigational arrows above each page, so please don't keep coming out of the site, back to the forum, click the page you want and repeat the process. That's time consuming and will take a lot of fun out of reading the comic.

    #1 - The Beginning - Part One
    [spoil]24/08/2012 - Cover
    25/08/2012 - Page 1
    27/08/2012 - Page 2
    29/08/2012 - Page 3
    30/08/2012 - Page 4
    02/09/2012 - Page 5
    05/09/2012 - Page 6
    09/09/2012 - Page 7
    12/09/2012 - Page 8
    16/09/2012 - Page 9
    16/09/2012 - Page 10
    19/09/2012 - Part Two Promo
    Download "The Beginning - Part One" for free[/spoil]

    #2 - The Beginning - Part Two
    [spoil]23/09/2012 - Cover
    26/09/2012 - Page 1
    30/09/2012 - Page 2
    03/10/2012 - Page 3
    03/10/2012 - Page 4
    10/10/2012 - Page 5
    14/10/2012 - Page 6
    17/10/2012 - Page 7
    21/10/2012 - Page 8
    09/11/2012 - Page 9
    18/11/2012 - Page 10
    25/11/2012 - Page 11
    02/12/2012 - Page 12
    02/12/2012 - Page 13 (Epilogue)
    Download "The Beginning - Part Two" for free[/spoil]

    Specials -
    [spoil]- Christmas 2012[/spoil]

    Wallpapers -
    I'm also constantly making wallpapers which are released every one or two months. Click the spoiler to view or download them.
    [spoil]Team Rocket's Shadow View/Download[/spoil]
    Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, either below, or in the comment section underneath each page on the website.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2013
  2. curry74

    curry74 New Member

    Great comic
  3. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    Thanks! Your critique means a lot!
  4. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    So close to 400 views! Thanks guys!
  5. PatriotWolf

    PatriotWolf Active Member

    I haven't seen a good comic in ages, it's great that you are working on this. Hoping to see much more. :)
  6. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    Thank you ever so much! It's not often I get feedback like this, seeing as not many people read the comic. Knowing I have people like you reading inspires me to carry on!
    You can show your support further by following me on Twitter (@PKMNBeige) or by signing up to the website (pkmnbeige.webs.com)!
    Thanks again!
  7. Ψosiden

    Ψosiden BOO!

    Although it's still early days, one of my favourite things about reading webcomics is seeing how quickly the comics evolve in both plot and art, and honestly I can see that that is already very apparent here, it's amazing how much more professional it feels now than at the start. I'm really interested to see where this is going.
  8. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    As I said before, I really appreciate detailed feedback, and this is he perfect example. Thanks, an I realise it sucked in quality at the start!
  9. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    "The Beginning - Part Two" is shaping up quite nicely. There's still a good few pages left, so I'll put them all in a .zip file for you guys once it's done! Until then, all the pages of every comic are in the first post!
  10. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    Wallpapers section has been updated!
  11. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    Pokemon Beige returns on Sunday!
  12. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    So, "The Beginning - Part Two" is over, but fear not, as with the new year, a new story will be released! Look forward to the continued adventures of Red, Blue and Green in January/February! The website will continue to be updated every Sunday with news and general site updates. Next Sunday will see the Character Bios section updated. You can also see Red, Blue and Green this Christmas as a special Christmas page will be added!

    Check the top post for the links.
  13. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    Script writing is soon to begin on the new story arc. check the website for weekly updates!
  14. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    Christmas special added! Link in top post!
  15. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    Scripting is nearly finished on "The Forest". Look forward to that next month!
  16. PKMNBeige

    PKMNBeige Sprite Artist

    Download "The Beginning - Part Two" for free now! (Link in top post!)
  17. Gerry22

    Gerry22 New Member

    what a gr88 work share with us.. keeping guysss.

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